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The perfumed garden of the Cheikh Nefzaoui : a manual of Arabian erotology : , https://archive.org/download/perfumedgardenof00nafz/perfumedgardenof00nafz.pdf
The story of Little Black Sambo , https://archive.org/download/storyoflittlebla1903bann/storyoflittlebla1903bann.pdf
Vol v.3: The history of the island of Antigua, one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time , https://archive.org/download/historyofislando03oliv/historyofislando03oliv.pdf
Vol v.2: The history of the island of Antigua, one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time , https://archive.org/download/historyofislando02oliv/historyofislando02oliv.pdf
Vol v.1: The history of the island of Antigua, one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time , https://archive.org/download/historyofislando01oliv/historyofislando01oliv.pdf
Inscriptions at Sravana Belgola : a chief seat of the Jains , https://archive.org/download/inscriptionsatsr00rice/inscriptionsatsr00rice.pdf
Sinn Fein Rebellion handbook, Easter, 1916 , https://archive.org/download/sinnfeinrebellio00dubl/sinnfeinrebellio00dubl.pdf
The visitation of Kent : taken in the years 1619-1621 by John Philipot, Rouge Dragon, Marshal and Deputy to William Camden, Clarenceux , https://archive.org/download/visitationofkent00camd/visitationofkent00camd.pdf
A history of the town and parish of Nantwich, or Wich-Malbank, in the county palatine of Chester , https://archive.org/download/historyoftownpar00hall/historyoftownpar00hall.pdf
Facts & figures of the Belfast pogrom, 1920-1922 , https://archive.org/download/factsfiguresofbe00kenn/factsfiguresofbe00kenn.pdf
Revised Merritt records , https://archive.org/download/revisedmerrittre1916merr/revisedmerrittre1916merr.pdf
Vol pt.1: Colonel Stephen Balliet : soldier, patriot and statesman of the Revolution : his ancestry, youth and education , https://archive.org/download/colonelstephenba01laux/colonelstephenba01laux.pdf
Travels and adventures of Little Baron Trump : and his wonderful dog Bulger , https://archive.org/download/travelsadventure00lock/travelsadventure00lock.pdf
Memorials of the family of Scott, of Scot's-hall, in the county of Kent. With an appendix of illustrative documents. , https://archive.org/download/memorialsoffamil00scot/memorialsoffamil00scot.pdf
Official catalogue of the great industrial exhibition: (in connection with the Royal Dublin Society), 1853 , https://archive.org/download/officialcatalogu00exhi/officialcatalogu00exhi.pdf
Puzzles old and new , https://archive.org/download/puzzlesoldnew00hoff/puzzlesoldnew00hoff.pdf
Building code, city of Boston , https://archive.org/download/buildingcodecity00bost/buildingcodecity00bost.pdf
El libro rojo del Putumayo, precedido de una introduccion sobre el verdadero escandalo de las atrocidades del Putumayo. Ilustrado con tres mapas .. , https://archive.org/download/ellibrorojodelpu00thom/ellibrorojodelpu00thom.pdf
Vol P-R: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg9/unionlistofseria00greg9.pdf
Vol A: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg/unionlistofseria00greg.pdf
Bamboo work; comprising the construction of furniture, household fitments, and other articles in bamboo , https://archive.org/download/bambooworkcompri00hasl/bambooworkcompri00hasl.pdf
Genealogy of the Hibbard family who are descendants of Robert Hibbard of Salem, Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofhibba00hibb/genealogyofhibba00hibb.pdf
A descriptive, analytical and critical catalogue of the manuscripts bequeathed ... by Elias Ashmole ... : also of some additional mss. contributed by Kingsley, Lhuyd, Borlaise, and others , https://archive.org/download/descriptiveanaly00bodl/descriptiveanaly00bodl.pdf
Vol v.2: Le Livre d'or de l'Exposition universelle et internationale de 1905 : histoire complète de l'Exposition de Liége , https://archive.org/download/lelivredordelexp02dr/lelivredordelexp02dr.pdf
Bernhard von Breydenbach and his journey to the Holy Land 1483-4 : a bibliography , https://archive.org/download/bernhardvonbreyd00davi/bernhardvonbreyd00davi.pdf
Vol v. XI: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo11cris/fragmentagenealo11cris.pdf
Marriage records of Waldo County, Maine prior to 1892 , https://archive.org/download/marriagerecordso00mosh/marriagerecordso00mosh.pdf
Americana ... : including scarce and precious books, manuscripts and engravings from the collections of Emperor Maximilian of Mexico and Charles Et. Brasseur de Bourbourg, the library of Edward Salomon, late governor of the state of Wisconsin, and other important collections , https://archive.org/download/americanaincludi00jose/americanaincludi00jose.pdf
Vol D-G: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg4/unionlistofseria00greg4.pdf
Vol v.1 bk.1-2: Scriptores minores historiæ Danicæ medii ævi ex codicibus denuo recensuit M. Cl. Gertz. Udg. af Selskabet for Udgivelse af Kilder til dansk Historie , https://archive.org/download/scriptoresminore112gert/scriptoresminore112gert.pdf
Thomas Halsey of Hertfordshire, England, and Southampton, Long Island, 1591-1679 : with his American descendants to the eighth and ninth generations , https://archive.org/download/thomashalseyofhe00hals/thomashalseyofhe00hals.pdf
Baron Trump's marvellous underground journey , https://archive.org/download/barontrumpsmarve00lock_0/barontrumpsmarve00lock_0.pdf
A history and genealogy of the families of Bulloch, Stobo, DeVeaux, Irvine, Douglass, Baillie, Lewis, Adams, Glen, Jones, Davis, Hunter.. , https://archive.org/download/historygenealogy00/historygenealogy00.pdf
Vol 1921-1934: The Congdon chronicle , https://archive.org/download/congdonchronicle1921cong/congdonchronicle1921cong.pdf
Harris genealogy , https://archive.org/download/harrisgenealogy00harr/harrisgenealogy00harr.pdf
Musical instruments at the World's Columbian Exposition : a review of musical instruments, publications and musical instrument supplies of all kinds, exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago, May 1 to October 31, 1893, and the awards given for these exhibits (from all nations) with the texts of the same, fully revised , https://archive.org/download/musicalinstrumen00abbo/musicalinstrumen00abbo.pdf
History of Door county, Wisconsin, together with biographies of nearly seven hundred families, and mention of 4,000 persons .. , https://archive.org/download/historyofdoorcou00mart/historyofdoorcou00mart.pdf
Secret history; or, The horrors of St. Domingo, in a series of letters, written by a lady at Cape Francois, to Colonel Burr, late vice-president of the United States, principally during the command of General Rochambeau , https://archive.org/download/secrethistoryorh00hass/secrethistoryorh00hass.pdf
Catalogue of the special exhibition of works of art of the mediæval, renaissance, and more recent periods : on loan at the South Kensington museum, June 1862 , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofspeci00sout/catalogueofspeci00sout.pdf
The Priest family : a collection of data, original, contributed and selected, concerning various branches of the Priest family , https://archive.org/download/priestfamilycoll00fost/priestfamilycoll00fost.pdf
Modern magic : A practical treatise on the art of conjuring. , https://archive.org/download/modernmagicpract00hoff/modernmagicpract00hoff.pdf
The Ta'ríkh-i-guzída; or, Select history of Hamdulláh Mustawfí-i-Qazwíní, compiled in A.H. 730 (A.D. 1330), and now reproduced in fac-simile from a manuscript dated A.H. 857 (A.D. 1453) , https://archive.org/download/tarkhiguzdao00hamd/tarkhiguzdao00hamd.pdf
Reminiscences of West Point in the olden time. Derived from various sources, and register of graduates of the United States Military Academy , https://archive.org/download/reminiscencesofw00bera/reminiscencesofw00bera.pdf
The Haviland genealogy : ancestors and descendants of William Haviland of Newport, Rhode Island, and Flushing, Long Island, 1653-1688 : with special records of the allied families of Field, Hull, Torrey, Willett-Willis , https://archive.org/download/havilandgenealog00fros/havilandgenealog00fros.pdf
History of the city of Paterson and the County of Passaic, New Jersey , https://archive.org/download/historyofcityofp00nels/historyofcityofp00nels.pdf
War cook book for American women : suggestions for patriotic service in the home , https://archive.org/download/warcookbookforam00hask/warcookbookforam00hask.pdf
Mémoires pour servir a l'histoire d'Haïti , https://archive.org/download/mmoirespourser00bois/mmoirespourser00bois.pdf
Natural disasters and vulnerability analysis : report of Expert Group Meeting (9-12 July 1979) , https://archive.org/download/naturaldisasters00offi/naturaldisasters00offi.pdf
Bentley gleanings , https://archive.org/download/bentleygleanings1905lobd/bentleygleanings1905lobd.pdf
Vol v.1: Regesto mantovano. Le carte degli archivi Gonzaga e di stato in Mantova e dei monasteri mantovani soppressi (Archivio di stato in Milano) , https://archive.org/download/regestomantovano01tore/regestomantovano01tore.pdf
Vol no. 1: Gear's illustrated catalogue of wood and iron working machinery , https://archive.org/download/gearsillustrated01asge/gearsillustrated01asge.pdf
Fiske and Fisk family : being the record of the descendants of Symond Fiske, lord of the manor of Stadhaugh, Suffolk County, England, from the time of Henry IV to date, including all the American members of the family , https://archive.org/download/fiskefiskfamilyb00pier/fiskefiskfamilyb00pier.pdf
Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873. Ouvrage publié sous le patronage de la Commission impériale ottomane pour l'Exposition universelle de Vienne , https://archive.org/download/lescostumespopul00osma/lescostumespopul00osma.pdf
Tārīkh al-Wilāyāt al-Muttaḥidah mundhu iktishāfihā ilá al-zamān al-ḥāḍir , https://archive.org/download/tarikhalwilayata008800/tarikhalwilayata008800.pdf
Vol U-Z: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg11/unionlistofseria00greg11.pdf
Der mittelenglische Versroman über Richard Löwenherz : kritische Ausgabe nach allen Handschriften mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen und deutscher Übersetzung , https://archive.org/download/dermittelenglisc00brun/dermittelenglisc00brun.pdf
A system of magic , https://archive.org/download/systemofmagic00defo/systemofmagic00defo.pdf
A picturesque tour of the island of Jamaica , https://archive.org/download/picturesquetouro00hake/picturesquetouro00hake.pdf
Vol vol. II: Medallic illustrations of the history of Great Britain and Ireland to the death of George II , https://archive.org/download/medallicillustra02hawk/medallicillustra02hawk.pdf
Ancient accounts of India and China , https://archive.org/download/ancientaccountso00sira/ancientaccountso00sira.pdf
A brief summary in plain language of the most important laws concerning women : together with a few observations thereon , https://archive.org/download/briefsummaryinpl00smit/briefsummaryinpl00smit.pdf
The art of perfumery : and the methods of obtaining odours of plants; with instructions for the manufacture of ... dentifrices, pomatums, cosmetiques, perfumed soap, etc. , https://archive.org/download/artofperfumeryme00pies/artofperfumeryme00pies.pdf
Verses of a V.A.D. , https://archive.org/download/versesofvad00brit/versesofvad00brit.pdf
Vol H-K: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg5/unionlistofseria00greg5.pdf
Vol L-M: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg6/unionlistofseria00greg6.pdf
The Ingersolls of Hampshire : a genealogical history of the family from their settlement in America, in the line of John Ingersoll of Westfield, Mass. , https://archive.org/download/ingersollsofhamp00ripl/ingersollsofhamp00ripl.pdf
A history of all nations, from the earliest periods to the present time, or, Universal history : in which the history of every nation, ancient and modern, is separately given : illustrated by 70 stylographic maps, and 700 engravings , https://archive.org/download/historyofallnati00good/historyofallnati00good.pdf
Biografía del general Esteban Arze; Homenaje en el primer centenario del 14 de septiembre de 1810 , https://archive.org/download/biografadelgener00visc/biografadelgener00visc.pdf
Vol v.1: Relations de divers voyages curieux : qui n'ont point esté publiées, est qu'on a traduit or tiré des originaux des voyageurs françois, espagnols, allemands, portugais, anglois, hollandois, persans, arabes & autres orientaux , https://archive.org/download/relationsdediver01th/relationsdediver01th.pdf
Vol vol. I: Medallic illustrations of the history of Great Britain and Ireland to the death of George II , https://archive.org/download/medallicillustra01hawk/medallicillustra01hawk.pdf
Harpel's typograph : or Book of specimens containing useful information, suggestions and a collection of examples of letterpress job printing arranged for the assistance of master printers, amateurs, apprentices, and others, , https://archive.org/download/harpelstypograph00harp/harpelstypograph00harp.pdf
Vol v. 1: The Devon Carys , https://archive.org/download/devoncarys01harr/devoncarys01harr.pdf
Vol v.1: The Indian tribes of the United States: their history, antiquities, customs, religion, arts, language, traditions, oral legends, and myths. , https://archive.org/download/indiantribesofun01scho/indiantribesofun01scho.pdf
Loring genealogy : compiled from The chronicles or ancestral records of James Speare Loring, from his original manuscript in possession of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, by permission : from the manuscripts of John Arthur Loring, and from many other sources , https://archive.org/download/loringgenealogyc00pope/loringgenealogyc00pope.pdf
An authentic narrative of the shipwreck and sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley, : the wife of Capt. James Bradley of Liverpool, commander of the ship Sally which was wrecked on the coast of Barbary, in June 1818 ... , https://archive.org/download/authenticnarrati00brad/authenticnarrati00brad.pdf
Annual report of Major General George W. Davis, United States Army commanding Division of the Philippines from October 1, 1902 to July 26, 1903 , https://archive.org/download/annualreportofma03unit/annualreportofma03unit.pdf
Vol v. VII: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo07cris/fragmentagenealo07cris.pdf
Incidents in the life and times of Stukeley Westcote, with some of his descendants , https://archive.org/download/incidentsinlifet00bull/incidentsinlifet00bull.pdf
Monetario americano (ilustrado) clasificado , https://archive.org/download/monetarioamerica00rosa/monetarioamerica00rosa.pdf
Hymns and songs of the People's National Party and the National Workers Union , https://archive.org/download/hymnssongsofpeop00peop/hymnssongsofpeop00peop.pdf
Boston Tercentenary Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibition : oil paintings, water colors, arts and crafts, sculptures, modernist paintings, miniatures, etchings and drawings, ecclesiastical works , https://archive.org/download/bostontercentena00bost/bostontercentena00bost.pdf
Numismatique de l'Orient latin , https://archive.org/download/numismatiquedelo00schl/numismatiquedelo00schl.pdf
Vol v.1: Le Livre d'or de l'Exposition universelle et internationale de 1905 : histoire complète de l'Exposition de Liége , https://archive.org/download/lelivredordelexp01dr/lelivredordelexp01dr.pdf
The expositor; or, Many mysteries unravelled. Delineated in a series of letters, between a friend and his correspondent, comprising the learned pig, invisible lady and acoustic temple, philosophical swan, penetrating spy glasses, optical and magnetic, and various other curiosities on similar principles: also, a few of the most wonderful feats as performed by the art of legerdemain, with some reflections on ventriloquism , https://archive.org/download/expositorormanym00pinc/expositorormanym00pinc.pdf
A treatise on bread, and bread-making. , https://archive.org/download/treatiseonbreadb00grah/treatiseonbreadb00grah.pdf
Lessons in elocution: or, A selection of pieces, in prose and verse, for the improvement of youth in reading and speaking. To which are prefixed, elements of gesture. Illustrated by four plates; and rules for expressing with propriety the various passions, &c. of the mind. Also, an appendix, containing lessons on a new plan , https://archive.org/download/lessonsinelocuti00/lessonsinelocuti00.pdf
Vol v.1: Dictionnaire annamite-français : (langue officielle et langue vulgaire) , https://archive.org/download/dictionnaireanna01bone/dictionnaireanna01bone.pdf
William Orr , https://archive.org/download/williamorr00bigg/williamorr00bigg.pdf
Sport on the Nilgiris and in Wynaad , https://archive.org/download/sportonnilgirisi00flet/sportonnilgirisi00flet.pdf
Tonkünstler-Lexicon Berlin's von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart , https://archive.org/download/tonknstlerlexi00lede/tonknstlerlexi00lede.pdf
Beasts and men, being Carl Hagenbeck's experiences for half a century among wild animals; , https://archive.org/download/beastsmenbeingca00hage/beastsmenbeingca00hage.pdf
Vol 1851-52, 1854-63: Report of the Commissioners of Alien Passengers and Foreign Paupers , https://archive.org/download/reportofcommissi185152185463mass/reportofcommissi185152185463mass.pdf
Baraboo and other place names in Sauk County, Wisconsin , https://archive.org/download/baraboootherplac1912cole/baraboootherplac1912cole.pdf
Vol v.2 bk.1-2: Scriptores minores historiæ Danicæ medii ævi ex codicibus denuo recensuit M. Cl. Gertz. Udg. af Selskabet for Udgivelse af Kilder til dansk Historie , https://archive.org/download/scriptoresminore212gert/scriptoresminore212gert.pdf
Vol v. 1: Complete theoretical and practical piano forte school : from the first rudiments of playing to the highest and most refined state of cultivation with the requisite numerous examples newly and expressly composed for the occasion, opera 500 , https://archive.org/download/completetheoreti01czer/completetheoreti01czer.pdf
Vol v.2: Dictionnaire annamite-français : (langue officielle et langue vulgaire) , https://archive.org/download/dictionnaireanna02bone/dictionnaireanna02bone.pdf
The nineteenth century token coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man : to which are added tokens of over one penny value of any period , https://archive.org/download/nineteenthcentur00davi/nineteenthcentur00davi.pdf
Travels in Abyssinia and the Galla country : with an account of a mission to Ras Ali in 1848 , https://archive.org/download/travelsinabyssin00plow/travelsinabyssin00plow.pdf
Power for success thorough culture of vibrant magnetism , https://archive.org/download/powerforsuccesst00hadd/powerforsuccesst00hadd.pdf
The gospels of the fower Euangelistes : translated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin in the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of auncient monumentes of the sayd Saxons, and now published for testimonie of the same , https://archive.org/download/gospelsoffowereu00foxe/gospelsoffowereu00foxe.pdf
Vol B: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg2/unionlistofseria00greg2.pdf
The Scottish metrical psalter of A.D. 1635 : reprinted in full from the original work ; the additional matter and various readings found in the editions of 1565, &c. being appended, and the whole ill. by dissertations, notes, & fac-similes , https://archive.org/download/scottishmetrical00livi/scottishmetrical00livi.pdf
The Popular recreator. A key to in-door and out-door amusements .. , https://archive.org/download/popularrecreator00lond/popularrecreator00lond.pdf
Origen against Celsus: , https://archive.org/download/origenagainstcel00orig/origenagainstcel00orig.pdf
Vol v.1: Recueil des historiens des croisades : Historiens orientaux , https://archive.org/download/recueildeshistor01acad/recueildeshistor01acad.pdf
The playground movement in America and its relation to public education , https://archive.org/download/playgroundmoveme00wood/playgroundmoveme00wood.pdf
A short history & photographic record of the 101st U.S. Field Artillery, 1917 : Col. John H. Sherburne commanding officer , https://archive.org/download/shorthistoryphot00camb/shorthistoryphot00camb.pdf
The great and small game of India, Burma, & Tibet , https://archive.org/download/greatsmallgameof1900lyde/greatsmallgameof1900lyde.pdf
A record of descendants of Hezekiah Hoar of Taunton, Massachusetts : with an historical introduction , https://archive.org/download/recordofdescenda00horr/recordofdescenda00horr.pdf
Vol v.2: Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece, et du Levant : fait aux années 1675. & 1676. , https://archive.org/download/voyageditalieded02spon/voyageditalieded02spon.pdf
Goldthwaite genealogy : descendants of Thomas Goldthwaite, an early settler of Salem, Mass., with some account of the Goldwaite Family in England ... , https://archive.org/download/goldthwaitegenea00gold/goldthwaitegenea00gold.pdf
Vol v.1: The mammals of South Africa , https://archive.org/download/mammalsofsouthaf01scla/mammalsofsouthaf01scla.pdf
Plymouth tercentenary : illustrated with a brief history of the life and struggles of the Pilgrim fathers, including original program of the Pilgrim spirit , by Professor George P. Baker, President Harding's visit, all scenes, episodes and official photographs of the tercentenary celebration / by H. Bloomingdale , https://archive.org/download/plymouthtercente00bloo/plymouthtercente00bloo.pdf
Le Grand désert; ou, Itinéraire d'une caravane du Sahara au pays des Nègres (royaume de Haoussa) , https://archive.org/download/legranddsertou00daum/legranddsertou00daum.pdf
Shelby county's shame; story of Big Creek lynching and trial , https://archive.org/download/shelbycountyssha00slsn/shelbycountyssha00slsn.pdf
Vol v. X: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo10cris/fragmentagenealo10cris.pdf
Genealogy of the Claypoole family of Philadelphia. 1588-1893 , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofclayp00graf/genealogyofclayp00graf.pdf
Vol v.2: Relations de divers voyages curieux : qui n'ont point esté publiées, est qu'on a traduit or tiré des originaux des voyageurs françois, espagnols, allemands, portugais, anglois, hollandois, persans, arabes & autres orientaux , https://archive.org/download/relationsdediver02th/relationsdediver02th.pdf
The passions and the homilies from Leabhar breac; text, translation, and glossary , https://archive.org/download/passionshomilies00atki/passionshomilies00atki.pdf
Broadsword and quarter-staff without a master : broadsword fencing and stick or quarter-staff play after the latest European practice , https://archive.org/download/broadswordquarte00ribo/broadswordquarte00ribo.pdf
Massachusetts election statistics , https://archive.org/download/massachusettsele19781979mass/massachusettsele19781979mass.pdf
Duineser Elegien = Elegies from the castle of Duino , https://archive.org/download/duineserelegiene00rilk/duineserelegiene00rilk.pdf
American students' census, Paris, 1903, achievements of prominent Americans abroad; biographies of the greatest professors of singing in Paris , https://archive.org/download/americanstudents00mcpr/americanstudents00mcpr.pdf
A nomenclature of colors for naturalists : and compendium of useful knowledge for ornithologists. , https://archive.org/download/nomenclatureofco00ridg/nomenclatureofco00ridg.pdf
Records of big game with their distribution, characteristics, dimensions, weights, and horn & tusk measurements , https://archive.org/download/recordsofbiggame1914ward/recordsofbiggame1914ward.pdf
The headless horseman : a strange tale of Texas , https://archive.org/download/headlesshorseman00reid/headlesshorseman00reid.pdf
Vol v. 2: The Devon Carys , https://archive.org/download/devoncarys02harr/devoncarys02harr.pdf
Early English homilies : from the twelfth century ms. Vesp. D. XIV / c edited by Rubie D-N. Warner , https://archive.org/download/earlyenglishhomi00aelf/earlyenglishhomi00aelf.pdf
Vol v.2: Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman antiquities from the cabinet of the Honourable William Hamilton , https://archive.org/download/collectionofetru02hami/collectionofetru02hami.pdf
Michelin guide to the battlefields of the world war. The first battle of the Marne, including the operations on the Ourcq, in the Marshes of St. Gond and in the Revigny Pass, 1914 , https://archive.org/download/michelinguidetob00mill/michelinguidetob00mill.pdf
Vol v.1: Paine family records : a journal of genealogical and biographical information respecting the American families of Payne, Paine, Payn &c. , https://archive.org/download/painefamilyrecor01pain/painefamilyrecor01pain.pdf
Genealogy of the Brownings in America from 1621 to 1908 , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofbrown00brow_0/genealogyofbrown00brow_0.pdf
Two summers in the ice-wilds of eastern Karakoram; the exploration of nineteen hundred square miles of mountain and glacier , https://archive.org/download/twosummersinicew00work/twosummersinicew00work.pdf
Vol S-T: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg10/unionlistofseria00greg10.pdf
Vol vol. 1: Letters of Jane Austen , https://archive.org/download/lettersofjaneaus01aust/lettersofjaneaus01aust.pdf
An illustrated biographical catalogue of the principals, teachers, and students of the West Newton English and Classical school, West Newton, Mass., l854-l893 : including an account of the re-unions November 15, 1871, and June 21, 1893 , https://archive.org/download/illustratedbiogr00faye/illustratedbiogr00faye.pdf
Manual of the First Congregational Church in Middletown, Orange Co., N.Y , https://archive.org/download/manualoffirstcon00unse/manualoffirstcon00unse.pdf
La Sicilia durante l'occupazione inglese (1806-1815) : con appendice de documenti inediti degli archivi di Londra, Firenze e Palermo , https://archive.org/download/lasiciliadurante00bian/lasiciliadurante00bian.pdf
Some account of the territory or dominion of Farney : in the province and earldom of Vlster. , https://archive.org/download/someaccountofter00shir/someaccountofter00shir.pdf
Die Miniaturen des serbischen Psalters der Königl. Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in München : nach einer Belgrader Kopie ergänzt und im Zusammenhange mit der syrischen Bilderredaktion des Psalters untersucht , https://archive.org/download/dieminiaturendes00strz/dieminiaturendes00strz.pdf
Photographs of architecture and scenery in Gujarat and Rajputana , https://archive.org/download/photographsofarc00murr/photographsofarc00murr.pdf
Antiphonale officii monastici : écrit par le b. Hartker, no. 390-391 de la Bibliothèque de Saint-Gall , https://archive.org/download/antiphonaleoffic00cath/antiphonaleoffic00cath.pdf
Vol v.6: La Vénus de Gordes , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro06duma/lecomtedemoretro06duma.pdf
Vol v.2: Storia dell'Università degli studi di Roma : detta comunemente la sapienza che contiene anche un saggio storico della letteratura romana dal principio del secolo XIII sino al declinare del secolo XVIII , https://archive.org/download/storiadelluniver02rena/storiadelluniver02rena.pdf
Routledge's guide to the Crystal Palace and park at Sydenham .. , https://archive.org/download/routledgesguidet00grou/routledgesguidet00grou.pdf
Vol Bd.1: Neue musikalische Theorien und Phantasien , https://archive.org/download/neuemusikalische01sche/neuemusikalische01sche.pdf
Boot making and mending : including repairing, lasting and finishing ... , https://archive.org/download/bootmakingmendin00hasl/bootmakingmendin00hasl.pdf
Vol vol. II: The Index. A weekly journal of politics, literature, and news; devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America , https://archive.org/download/indexweeklyjourn02hotz/indexweeklyjourn02hotz.pdf
Vol N: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg7/unionlistofseria00greg7.pdf
Old French fairy tales , https://archive.org/download/oldfrenchfairyta00sg/oldfrenchfairyta00sg.pdf
Recollections of an old soldier. The life of Captain David Perry, a soldier of the French and revolutionary wars. , https://archive.org/download/recollectionsofo00perr/recollectionsofo00perr.pdf
A child's garden of verses , https://archive.org/download/childsgardenofve1905stev/childsgardenofve1905stev.pdf
The gift of the spirit : a selection from the essays of Prentice Mulford , https://archive.org/download/giftofspiritsele00mulf/giftofspiritsele00mulf.pdf
La scherma italiana di spada e di sciabola , https://archive.org/download/laschermaitalian00masi/laschermaitalian00masi.pdf
An enchanted garden : fairy stories , https://archive.org/download/enchantedgardenf00mole/enchantedgardenf00mole.pdf
A voyage in the Sunbeam : our home on the ocean for eleven months , https://archive.org/download/voyageinsunbeamo00bras/voyageinsunbeamo00bras.pdf
Vol v.2: The Indian tribes of the United States: their history, antiquities, customs, religion, arts, language, traditions, oral legends, and myths. , https://archive.org/download/indiantribesofun02scho/indiantribesofun02scho.pdf
The history of the discovery and conquest of the Canary Islands: tr. from a Spanish manuscript lately found in the island of Palma. With an enquiry into the origin of the ancient inhabitants. To which is added, A description of the Canary Islands, including the modern history of the inhabitants, and an account of their manners, customs, trade, &c. , https://archive.org/download/historyofdiscove00abre/historyofdiscove00abre.pdf
Testamentvm Novvm : sive nouum foedus Iesu Christi, D.N. Cuius Graeco contextui respondent interpretationes duae: vna, vetus altera, Theodori Bezae, nunc quartò diligenter ab eo recognita. Eiusdem annotationes, quas itidem hac quarta edit. accuratè recognouit, & accessione non parua locupletauit: Vt docebunt asterisci margini appositi, necnon eius ad lectorem epistolium. Haec quarta editio, propter accessiones non paucas, duos indices nouos habet: quorum prior priori parti, posterior posteriori subiunctus est. Seorsvm edetvr recensio earundem in diuersis Noui Testamenti locis vocum (vulgò concordantiae Novi Testamenti) cui etiam operam multum lectori profuturam idem Theodorus Beza & quidam alij impenderunt , https://archive.org/download/testamentvmnovvm00bzet/testamentvmnovvm00bzet.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1940mass/annualreportvita1940mass.pdf
History of Ashtabula County, Ohio , https://archive.org/download/historyofashtabu00will/historyofashtabu00will.pdf
Code civil d'Haïti , https://archive.org/download/codecivildhati00hait/codecivildhati00hait.pdf
Vol v.1: [Spanish-American War articles, 1898-1899] , https://archive.org/download/spanishamericanw01unse/spanishamericanw01unse.pdf
Vol pts.1-2: Historia naturalis Brasiliae : auspicio et beneficio illustriss. I. Mauriti Com. Nassau illius provinciae et maris summi praefecti adornata : in qua non tantum plantae et animalia, sed et indigenarum morbi, ingenia et mores describuntur et iconibus supra quingentas illustrantur , https://archive.org/download/historianaturali12piso/historianaturali12piso.pdf
Sanford genealogy, the branch of William of Madison, N.Y. : of the sixth American generation , https://archive.org/download/sanfordgenealogy00sanf/sanfordgenealogy00sanf.pdf
Marcion: das Evangelium vom fremden Gott, eine Monographie zur Geschichte der Grundlegung der katholischen Kirche , https://archive.org/download/marciondasevange00harn/marciondasevange00harn.pdf
Esclarmonde, Clarisse et Florent, Yde et Olive : Drei Fortsetzungen der Chanson von Huon de Bordeaux ; nach der einzigen Turiner Handschrift zum erstenmal veröffenlicht , https://archive.org/download/esclarmondeclari00schw/esclarmondeclari00schw.pdf
Vol v. XII: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo12cris/fragmentagenealo12cris.pdf
Running a thousand miles for freedom; : or, the escape of William and Ellen Craft from slavery .. , https://archive.org/download/runningthousandm00craf/runningthousandm00craf.pdf
L'art dans la décoration extérieure des livres, en France et a l'étranger : les couvertures illustrées, les cartonnages d'éditeurs; la reliure d'art , https://archive.org/download/lartdansladcorat00uzan/lartdansladcorat00uzan.pdf
Vol v.2: Roster of North Carolina troops in the war between the states , https://archive.org/download/rosterofnorthcar02nort/rosterofnorthcar02nort.pdf
Guia de la ciudad y almanaque de comercio de Buenos Aires para el año de 1833 , https://archive.org/download/guiadelaciudadya00blon/guiadelaciudadya00blon.pdf
Sancho Panza's proverbs, and others which occur in Don Quixote , https://archive.org/download/sanchopanzasprov00cerv/sanchopanzasprov00cerv.pdf
The pictorial Catholic library : containing seven volumes in one ... , https://archive.org/download/pictorialcatholi00newy/pictorialcatholi00newy.pdf
Instruccion que han de guardar los comissarios del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion, en las causas y negocios de Fé, y los demas que se ofrecieren , https://archive.org/download/instruccionqueha00inqu/instruccionqueha00inqu.pdf
The human soul : its movements, its lights, and the iconography of the fluidic invisible , https://archive.org/download/humansoulitsmove00bara/humansoulitsmove00bara.pdf
The Mary Frances housekeeper; or, Adventures among the doll people , https://archive.org/download/maryfranceshouse00frye/maryfranceshouse00frye.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1924mass/annualreportvita1924mass.pdf
Luz da liberal, e nobre arte da cavallaria : offerecida ao Senhor D. João, principe do Brazil , https://archive.org/download/luzdaliberalenob00andr/luzdaliberalenob00andr.pdf
Vol v.1: Denkmäler persischer Baukunst : geschichtliche Untersuchung und Aufnahme muhammedanischer Backsteinbauten in Vorderasien und Persien , https://archive.org/download/denkmlerpersis01sarr/denkmlerpersis01sarr.pdf
Vol January 1943: Conservation index and substitution guide , https://archive.org/download/conservationinde1943unit/conservationinde1943unit.pdf
Vol v.4: Recueil des historiens des croisades : Historiens orientaux , https://archive.org/download/recueildeshistor04acad_0/recueildeshistor04acad_0.pdf
The Saturday evening quill; , https://archive.org/download/saturdayeveningq00gord/saturdayeveningq00gord.pdf
Sketches of old Dublin , https://archive.org/download/sketchesofolddub00pete/sketchesofolddub00pete.pdf
Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright; for the end of that man is peace. A discourse on the occasion of the death of James Elliot, delivered in Jackson, Miss., Feb. 4, 1844 , https://archive.org/download/markperfectmanbe00hals/markperfectmanbe00hals.pdf
Modoc War : message from the President of the United States, transmitting copies of the correspondence and papers relative to the war with the Modoc Indians in southern Oregon and northern California, during the years 1872 and 1873 .. , https://archive.org/download/modocwarmessagef00unit/modocwarmessagef00unit.pdf
Edward Antill, a New York merchant of the seventeenth century, and his descendants : Edward Antill, 2d, of Piscataway, New Jersey, Lieutenant Colonel Edward Antill, 3d, of Quebec and Montreal, Dr. Lewis Antill, of Perth Amboy, and Major John Antill, of New York , https://archive.org/download/edwardantillnewy00nels/edwardantillnewy00nels.pdf
Relaciones históricas de América, primera mitad del siglo XVI. , https://archive.org/download/relacioneshist00serr/relacioneshist00serr.pdf
An account of experiments to determine the figure of the earth : by means of the pendulum vibrating seconds in different latitudes, as well as on various other subjects of philosophical inquiry , https://archive.org/download/accountofexperim00sabi/accountofexperim00sabi.pdf
A Welsh family from the beginning of the 18th century , https://archive.org/download/welshfamilyfromb00will/welshfamilyfromb00will.pdf
The Black book of Warwick , https://archive.org/download/blackbookofwarwi00warw/blackbookofwarwi00warw.pdf
Vol vol. I: The Index. A weekly journal of politics, literature, and news; devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America , https://archive.org/download/indexweeklyjourn01hotz/indexweeklyjourn01hotz.pdf
The voyages and adventures of Capt. Barth. Sharp and others, in the South Sea: : being a journal of the same, also Capt. Van Horn with his Buccanieres surprizing of la Vera Cruz to which is added The true Relation of Sir Henry Morgan, his Expedition against the Spaniards in the West-Indies, and his taking Panama. Together with The President of Panama's Account of the same Expedition: Translated out of Spanish. And Col. Beeston's adjustment of the Peace between the Spaniards and English in the West Indies , https://archive.org/download/voyagesadventure00ayre/voyagesadventure00ayre.pdf
Vol v.1-2: Suomalais-englantilainen [and English-Finnish] sanakirja osoituksilla miten suomen kielella˜ englantilaiset sanat owat lausuttawat , https://archive.org/download/suomalaisenglant12unse/suomalaisenglant12unse.pdf
What miscegenation is! : and what we are to expect now that Mr. Lincoln is re-elected. , https://archive.org/download/whatmiscegenatio00seam/whatmiscegenatio00seam.pdf
The other side of the sun : fairy stories , https://archive.org/download/othersideofsunfa00shar/othersideofsunfa00shar.pdf
Camões e Os Lusiadas , https://archive.org/download/cameseoslusiad00nabu/cameseoslusiad00nabu.pdf
Vol t.6: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir06peru/memoriasdelosvir06peru.pdf
Magasin pittoresque , https://archive.org/download/magasinpittoresq00beno/magasinpittoresq00beno.pdf
Cento vedute di Firenze antica , https://archive.org/download/centovedutedifir00ricc/centovedutedifir00ricc.pdf
The art of fiddle-making , https://archive.org/download/artoffiddlemakin00broa/artoffiddlemakin00broa.pdf
Autobiografias y memorias , https://archive.org/download/autobiografiasy00serr/autobiografiasy00serr.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1954mass/annualreportvita1954mass.pdf
Vol t.3: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir003peru/memoriasdelosvir003peru.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1943mass/annualreportvita1943mass.pdf
L'enseignemant musical de la technique du piano , https://archive.org/download/lenseignemantmus00selv/lenseignemantmus00selv.pdf
The teaching of Greek at the Perse School, Cambridge , https://archive.org/download/teachingofgreeka00grea/teachingofgreeka00grea.pdf
Mémoires de Joseph Balthazar Inginac ... Depuis 1797 jusqu à 1843 .. , https://archive.org/download/mmoiresdejosep00ingi/mmoiresdejosep00ingi.pdf
Gli strumenti musicali raccolti nel Museo del R. Istituto L. Cherubini a Firenze , https://archive.org/download/glistrumentimusi00flor/glistrumentimusi00flor.pdf
The Hutchinson family : or, The descendants of Barnard Hutchinson, of Cowlam, England , https://archive.org/download/hutchinsonfamily00derb/hutchinsonfamily00derb.pdf
Manual compendio de el Regio patronato indiano, para su mas facil uso en las materias conducentes à la practica , https://archive.org/download/manualcompendiod00riba/manualcompendiod00riba.pdf
Ricordi storici di Filippo di Cino Rinuccini dal 1282 al 1460 colla continuazione di Alamanno e Neri, suoi figli, fino al 1506 : seguiti da altri monumenti inediti di storia patria estratti dai codici originali e preceduti dalla Storia genealogica della loro famiglia e della descrizione della cappella gentilizia di S. Croce, con documenti ed illustrazioni , https://archive.org/download/ricordistoricidi00rinu/ricordistoricidi00rinu.pdf
Let the bright Seraphim , https://archive.org/download/letbrightseraphi00hand/letbrightseraphi00hand.pdf
Vol v.1: Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. , https://archive.org/download/memorialsofaffai01winw/memorialsofaffai01winw.pdf
Fighting in the Philippines; authentic original photographs , https://archive.org/download/fightinginphilip00neel/fightinginphilip00neel.pdf
Recueil des acted de Philippe Ier, roi de France (1059-1108) , https://archive.org/download/recueildesactedd00fran/recueildesactedd00fran.pdf
Vol v.1: [Rerum anglicarum scriptores veteres] , https://archive.org/download/rerumanglicarums01fulm/rerumanglicarums01fulm.pdf
Mémoires de Jean de Dadizeele .. , https://archive.org/download/mmoiresdejeand00dadi/mmoiresdejeand00dadi.pdf
Vol 1840: Davy Crockett's almanack of wild sports of the West, and life in the backwoods : calculated for all the states in the Union , https://archive.org/download/davycrockettsalm1840croc/davycrockettsalm1840croc.pdf
The dogs of the British Islands, being a series of articles on the points of their various breeds, and the treatment of the diseases to which they are subject , https://archive.org/download/dogsofbritishisl00wals/dogsofbritishisl00wals.pdf
Primera parte de Gvzman de Alfarache, , https://archive.org/download/primerapartedegv00alem/primerapartedegv00alem.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1887mass/annualreportvita1887mass.pdf
Vol vol. 2: Letters of Jane Austen , https://archive.org/download/lettersofjaneaus02aust/lettersofjaneaus02aust.pdf
Letters from and to Sir Dudley Carleton, Knt. during his embassy in Holland.. , https://archive.org/download/lettersfromtosir00carl/lettersfromtosir00carl.pdf
Catalogue raisonné des premières impressions de Mayence (1445-1467) : avec une plance en phototypie , https://archive.org/download/catalogueraisonn00ricc/catalogueraisonn00ricc.pdf
Vol v. V: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo05cris/fragmentagenealo05cris.pdf
Die ausdrucksweise der uebertriebenen verkleinerung im altfranzoesischen Karlsepos , https://archive.org/download/dieausdrucksweis00drey/dieausdrucksweis00drey.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1964mass/annualreportvita1964mass.pdf
Vol v.3: Denkmäler persischer Baukunst : geschichtliche Untersuchung und Aufnahme muhammedanischer Backsteinbauten in Vorderasien und Persien , https://archive.org/download/denkmlerpersis00sarr/denkmlerpersis00sarr.pdf
Kantner's illustrated book of objects, containing over 2000 fine engravings, with explanations in English and German , https://archive.org/download/kantnersillustra00kant/kantnersillustra00kant.pdf
The life and adventures of Alexander Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe : a narrative founded on facts , https://archive.org/download/lifeadventuresof00howe/lifeadventuresof00howe.pdf
Twenty thousand leagues under the seas, or, The marvelous and exciting adventures of Pierre Aronnax, Conseil his servant, and Ned Land, a Canadian harpooner , https://archive.org/download/twentythousandle1875vern/twentythousandle1875vern.pdf
Costume of the Russian empire : illustrated by upwards of seventy richly coloured engravings .. , https://archive.org/download/costumeofrussian00hard/costumeofrussian00hard.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita2000mass/annualreportvita2000mass.pdf
Vol v.3: Storia dell'Università degli studi di Roma : detta comunemente la sapienza che contiene anche un saggio storico della letteratura romana dal principio del secolo XIII sino al declinare del secolo XVIII , https://archive.org/download/storiadelluniver03rena/storiadelluniver03rena.pdf
Vol v. 3: Complete theoretical and practical piano forte school : from the first rudiments of playing to the highest and most refined state of cultivation with the requisite numerous examples newly and expressly composed for the occasion, opera 500 , https://archive.org/download/completetheoreti03czer/completetheoreti03czer.pdf
Chess: theory & practice; containing the laws & history of the game, together with an analysis of the openings, & a treatise of end games ... , https://archive.org/download/chesstheorypract00stau/chesstheorypract00stau.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita2002mass/annualreportvita2002mass.pdf
Cento givochi liberali, et d'ingegno , https://archive.org/download/centogivochilibe00ring/centogivochilibe00ring.pdf
Claudii Galeni ... Liber de plenitudine. Polybus De salubri victus ratione privatorum. Guinterio Ioanne Andernaco interprete. Apuleius Platonicus De herbarum virtutibus. Antonii Benivenii Libellus de abditis nonnullis ac mirandis morboru & sanitationum causis , https://archive.org/download/claudiigalenilib00gale/claudiigalenilib00gale.pdf
A wanderer in the spirit lands , https://archive.org/download/wandererinspirit1896fran/wandererinspirit1896fran.pdf
Vol v.2: The Italian bronze statuettes of the Renaissance , https://archive.org/download/italianbronzesta02bode/italianbronzesta02bode.pdf
Vida, virtudes, trabajos favores y milagros de la Ven. M. sor Maria de Jesus angelopolitana religiosa , https://archive.org/download/vidavirtudestrab00lemu/vidavirtudestrab00lemu.pdf
Vol v.1: Le comte de Moret : roman inedit , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro01duma/lecomtedemoretro01duma.pdf
The Mary Frances story book, : or, Adventures among the story people , https://archive.org/download/maryfrancesstory00frye/maryfrancesstory00frye.pdf
Handbook to London as it is , https://archive.org/download/handbooktolondon00john/handbooktolondon00john.pdf
Leigh's new pocket road-book of Ireland, containing an account of all the direct and cross roads, together with a description of every remarkable place .. , https://archive.org/download/leighsnewpocketr00leig/leighsnewpocketr00leig.pdf
Monsieur Clown! , https://archive.org/download/monsieurclown00perr/monsieurclown00perr.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1950mass/annualreportvita1950mass.pdf
Inventions nouvelles et dernières nouveautés , https://archive.org/download/inventionsnouvel00pawl/inventionsnouvel00pawl.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1882mass/annualreportvita1882mass.pdf
Studies for the violin, op. 32, book 3. Twenty studies in shifting (changing of positions) , https://archive.org/download/studiesforviolin00sitt/studiesforviolin00sitt.pdf
Witchcraft: or The art of fortune-telling unveiled: from the low ambition of the celebrated Mary Pitcher, to the more elevated, but equally vague pretensions of the injudicious astrologer. , https://archive.org/download/witchcraftorarto00pinc/witchcraftorarto00pinc.pdf
Vol v.2 n.1-17 (1 Oct. 1886 - 21 Jan. 1887): The Cycle , https://archive.org/download/cycle2117bost/cycle2117bost.pdf
Cartulaire de l'église collégiale Saint-Seurin de Bordeaux , https://archive.org/download/cartulairedelg00sain/cartulairedelg00sain.pdf
Studies of ornamental design. , https://archive.org/download/studiesofornamen00rich/studiesofornamen00rich.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1955mass/annualreportvita1955mass.pdf
Vol Bd.2, T.2: Neue musikalische Theorien und Phantasien , https://archive.org/download/neuemusikalische22sche/neuemusikalische22sche.pdf
Vol C: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg3/unionlistofseria00greg3.pdf
Marriage returns of Oxford County, Maine prior to 1892 , https://archive.org/download/marriagereturnso00mcal/marriagereturnso00mcal.pdf
Vol v.5: Recueil des historiens des croisades : Historiens orientaux , https://archive.org/download/recueildeshistor05acad_0/recueildeshistor05acad_0.pdf
Vol t.1: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir001peru/memoriasdelosvir001peru.pdf
Vol pt.1-2: Historiae Danicae libri XVI , https://archive.org/download/historiaedanicae12saxo/historiaedanicae12saxo.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1915mass/annualreportvita1915mass.pdf
Vol v.2: Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. , https://archive.org/download/memorialsofaffai02winw/memorialsofaffai02winw.pdf
The parable of the ten virgins opened & applied: being the substance of divers sermons on Matth. 25. 1, 13 ... , https://archive.org/download/parableoftenvirg00shep/parableoftenvirg00shep.pdf
John Allen, vicar of Prees and archdeacon of Salop : a memoir , https://archive.org/download/johnallenvicarof00grie/johnallenvicarof00grie.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1962mass/annualreportvita1962mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1952mass/annualreportvita1952mass.pdf
The enlightenment of the world , https://archive.org/download/enlightenmentofw00abiz/enlightenmentofw00abiz.pdf
An English-Saxon homily on the birth-day of St. Gregory. : anciently used in the English-Saxon church. Giving an account of the conversion of the English from paganism to Christianity. , https://archive.org/download/englishsaxonhomi00aelf/englishsaxonhomi00aelf.pdf
The Peter Pan picture book , https://archive.org/download/peterpanpictureb00barr/peterpanpictureb00barr.pdf
Vol vol. IV: The Index. A weekly journal of politics, literature, and news; devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America , https://archive.org/download/indexweeklyjourn04hotz/indexweeklyjourn04hotz.pdf
Vol Register: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie00kaem/spamersillustrie00kaem.pdf
With the British on the Somme , https://archive.org/download/withbritishonsom00thom/withbritishonsom00thom.pdf
Autobiography of Matthew Scott, Jumbo's keeper ... : also Jumbo's biography, by the same author , https://archive.org/download/autobiographyofm00scot/autobiographyofm00scot.pdf
Guida d'Assisi e suoi dintorni , https://archive.org/download/guidadassisiesuo00cris/guidadassisiesuo00cris.pdf
Wobanaki kimzowi awighigan , https://archive.org/download/wobanakikimzowia00wzok/wobanakikimzowia00wzok.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1957mass/annualreportvita1957mass.pdf
The history of Ireland, ancient and modern : taken from the most authentic records, and dedicated to the Irish Brigade , https://archive.org/download/historyofireland00/historyofireland00.pdf
The Admiralty method of training dockyard apprentices , https://archive.org/download/admiraltymethodo00grea/admiraltymethodo00grea.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1999mass/annualreportvita1999mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1998mass/annualreportvita1998mass.pdf
The card player's manual. : Comprising whist, loo, and cribbage ... and all the round games , https://archive.org/download/cardplayersmanua00pard/cardplayersmanua00pard.pdf
Vol v. VI: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo06cris/fragmentagenealo06cris.pdf
The charcoal blast furnaces, rolling mills, forges and steel works, of New York, in 1867 , https://archive.org/download/charcoalblastfur00neil/charcoalblastfur00neil.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita2001mass/annualreportvita2001mass.pdf
Grammatica , https://archive.org/download/grammatica00nebr/grammatica00nebr.pdf
The races of man : and their geographical distribution , https://archive.org/download/racesofmantheirg00pick/racesofmantheirg00pick.pdf
Vol v.2: Recueil des historiens des croisades : Historiens orientaux , https://archive.org/download/recueildeshistor02acad/recueildeshistor02acad.pdf
The family aquarium; : or, Aqua vivarium ... being a familiar and complete instructor upon the subject of the construction, fitting-up, stocking, and maintenance of the fluvial and marine aquaria ... , https://archive.org/download/familyaquariumor00butl/familyaquariumor00butl.pdf
Colección de obras poéticas españolas, unas casi enteramente perdidas, otras que se han hecho muy raras, y todas ellas merecedoras de ser conservadas en el Parnaso español , https://archive.org/download/coleccindeobra00rieg/coleccindeobra00rieg.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1995mass/annualreportvita1995mass.pdf
La imprenta en Lima : epítome, 1584-1810 , https://archive.org/download/laimprentaenlima00medi/laimprentaenlima00medi.pdf
Monnett family genealogy : an emphasis of a noble Huguenot heritage, somewhat of the first immigrants Isaac℗£ and Pierre℗£ Monnet , https://archive.org/download/monnettfamilygen00monn_0/monnettfamilygen00monn_0.pdf
Lanoe Falconer , https://archive.org/download/lanoefalconer00phil/lanoefalconer00phil.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1966mass/annualreportvita1966mass.pdf
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Modern dwellings : a book of practical designs and plans for those who wish to build or beautify their homes , https://archive.org/download/moderndwellingsb00geof/moderndwellingsb00geof.pdf
Vol v. VIII: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo08cris/fragmentagenealo08cris.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1951mass/annualreportvita1951mass.pdf
Vol v.2: The music of the modern world illustrated in the lives and works of the greatest modern musicians and in reproductions of famous paintings, etc. , https://archive.org/download/musicofmodernwor02smit/musicofmodernwor02smit.pdf
Aimé Bonpland, médecin et naturaliste, explorateur de l'Amérique du Sud; sa vie, son oeuvre, sa correspondance avec un choix de pièces relatives à sa biographie, un portrait et une carte , https://archive.org/download/aimbonplandm00hamy/aimbonplandm00hamy.pdf
Vol v.1-2: Vorlesungen über allgemeine Hüttenkunde , https://archive.org/download/vorlesungenber12plat/vorlesungenber12plat.pdf
Vol v.3: Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a Syndo Verolamiensi, A.D. CCCCXLVI. Londinensem A.D. M DCCXVII. Accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad historiam Ecclesiae Anglicanae spectantia.. , https://archive.org/download/conciliamagnaebr03wilk/conciliamagnaebr03wilk.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1993mass/annualreportvita1993mass.pdf
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The travels of Nicolo Conti in the East in the early part of the fifteenth century , https://archive.org/download/travelsofnicoloc00wint/travelsofnicoloc00wint.pdf
Dánta do chum Aonghus Fionn Ó Dálaigh , https://archive.org/download/dntadochumaonghu00dlai/dntadochumaonghu00dlai.pdf
Patmutiwn Sebeosi Episkoposi i Herakln , https://archive.org/download/patmutiwnsebeosi00sebe/patmutiwnsebeosi00sebe.pdf
Vol v.3: [Rerum anglicarum scriptores veteres] , https://archive.org/download/rerumanglicarums03fulm/rerumanglicarums03fulm.pdf
Vol v.1: The music of the modern world illustrated in the lives and works of the greatest modern musicians and in reproductions of famous paintings, etc. , https://archive.org/download/musicofmodernwor01smit/musicofmodernwor01smit.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1886mass/annualreportvita1886mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1866mass/annualreportvita1866mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1888mass/annualreportvita1888mass.pdf
Vol v.1: Antiquities of Great Britain, : illustrated in views of monasteries, castles, and churches, now existing. , https://archive.org/download/antiquitiesofgre01hear/antiquitiesofgre01hear.pdf
Cedric, the forester , https://archive.org/download/cedricforester00mars/cedricforester00mars.pdf
Odd bits of history : being short chapters intended to fill some blanks , https://archive.org/download/oddbitsofhistory00wolf/oddbitsofhistory00wolf.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1990mass/annualreportvita1990mass.pdf
Joseph Salvador. Jewish merchant prince who came to South Carolina , https://archive.org/download/josephsalvadorje00elza/josephsalvadorje00elza.pdf
Österreichischer Bericht über die Internationale Ausstellung in London 1862 , https://archive.org/download/sterreichische00aust/sterreichische00aust.pdf
Vol Bd.2, T.1: Neue musikalische Theorien und Phantasien , https://archive.org/download/neuemusikalische21sche/neuemusikalische21sche.pdf
Natürliche Schöpfungsgeschichte. Gemeinverständliche wissenschaftliche Vorträge über die Entwickelungslehre im Allgemeinen und diejenige von Darwin, Goethe, und Lamarck im Besonderen .. , https://archive.org/download/natrlichesch1868haec/natrlichesch1868haec.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1890mass/annualreportvita1890mass.pdf
Contributions of a venerable savage to the ancient history of the Hawaiian Islands. , https://archive.org/download/contributionsofv00remy/contributionsofv00remy.pdf
Final environmental impact report for Mission Park, Boston, Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/finalenvironment01envi/finalenvironment01envi.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1988mass/annualreportvita1988mass.pdf
Vol v.2: [Spanish-American War articles, 1898-1899] , https://archive.org/download/spanishamericanw02unse/spanishamericanw02unse.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1931mass/annualreportvita1931mass.pdf
Report on the records of the borough of Colchester, 1865 , https://archive.org/download/reportonrecordso00colc/reportonrecordso00colc.pdf
Pictures of early New York on dark blue Staffordshire pottery, together with pictures of Boston and New England, Philadelphia, the South and West , https://archive.org/download/picturesofearlyn00hals/picturesofearlyn00hals.pdf
Vol v. XIII: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo13cris/fragmentagenealo13cris.pdf
Vol v.2: Essai sur la construction navale des peuples extra-européens : ou, Collection des navires et pirogues construits par les habitants de l'Asie, de la Malaisie, du Grand Océan et de l'Amérique , https://archive.org/download/essaisurlaconstr02pris/essaisurlaconstr02pris.pdf
A pioneer outline history of northwestern Pennsylvania , https://archive.org/download/pioneeroutlinehi00mckn/pioneeroutlinehi00mckn.pdf
Vol v.3: Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. , https://archive.org/download/memorialsofaffai03winw/memorialsofaffai03winw.pdf
Vol v. 2: Complete theoretical and practical piano forte school : from the first rudiments of playing to the highest and most refined state of cultivation with the requisite numerous examples newly and expressly composed for the occasion, opera 500 , https://archive.org/download/completetheoreti02czer/completetheoreti02czer.pdf
Lustra ludovici, : or the Life of the late Victorious King of France, Levvis the XIII. (And of his Cardinall de Richelieu.) Divided into seven lustres. Consilium Armorum Cardo. , https://archive.org/download/lustraludovicior00howe/lustraludovicior00howe.pdf
Vol v.1: Los qvarenta libros del Compendio historial de las chronicas y vniversal historia de todos los reynos de España .. , https://archive.org/download/losqvarentalibro01gari/losqvarentalibro01gari.pdf
Vol T.2: Histoire de la mission du Kiang-nan. Jésuites de la province de France (Paris) 1840-1899 , https://archive.org/download/histoiredelamiss02/histoiredelamiss02.pdf
Modern magic. : A practical treatise on the art of conjuring. , https://archive.org/download/modernmagicpract00hoff_0/modernmagicpract00hoff_0.pdf
New England Anti-Masonic almanac for the year of Our Lord 1833 , https://archive.org/download/newenglandantima1832bost/newenglandantima1832bost.pdf
El lagar de la Viñuela : (Novela andaluza) , https://archive.org/download/ellagardelaviu00reye/ellagardelaviu00reye.pdf
Libellus de vita et miraculis S. Godrici, heremitae de Finchale. , https://archive.org/download/libellusdevitaet00regi/libellusdevitaet00regi.pdf
How to hatch and raise every kind of poultry with the aid of manure... , https://archive.org/download/howtohatchraisee00corb/howtohatchraisee00corb.pdf
Our little Spartan cousin of long ago : being the story of Chartas, a boy of Sparta , https://archive.org/download/ourlittlespartan00cowl_0/ourlittlespartan00cowl_0.pdf
Galïens li restorés : Schlusstheil des cheltenhamer guerin de Monglane ; unter Beifügung sämmtlicher prosabarbeitungen zum ersten Mal veröffentlicht , https://archive.org/download/galenslirestor00sten/galenslirestor00sten.pdf
Shakspeare's Romeo und Julia , https://archive.org/download/shakspearesromeo00shak/shakspearesromeo00shak.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1923mass/annualreportvita1923mass.pdf
The history of Portland, from 1632 to 1864: with a notice of previous settlements, colonial grants, and changes of government in Maine , https://archive.org/download/historyofportlan1865will/historyofportlan1865will.pdf
Vol Volume thesecond: The menageries : quadrupeds, described and drawn from living subjects , https://archive.org/download/menageriesquadru02renn/menageriesquadru02renn.pdf
Poesie , https://archive.org/download/poesie00shel/poesie00shel.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1958mass/annualreportvita1958mass.pdf
Vol v.1: Geschichte und Beschreibung der Rassen des hundes. Unter Mitwirkung der namhaftesten Zuchter und Preisrichter und in Ueverinstimmung mit den officiell anerkannten Rassezeichen der massgebenden Vereine des In- und Auslandes , https://archive.org/download/geschichteundbes01beck/geschichteundbes01beck.pdf
Vol t.4: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir004peru/memoriasdelosvir004peru.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1939mass/annualreportvita1939mass.pdf
Vol v.2: The mammals of South Africa , https://archive.org/download/mammalsofsouthaf02scla/mammalsofsouthaf02scla.pdf
Tales of terror; or, The mysteries of magic : a selection of wonderful and supernatural stories , https://archive.org/download/talesofterrororm00stcl/talesofterrororm00stcl.pdf
Moden und Trachten; Fragmente zur Geschichte des Costüms , https://archive.org/download/modenundtrachten00hauf/modenundtrachten00hauf.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1925mass/annualreportvita1925mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1926mass/annualreportvita1926mass.pdf
The dramatic works of Shakespeare , https://archive.org/download/dramaticworksofs00shak/dramaticworksofs00shak.pdf
Vol v.1: Reports, letters & papers appertaining to 20th Mass. Vol. Inf , https://archive.org/download/reportsletterspa01asso/reportsletterspa01asso.pdf
Illustrated guide and descriptions of photographic inter-lens shutters : with directions for cleaning and repairing , https://archive.org/download/illustratedguide00hamm/illustratedguide00hamm.pdf
Vol Book3; pts.7-11: School of intonation on an harmonic basis for violin in XIV parts, op.11 , https://archive.org/download/schoolofintonati3711sevc/schoolofintonati3711sevc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1879mass/annualreportvita1879mass.pdf
Vol v.2: The Harvard book : a series of historical, biographical, and descriptive sketches , https://archive.org/download/harvardbookserie02vail/harvardbookserie02vail.pdf
Hog hunting in the east, and other sports , https://archive.org/download/hoghuntingineast00newa/hoghuntingineast00newa.pdf
Vol t.2: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir002peru/memoriasdelosvir002peru.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1920mass/annualreportvita1920mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1914mass/annualreportvita1914mass.pdf
Vol v.1: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie01kaem/spamersillustrie01kaem.pdf
Genesis; or, The first book of Moses , https://archive.org/download/genesisorfirstbo00worc/genesisorfirstbo00worc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1885mass/annualreportvita1885mass.pdf
Vol 1846: The Crockett almanac : containing sprees and scrapes in the West; life and manners in the backwoods, and exploits and adventures on the praries , https://archive.org/download/crockettalmanacc1846croc/crockettalmanacc1846croc.pdf
Guide in the art of singing, based on the reliable tradition of the Italian school of vocalization and practical developments of modern science , https://archive.org/download/guideinartofsing00osgo/guideinartofsing00osgo.pdf
Edward St. Loe Livermore , https://archive.org/download/edwardstloeliver00aclo/edwardstloeliver00aclo.pdf
Hard times. : a new novel, , https://archive.org/download/hardtimesnewnove00dick/hardtimesnewnove00dick.pdf
Vol v.3: Twelve complete V-bottom designs; a textbook containing complete designs, plans and specifications of twelve ideal V-bottom boats of various approved types and sizes suitable for all kinds of service , https://archive.org/download/twelvecompletevb03hand/twelvecompletevb03hand.pdf
The Tyrolese melodies ... : arranged for one or four voices with an accompaniment for the piano forte , https://archive.org/download/tyrolesemelodies00mosc/tyrolesemelodies00mosc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1975mass/annualreportvita1975mass.pdf
Les vies de Ste Colette Boylet de Corbie : réformatrice des frères Mineurs et des Clarisses (1381-1447) , https://archive.org/download/lesviesdestecole00pier/lesviesdestecole00pier.pdf
The boy pioneers, sons of Daniel Boone , https://archive.org/download/boypioneerssonso00bear/boypioneerssonso00bear.pdf
Steam and its uses : including the steam engine, the locomotive, and steam navigation , https://archive.org/download/steamitsusesincl00lard/steamitsusesincl00lard.pdf
A brief history of Rainsford Island , https://archive.org/download/briefhistoryofra00suff/briefhistoryofra00suff.pdf
Los psalmes de David metuts en rima / bernesa. , https://archive.org/download/lospsalmesdedav00sale/lospsalmesdedav00sale.pdf
Vol v.1 n.1-26 (2 Apr. 1886 - 24 Sept. 1886): The Cycle , https://archive.org/download/cycle1126bost/cycle1126bost.pdf
Regimento do estrolabio e do quadrante : tractado da spera do mundo : reproduction fac-similé du seul exemplaire connu appartenant à la Bibliothèque Royale de Munich , https://archive.org/download/regimentodoestro00bens/regimentodoestro00bens.pdf
Vol No. 5: Finding list of books common to the branches of the Public library of the city of Boston. September, 1902 , https://archive.org/download/findinglistofboo05bost/findinglistofboo05bost.pdf
Philippide de Guillaume-le-Breton. Extraits concernant les guerres de Flandre. Texte latin et français. Avec une introduction et des notes par Octave Delepierre.. , https://archive.org/download/philippidedeguil00guil/philippidedeguil00guil.pdf
Vol v.4: Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a Syndo Verolamiensi, A.D. CCCCXLVI. Londinensem A.D. M DCCXVII. Accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad historiam Ecclesiae Anglicanae spectantia.. , https://archive.org/download/conciliamagnaebr04wilk/conciliamagnaebr04wilk.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1959mass/annualreportvita1959mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1946mass/annualreportvita1946mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1986mass/annualreportvita1986mass.pdf
The discovery and decipherment of the trilingual cuneiform inscriptions , https://archive.org/download/discoverydeciphe00boot/discoverydeciphe00boot.pdf
Figaro exposition , https://archive.org/download/figaroexposition00expo/figaroexposition00expo.pdf
Voyage de la France eqvinoxiale en l'isle de Cayenne : entrepris par les François en l'année M.DC.LII. Diuisé en trois livres. Le premier, contient l'etablissement de la colonie. Le second, ce qui s'est passé pendant quinze mois que l'on a demeuré dans la païs. Le troisiesme, traitte du temperament du païs, de la fertilité de sa terre, & des murs & façons de faire des sauuages de cette contrée. Avec vn dictionnaire de la langue du mesme païs. , https://archive.org/download/voyagedelafrance00biet/voyagedelafrance00biet.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1883mass/annualreportvita1883mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1912mass/annualreportvita1912mass.pdf
New ideas for American boys; the Jack of all trades , https://archive.org/download/newideasforameri00bear/newideasforameri00bear.pdf
Floyd's flowers : or, Duty and beauty for colored children, being one hundred short stories gleaned from the storehouse of human knowledge and experience ... , https://archive.org/download/floydsflowersord00floy/floydsflowersord00floy.pdf
Vol March 1943: Conservation index and substitution guide , https://archive.org/download/conservationinde43unit/conservationinde43unit.pdf
Kyle's Scottish lyric gems : a collection of the songs of Scotland , https://archive.org/download/kylesscottishlyr00glea/kylesscottishlyr00glea.pdf
Saint John de Crèvecoeur : sa vie et ses ouvrages (1735-1813) , https://archive.org/download/saintjohndecrv00cr/saintjohndecrv00cr.pdf
Livres & albums illustrés du Japon; , https://archive.org/download/livresalbumsillu00dure/livresalbumsillu00dure.pdf
Les écoles de blessés , https://archive.org/download/lescolesdeblesss00bitt/lescolesdeblesss00bitt.pdf
Vol v.1: Voyage d'Italie, de Dalmatie, de Grece, et du Levant : fait aux années 1675. & 1676. , https://archive.org/download/voyageditalieded01spon/voyageditalieded01spon.pdf
Vol Bd.1: Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet , https://archive.org/download/archaologischere01sarr/archaologischere01sarr.pdf
The celestial telegraph, or, Secrets of the life to come : revealed through magnetism : wherein the existence, the form, and the occupations of the soul, after its separation from the body, are proved by many year's experiments, by the means of eight ecstatic somnambulists, who had eighty perceptions of thirty-six deceased persons of various conditions : a description of them, their conversation, etc. with proofs of their existence in the spiritual world , https://archive.org/download/celestialtelegra00caha/celestialtelegra00caha.pdf
Vol no. 259: The memoirs of Sarah Barnum , https://archive.org/download/memoirsofsarahba259colo/memoirsofsarahba259colo.pdf
The operations of war explained and illustrated , https://archive.org/download/operationsofware00haml/operationsofware00haml.pdf
The command in the battle of Bunker Hill, with a reply to Remarks on Frothingham's history of the battle by S. Swett , https://archive.org/download/commandinbattleo00frot/commandinbattleo00frot.pdf
Die Musik des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts und ihre Pflege : Methode der Musik , https://archive.org/download/diemusikdesneunz00marx/diemusikdesneunz00marx.pdf
The marrow of tradition , https://archive.org/download/marrowoftraditio1901ches/marrowoftraditio1901ches.pdf
The Masonic Orpheus , https://archive.org/download/masonicorpheus00dow/masonicorpheus00dow.pdf
Vol v.1: Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman antiquities from the cabinet of the Honourable William Hamilton , https://archive.org/download/collectionofetru01hami/collectionofetru01hami.pdf
Narrative of the Euphrates expedition : carried on by order of the British government during the years 1835, 1836, and 1837. , https://archive.org/download/narrativeofeuphr00ches/narrativeofeuphr00ches.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1947mass/annualreportvita1947mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1921mass/annualreportvita1921mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1918mass/annualreportvita1918mass.pdf
The Black Swan at home and abroad; or, A biographical sketch of Miss Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, the American vocalist , https://archive.org/download/blackswanathomea00phil/blackswanathomea00phil.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1889mass/annualreportvita1889mass.pdf
Vol v.1-3: Falkner; a novel , https://archive.org/download/falknernovel13shel/falknernovel13shel.pdf
Life of William Wilberforce , https://archive.org/download/lifeofwilliamwil68wilb/lifeofwilliamwil68wilb.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1930mass/annualreportvita1930mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1991mass/annualreportvita1991mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1862mass/annualreportvita1862mass.pdf
Collection A. Carême : Le conservateur , https://archive.org/download/collectionacarme00carm/collectionacarme00carm.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1973mass/annualreportvita1973mass.pdf
Tent life in tigerland : being sporting reminiscences of a pioneer planter in an Indian frontier district , https://archive.org/download/tentlifeintigerl00ingl/tentlifeintigerl00ingl.pdf
California: early history, commercial position, climate, scenery, forests, general resources ... 1897-98 , https://archive.org/download/californiaearlyh00cali/californiaearlyh00cali.pdf
Early settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts : a genealogical record of the families who settled in Rowley before 1700, with several generations of their descendants , https://archive.org/download/earlysettlersofr00blod_1/earlysettlersofr00blod_1.pdf
The psycho-physiological sciences, and their assailants , https://archive.org/download/psychophysiologi00wall/psychophysiologi00wall.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1916mass/annualreportvita1916mass.pdf
Vol Book1; pts.1-4: School of intonation on an harmonic basis for violin in XIV parts, op.11 , https://archive.org/download/schoolofintonati114sevc/schoolofintonati114sevc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1977mass/annualreportvita1977mass.pdf
Second sight explained : a complete exposition of clairvoyance or second sight, as exhibited by the late Robert Houdin and Robert Heller : showing how the supposed phenomena may be produced , https://archive.org/download/secondsightexpla00wick/secondsightexpla00wick.pdf
Catalog of music for the violin, violoncello and viola , https://archive.org/download/catalogofmusicfo00oliv/catalogofmusicfo00oliv.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1992mass/annualreportvita1992mass.pdf
The romance of yachting: voyage the first , https://archive.org/download/romanceofyachtin48hart/romanceofyachtin48hart.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1913mass/annualreportvita1913mass.pdf
Vol v.2: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie02kaem/spamersillustrie02kaem.pdf
Of the imitation of Christ , https://archive.org/download/ofimitationofchr1901thom/ofimitationofchr1901thom.pdf
What books to lend and what to give. , https://archive.org/download/whatbookstolendw00yong/whatbookstolendw00yong.pdf
Musica nacional boliviana : 20 cuecas para piano , https://archive.org/download/musicanacionalbo00ronc/musicanacionalbo00ronc.pdf
Report of evidence taken before a joint special committee of both houses of the Confederate Congress, to investigate the affairs of the Navy department. , https://archive.org/download/reportofevidence00conf/reportofevidence00conf.pdf
Catalogue of books in the Boston library, June, 1830 ... in Franklin place , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofbooks1830bost/catalogueofbooks1830bost.pdf
Heinrich Barth, der Bahnbrecher des deutschen Afrikaforschung; ein Lebens- und Charakterbild auf Grund ungedruckter Quellen entworfen , https://archive.org/download/heinrichbarthder00schu/heinrichbarthder00schu.pdf
A collection of emblemes, ancient and moderne : quickened vvith metricall illvstrations, both morall and divine, and disposed into lotteries, that instruction and good counsell may bee furthered by an honest and pleasant recreation , https://archive.org/download/collectionofembl00with_0/collectionofembl00with_0.pdf
Bricriu's feast : a comedy in three acts, with an epilogue , https://archive.org/download/bricriusfeastcom00oduf/bricriusfeastcom00oduf.pdf
Vol v.3: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit03cayl/recueildantiquit03cayl.pdf
Gl' Ingannati ... the deceived ... : a comedy performed at Siena in 1531 ; and Aelia Laelia Crispis , https://archive.org/download/glingannatidecei00peac/glingannatidecei00peac.pdf
Market street, Philadelphia; the most historic highway in America, its merchants and its story , https://archive.org/download/marketstreetphil1918jack/marketstreetphil1918jack.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1985mass/annualreportvita1985mass.pdf
The voices; a sequel to ''Glimpses of the next state,'' , https://archive.org/download/voicessequeltogl00moor/voicessequeltogl00moor.pdf
Vol Bd.2: Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet , https://archive.org/download/archaologischere02sarr/archaologischere02sarr.pdf
Vol no. 1: The faerie qveene, disposed into XII. bookes, : fashioning twelue morall vertues , https://archive.org/download/faerieqveenedisp01spen/faerieqveenedisp01spen.pdf
The Putumayo red book , https://archive.org/download/putumayoredbook00thom/putumayoredbook00thom.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1881mass/annualreportvita1881mass.pdf
Catalogue of the private collection of autographs of the late Mr. A.A. Smets, of Savannah, Ga. ... : Also, a collection of autographs purchased from the library of William Upcott ... The whole to be sold by auction ... Leavitt, Strebeigh & Co., auctioneers ... June 1st, and following days .. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofpriva00leav/catalogueofpriva00leav.pdf
History and reminiscences of the Philadelphia almshouse and Philadelphia hospital .. , https://archive.org/download/historyreminisce00agne/historyreminisce00agne.pdf
Vol v.2: [Rerum anglicarum scriptores veteres] , https://archive.org/download/rerumanglicarums02fulm/rerumanglicarums02fulm.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1906mass/annualreportvita1906mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1971mass/annualreportvita1971mass.pdf
Autograph collecting: a practical manual for amateurs and historical students. Containing ample information on the selection and arrangement of autographs, the detection of forged specimens, &c., &c. To which are added numerous facsimiles for study and reference, and an extensive valuation table of autographs worth collecting. , https://archive.org/download/autographcollect00scot/autographcollect00scot.pdf
Sir Antony Sherley his relation of his trauels into Persia : the dangers, and distresses, which befell him in his passage, both by sea and land, and his strange and vnexpected deliuerances : his magnificent entertainement in Persia, his honourable imployment there-hence, as embassadour to the princes of Christendome, the cause of his disapointment therein, with his aduice to his brother, Sir Robert Sherley : also, a true relation of the great magnificence, valour, prudence, iustice, temperance, and other manifold vertues of Abas, now King of Persia, with his great conquests, whereby he hath inlarged his dominions , https://archive.org/download/sirantonysherley00sher/sirantonysherley00sher.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1972mass/annualreportvita1972mass.pdf
Seventy-five receipts for pastry, cakes, and sweetmeats. , https://archive.org/download/seventyfiverecei00lesl/seventyfiverecei00lesl.pdf
The Irish Justice of the peace : a treatise on the powers and duties of justices of the peace in Ireland and certain matters conected therewith , https://archive.org/download/irishjusticeofpe00ocon/irishjusticeofpe00ocon.pdf
Violoncellisten der Gegenwart in Wort und Bild , https://archive.org/download/violoncellistend00unse/violoncellistend00unse.pdf
Official catalogue Philippine exhibits : Universal Exposition, St. Louis, U.S.A. 1904 : Philippine exposition , https://archive.org/download/officialcatalogu00loui_2/officialcatalogu00loui_2.pdf
Grammatica Linguae sinensis , https://archive.org/download/grammaticalingua0015p/grammaticalingua0015p.pdf
Vol v.3: The Italian bronze statuettes of the Renaissance , https://archive.org/download/italianbronzesta03bode/italianbronzesta03bode.pdf
Reitkunst Herrn Antonij de Pluvinel, darinnen er die jetzo regirende Kön. Mayst. in Frankreich/Ludouicum XIII. vnderwiesen : lehrend / Wie ein Reutersmann sich zu allen ritterlichen Vbungen bequemen vnd instellen / wie ein Pferd zum Gehorsam zubringen vnd in allerley schönen Schulen / Stücken vnd Maneigen leichtlich vnd volkommenlich abgerichtet werden soll : In Frantzösischer vnd Teutscher Sprach an den Tag gegeben / vnnd mit sechzig schönen Kupfferstücken gezieret , https://archive.org/download/reitkunstherrnan00pluv/reitkunstherrnan00pluv.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1996mass/annualreportvita1996mass.pdf
Ettor and Giovannitti before the jury at Salem, Massachusetts, November 23, 1912 .. , https://archive.org/download/ettorgiovannitti00etto/ettorgiovannitti00etto.pdf
Finding list : Niagara Falls Public Library first supplement, 1900 , https://archive.org/download/findinglistniaga00niag/findinglistniaga00niag.pdf
Vol v.2: Geschichte und Beschreibung der Rassen des hundes. Unter Mitwirkung der namhaftesten Zuchter und Preisrichter und in Ueverinstimmung mit den officiell anerkannten Rassezeichen der massgebenden Vereine des In- und Auslandes , https://archive.org/download/geschichteundbes02beck/geschichteundbes02beck.pdf
Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature : dédié et présenté a M. Necker, ministre d'Etat & directeur général des Finances , https://archive.org/download/tableauencyclopd1788bonn/tableauencyclopd1788bonn.pdf
The New-England anti-Masonic almanac, for the year of Our Lord 1830 , https://archive.org/download/newenglandantima1829bost/newenglandantima1829bost.pdf
I will maintain , https://archive.org/download/iwillmaintain00bowe/iwillmaintain00bowe.pdf
Vol v.2: Statisticheskiia tablitsy Rossiiskoi imperii , https://archive.org/download/statisticheskiia02bush/statisticheskiia02bush.pdf
newspaper clippings, 1854-1858 , https://archive.org/download/newspaperclippin00park/newspaperclippin00park.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1860mass/annualreportvita1860mass.pdf
A sojourn in the city of Amalgamation : in the year of our Lord 19-- , https://archive.org/download/sojournincityofa00bolo/sojournincityofa00bolo.pdf
Vol Prieto: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaoprieguti/culturaselecciaoprieguti.pdf
Gymnastic exercises, without apparatus, according to Ling's system, for the due development and strengthening of the human body , https://archive.org/download/gymnasticexercis00roth/gymnasticexercis00roth.pdf
Tangier, England's lost Atlantic outpost, 1661-1684 , https://archive.org/download/tangierenglandsl00rout/tangierenglandsl00rout.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1979mass/annualreportvita1979mass.pdf
Les récréations photographiques , https://archive.org/download/lesrcrations00berg/lesrcrations00berg.pdf
Vol v.3: Recueil des historiens des croisades : Historiens orientaux , https://archive.org/download/recueildeshistor03acad/recueildeshistor03acad.pdf
Vol Pt.3-4: Abridgement of the minutes of the evidence, : taken before a Committee of the Whole House, to whom it was referred to consider of the slave-trade, [1789-1791] , https://archive.org/download/abridgementofmin34grea/abridgementofmin34grea.pdf
Vol v.1: Les plantes industrielles , https://archive.org/download/lesplantesindust01heuz/lesplantesindust01heuz.pdf
Leaves from conjurers' scrap books : or, Modern magicians and their works , https://archive.org/download/leavesfromconjur1891burl/leavesfromconjur1891burl.pdf
Vol v.1: Jésus de Nazareth. Études critiques sur les antécédents de l'histoire évangélique et la vie de Jésus .. , https://archive.org/download/jsusdenazareth01rv/jsusdenazareth01rv.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1938mass/annualreportvita1938mass.pdf
Army regulations for drum, fife, and bugle : being a complete manual for these instruments, giving all the calls for camp and field duty, to which is added suitable music for each instrument / by William Nevins ; arr. by A.J. Vaas , https://archive.org/download/armyregulationsf00nevi/armyregulationsf00nevi.pdf
Mangosteen cultivation , https://archive.org/download/mangosteencultiv00othm/mangosteencultiv00othm.pdf
Vol v.9: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen0931hahn/diewanzenartigen0931hahn.pdf
Manuale ad vsu[m] sagien[sem] , https://archive.org/download/manualeadvsumsag00heur/manualeadvsumsag00heur.pdf
Vol v.6: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie06kaem/spamersillustrie06kaem.pdf
Vol v.1: Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a Syndo Verolamiensi, A.D. CCCCXLVI. Londinensem A.D. M DCCXVII. Accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad historiam Ecclesiae Anglicanae spectantia.. , https://archive.org/download/conciliamagnaebr01wilk/conciliamagnaebr01wilk.pdf
Vol t.5: Memorias de los vireyes que han gobernado el Perú, durante el tiempo del coloniaje español. , https://archive.org/download/memoriasdelosvir05peru/memoriasdelosvir05peru.pdf
Chansons populaires des provinces de France , https://archive.org/download/chansonspopulair00cham/chansonspopulair00cham.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1953mass/annualreportvita1953mass.pdf
Vol v.5: Annette Laïs , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro05duma/lecomtedemoretro05duma.pdf
The Templar's chart : or, Hieroglyphic monitor; containing all the emblems and hieroglyphics explained in the valiant and magnanimous orders of Knights of the Red Cross; Knights Templars; and Knights of Malta, or Order of St. John of Jerusalem. , https://archive.org/download/templarschartorh00cros/templarschartorh00cros.pdf
Der zee-vaert lof : handelende vande gedenckwaerdighste zee-vaerden... in VI boecken beschreven , https://archive.org/download/derzeevaertlofha00herc/derzeevaertlofha00herc.pdf
Vol Book4;pts.12-14: School of intonation on an harmonic basis for violin in XIV parts, op.11 , https://archive.org/download/schoolofintonati41214sevc/schoolofintonati41214sevc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1859mass/annualreportvita1859mass.pdf
Rotuli chartarum in turri Londinensi asservati , https://archive.org/download/rotulichartarumi00grea/rotulichartarumi00grea.pdf
Log of the Volunteer , https://archive.org/download/logofvolunteer00volu/logofvolunteer00volu.pdf
Vol v.4: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie04kaem/spamersillustrie04kaem.pdf
Ambas Américas : revista de educación, bibliografía i agricultura , https://archive.org/download/ambasamricasre00sarm/ambasamricasre00sarm.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1929mass/annualreportvita1929mass.pdf
Pieta Signore = O Lord have mercy : a church melody , https://archive.org/download/pietasignoreolor00stra/pietasignoreolor00stra.pdf
Vol v.1: The Italian bronze statuettes of the Renaissance , https://archive.org/download/italianbronzesta01bode/italianbronzesta01bode.pdf
Vol no. 2: Doniphan's expedition : containing an account of the conquest of New Mexico; General Kearney's overland expedition to California; Doniphan's campaign against the Navajos; his unparalleled march upon Chihuahua and Durango; and the operations of General Price at Santa Fé: with a sketch of the life of Col. Doniphan ... , https://archive.org/download/doniphansexpedit02hugh/doniphansexpedit02hugh.pdf
Handbook of the public libraries of Manchester and Salford , https://archive.org/download/handbookofpublic00axon/handbookofpublic00axon.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1864mass/annualreportvita1864mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1994mass/annualreportvita1994mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1877mass/annualreportvita1877mass.pdf
Na dieistvitel'noi sluzhbie : Derevenskii roman i drugie [poviesti i razskazy iz'' dukhuvnago byta , https://archive.org/download/nadieistvitelnoi00pota/nadieistvitelnoi00pota.pdf
The army chaplain's manual, designed as a help to chaplains in the discharge of their various duties .. , https://archive.org/download/armychaplainsman00hamm/armychaplainsman00hamm.pdf
Vol v. IX: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo09cris/fragmentagenealo09cris.pdf
Les grands poètes romantiques de la Pologne : essais de littérature et d'histoire : Mickiewicz, Slowacki, Krasinski , https://archive.org/download/lesgrandspotes00sarr/lesgrandspotes00sarr.pdf
The underground rail road : a record of facts, authentic narratives, letters, &c., narrating the hardships, hair-breadth escapes, and death struggles of the slaves in their efforts for freedom, as related by themselves and others or witnessed by the author : together with sketches of some of the largest stockholders and most liberal aiders and advisers of the road , https://archive.org/download/undergroundrailr1872stil/undergroundrailr1872stil.pdf
Uproshchennaia garmoniia : ili, Uchenie o tonalnykh Funktsiiakh akkordov , https://archive.org/download/uproshchennaiaga00riem/uproshchennaiaga00riem.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1927mass/annualreportvita1927mass.pdf
Zionism and anti-Semitism , https://archive.org/download/zionismantisemit00nord/zionismantisemit00nord.pdf
L'Afrique, ou Histoire, moeurs, usages et coutumes des africains : le Sénégal , https://archive.org/download/lafriqueouhistoi00rgvr/lafriqueouhistoi00rgvr.pdf
Vol v.4: Storia dell'Università degli studi di Roma : detta comunemente la sapienza che contiene anche un saggio storico della letteratura romana dal principio del secolo XIII sino al declinare del secolo XVIII , https://archive.org/download/storiadelluniver04rena/storiadelluniver04rena.pdf
Volgarizzamento del libro de' costumi e degli offizii de' nobili sopra il giuoco degli scacchi di frate Jacopo da Cessole, tratto nuovamente da un codice Magliabechiano , https://archive.org/download/volgarizzamentod00jaco/volgarizzamentod00jaco.pdf
The book of winter sports , https://archive.org/download/bookofwinterspor00syer/bookofwinterspor00syer.pdf
Reports of interesting cases : argued and determined in the King's law courts of England and Ireland, the Houses of Parliament, and military courts; with a treatise on martial law; also abridgments of the several title acts, from 33 Henry VIII to 4 George IV. Together with a copious index, &c. , https://archive.org/download/reportsofinteres00rowe/reportsofinteres00rowe.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1863mass/annualreportvita1863mass.pdf
Evangelistic piano playing : by George S. Schuler , https://archive.org/download/evangelisticpian00schu/evangelisticpian00schu.pdf
Biographical sketch of Ebenezer Stevens, Leut. Col. of Artillery in the Continental Army , https://archive.org/download/biographicalsket00stev/biographicalsket00stev.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1891mass/annualreportvita1891mass.pdf
A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country : embracing the descendants, as far as known, of The Rev. John Lothropp, of Scituate and Barnstable, Mass., and Mark Lothrop, of Salem and Bridgewater, Mass., and the first generation of descendants of other names , https://archive.org/download/genealogicalmemo00hunt_0/genealogicalmemo00hunt_0.pdf
Vospitammitsa Val'briuana : roman'' , https://archive.org/download/vospitammitsaval00theu/vospitammitsaval00theu.pdf
The adulteration of milk and method of detecting it by analysis , https://archive.org/download/adulterationofmi00shar/adulterationofmi00shar.pdf
Vol v.2: Shakespeare's dramatic art. : History and character of Shakespeare's plays , https://archive.org/download/shakespearesdram02ulri/shakespearesdram02ulri.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1989mass/annualreportvita1989mass.pdf
230 easy pieces for the banjo : comprising a choice collection of polkas, waltzes, clog hornpipes, reels, jigs, walkarounds, songs, etc., etc., in both the guitar and banjo styles of execution , https://archive.org/download/230easypiecesfor00conv/230easypiecesfor00conv.pdf
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Vol v.4: Viking antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/vikingantiquitie04scie/vikingantiquitie04scie.pdf
Piano-forte class book : containing practical, rudimental lessons for students of music, and especially calculated to be of service to those who are preparing to teach , https://archive.org/download/pianoforteclassb00cary/pianoforteclassb00cary.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1949mass/annualreportvita1949mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1942mass/annualreportvita1942mass.pdf
Theorica de virtvdes en coplas y con commento. , https://archive.org/download/theoricadevirtvd00cast/theoricadevirtvd00cast.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1945mass/annualreportvita1945mass.pdf
A Seaman's life on board a man-of-war , https://archive.org/download/seamanslifeonboa00port/seamanslifeonboa00port.pdf
Edmund Dulac's fairy- book : fairy tales of the allied nations , https://archive.org/download/edmunddulacsfair00dula/edmunddulacsfair00dula.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1861mass/annualreportvita1861mass.pdf
Sporting guide to Nova Scotia , https://archive.org/download/sportingguideton00brec/sportingguideton00brec.pdf
Zur Statistik und Topographie der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg und deren Gebietes , https://archive.org/download/zurstatistikundt00nedd/zurstatistikundt00nedd.pdf
Theory and practice of musical composition , https://archive.org/download/theorypracticeof00marx/theorypracticeof00marx.pdf
Vol v.1: The Harvard book : a series of historical, biographical, and descriptive sketches , https://archive.org/download/harvardbookserie01vail/harvardbookserie01vail.pdf
Die theologie des Methodius von Olympus , https://archive.org/download/dietheologiedesm00bonw/dietheologiedesm00bonw.pdf
Genio de la historia , https://archive.org/download/geniodelahistori00jer/geniodelahistori00jer.pdf
Poáemes, 1895-1927 , https://archive.org/download/poemes00milo/poemes00milo.pdf
Vol v. 1, c.1: Sport in many lands , https://archive.org/download/sportinmanylands11halh/sportinmanylands11halh.pdf
Good companion (Bonus socius) : XIIIth century manuscript collection of chess problems , https://archive.org/download/goodcompanionbon00mage/goodcompanionbon00mage.pdf
Vol v. 2, c.1: Sport in many lands , https://archive.org/download/sportinmanylands21halh/sportinmanylands21halh.pdf
Report of the Sanitary Commission of New Orleans on the epidemic yellow fever, of 1853 , https://archive.org/download/reportofsanitary00newo/reportofsanitary00newo.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1907mass/annualreportvita1907mass.pdf
Our village: : sketches of rural character and scenery. , https://archive.org/download/ourvillagesketch00mitf/ourvillagesketch00mitf.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1919mass/annualreportvita1919mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1873mass/annualreportvita1873mass.pdf
The book of woodcraft , https://archive.org/download/bookofwoodcraft00seto_0/bookofwoodcraft00seto_0.pdf
A lecture on the art of singing , https://archive.org/download/lectureonartofsi00ciri/lectureonartofsi00ciri.pdf
Swept by mighty waters , https://archive.org/download/sweptbymightywat00russ/sweptbymightywat00russ.pdf
Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature : dédié et présenté a M. Necker, ministre d'État, & directeur général des Finances , https://archive.org/download/tableauencyclopd1790bonn/tableauencyclopd1790bonn.pdf
Rime di Francesco Petrarca e d'altri del trecento , https://archive.org/download/rimedifrancescop00petr/rimedifrancescop00petr.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1876mass/annualreportvita1876mass.pdf
Vol Bd.3: Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet , https://archive.org/download/archaologischere03sarr/archaologischere03sarr.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1935mass/annualreportvita1935mass.pdf
Vol v.8: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie08kaem/spamersillustrie08kaem.pdf
Tres grandes ciudades, su industria, comercio y artes, su historia, datos estadisticos y noticias de interes general para todo el mundo y especialmente para el comercio.. , https://archive.org/download/tresgrandesciuda00nuev/tresgrandesciuda00nuev.pdf
Vol v.10: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie10kaem/spamersillustrie10kaem.pdf
Major-General Sherman's reports , https://archive.org/download/majorgeneralsher00sher/majorgeneralsher00sher.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1872mass/annualreportvita1872mass.pdf
Five hundred places to sell manuscripts. A manual designed for the guidance of writers in disposing of their work. , https://archive.org/download/fivehundredplace1894reev/fivehundredplace1894reev.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1961mass/annualreportvita1961mass.pdf
Vol v.2: Jésus de Nazareth. Études critiques sur les antécédents de l'histoire évangélique et la vie de Jésus .. , https://archive.org/download/jsusdenazareth02rv/jsusdenazareth02rv.pdf
The overture, pas de deux, marches, and a selection of the favorite airs in The forest of Bondy, or, The dog of Montargis : a melo drama performed ... a the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden , https://archive.org/download/overturepasdedeu00bish/overturepasdedeu00bish.pdf
Geschichte der Deutschen im staate New York bis zum anfange des neunzehnten jahrhunderts , https://archive.org/download/geschichtederdeu1867kapp/geschichtederdeu1867kapp.pdf
Vol v.1: Papyrus de Turin. , https://archive.org/download/papyrusdeturin01muse/papyrusdeturin01muse.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1871mass/annualreportvita1871mass.pdf
The American sportsman : containing hints to sportsmen, notes on shooting, and the habits of game birds and wild fowl of America , https://archive.org/download/americansportsma1885lewi/americansportsma1885lewi.pdf
Vol v.1: Storia dell'Università degli studi di Roma : detta comunemente la sapienza che contiene anche un saggio storico della letteratura romana dal principio del secolo XIII sino al declinare del secolo XVIII , https://archive.org/download/storiadelluniver01rena/storiadelluniver01rena.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1858mass/annualreportvita1858mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1987mass/annualreportvita1987mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1948mass/annualreportvita1948mass.pdf
Supplement to the postal laws and regulations of the United States of America, edition of 1902 in effect March 4, 1907 , https://archive.org/download/supplementtopost00unit/supplementtopost00unit.pdf
Antologia moderna orgánica espanola , https://archive.org/download/antologiamoderna00otao/antologiamoderna00otao.pdf
The influence of railway travelling on public health , https://archive.org/download/influenceofrailw00lond/influenceofrailw00lond.pdf
A system of harmony , https://archive.org/download/systemofharmony00kist/systemofharmony00kist.pdf
Vol v.1: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit01cayl/recueildantiquit01cayl.pdf
Las islas Visayas en la epoca de la conquista , https://archive.org/download/lasislasvisayase00reye/lasislasvisayase00reye.pdf
Miss Santa Claus of the Pullman , https://archive.org/download/misssantaclausof00john/misssantaclausof00john.pdf
The bam bam clock , https://archive.org/download/bambamclock00mcev/bambamclock00mcev.pdf
Regulations for the uniform and dress of the Army of the United States. July, 1872. , https://archive.org/download/regulationsforun1872unit/regulationsforun1872unit.pdf
Mikro'kosmos : a little description of the great world , https://archive.org/download/mikrokosmoslittl00heyl/mikrokosmoslittl00heyl.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1875mass/annualreportvita1875mass.pdf
The Havana post , https://archive.org/download/havanapost00unse/havanapost00unse.pdf
Vol Volume theFirst: The menageries : quadrupeds, described and drawn from living subjects , https://archive.org/download/menageriesquadru01renn/menageriesquadru01renn.pdf
New England anti-Masonic almanac for the year of Our Lord 1832 , https://archive.org/download/newenglandantima1831bost/newenglandantima1831bost.pdf
Venus in Boston: : a romance of city life , https://archive.org/download/venusinbostonrom00thom/venusinbostonrom00thom.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1900mass/annualreportvita1900mass.pdf
Report of the Inter-Departmental Committee appointed ... to consider the doubts and difficulties which have arisen in connexion with the interpretation and administration of the acts relating to naturalization ... : with an appendix containing the laws of the several British colonies and possessions on the subject of naturalization , https://archive.org/download/reportofinterdep01grea/reportofinterdep01grea.pdf
Aguinaldo and the American generals : from the fall of Manila, August, 1898, to the Iloilo expedition, January, 1899 , https://archive.org/download/aguinaldoamerica00agui/aguinaldoamerica00agui.pdf
Vol 1842: The Crockett almanac : containing sprees and scrapes in the West; life and manners in the backwoods, and exploits and adventures on the praries , https://archive.org/download/crockettalmanacc1842croc/crockettalmanacc1842croc.pdf
The story of the Religious Tract Society : a souvenir of the meeting held at the Mansion House on Tuesday, March 22nd, 1898 , https://archive.org/download/storyofreligious00reli/storyofreligious00reli.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1903mass/annualreportvita1903mass.pdf
Vol pt.1-2: Najstarsze ksie•gi i rachunki miasta Krakowa : od r. 1300 do 1400 , https://archive.org/download/najstarszeksiegi12piek/najstarszeksiegi12piek.pdf
Vol 1838: Davy Crockett's almanack of wild sports of the West, and life in the backwoods : calculated for all the states in the Union , https://archive.org/download/davycrockettsalm1838croc/davycrockettsalm1838croc.pdf
Three poems by Fiona MacLeod : in musical settings for high voice with piano accompaniment, opus 11 , https://archive.org/download/threepoemsbyfion00grif/threepoemsbyfion00grif.pdf
The Musical curriculum: for solid and symmetrical acquirement in piano-forte playing, singing and harmony; containing copious and carefully progressive exercises, pieces, songs, technics ... to which are prefixed a method of teaching and a glossary of musical terms and signs , https://archive.org/download/musicalcurriculu00root/musicalcurriculu00root.pdf
Vol no. 1: Original papers read before the Syro-Egyptian Society of London , https://archive.org/download/originalpapersre01syro/originalpapersre01syro.pdf
The Florentine historie. , https://archive.org/download/florentinehistor00mach/florentinehistor00mach.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1884mass/annualreportvita1884mass.pdf
Compositionen zu Göthe's Faust , https://archive.org/download/compositionenzug00radz/compositionenzug00radz.pdf
The old vegetable neurotics: hemlock, opium, belladonna and henbane; their physiological action and therapeutical use, alone and in combination; being the Gulstonian Lectures of 1868, extended and including a complete examination of the active constituents of opium , https://archive.org/download/oldvegetableneur00harl/oldvegetableneur00harl.pdf
The unpublished revolutionary papers of Major-General Edward Hand of Pennsylvania, 1777-1784 , https://archive.org/download/unpublishedrevol00hand/unpublishedrevol00hand.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1933mass/annualreportvita1933mass.pdf
Oratorio of the Seasons , https://archive.org/download/oratorioofseason00hayd/oratorioofseason00hayd.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1983mass/annualreportvita1983mass.pdf
La vida y excelencias & miraglos dla sacratissima virgen Maria nuestra señora , https://archive.org/download/lavidayexcelenci00pere/lavidayexcelenci00pere.pdf
Aura. Kilner screens : (aurospecs) and all about them : practical, explanatory, evidential , https://archive.org/download/aurakilnerscreen00bodd/aurakilnerscreen00bodd.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1904mass/annualreportvita1904mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1917mass/annualreportvita1917mass.pdf
The veil lifted. Modern developments of spirit photography. With twelve illustrations , https://archive.org/download/veilliftedmodern00glen/veilliftedmodern00glen.pdf
Almira : (Der in Krohnen erlangte Glückwechsel, oder Almira, Königin von Castilien) : Singspiel in 3 Handlungen , https://archive.org/download/almiraderinkrohn00hand/almiraderinkrohn00hand.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1865mass/annualreportvita1865mass.pdf
Disciplina degli spirituali col trattato delle trenta stoltizie di Fra Domenico Cavalca , https://archive.org/download/disciplinadeglis00cava/disciplinadeglis00cava.pdf
Révision de la Constitution haïtienne de 1806 , https://archive.org/download/rvisiondelacon00hait/rvisiondelacon00hait.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1976mass/annualreportvita1976mass.pdf
The Asiatic or Bengal cholera of 1867 to 1873 , https://archive.org/download/asiaticorbengalc00pete/asiaticorbengalc00pete.pdf
Vol Pt.1-2: Abridgement of the minutes of the evidence, : taken before a Committee of the Whole House, to whom it was referred to consider of the slave-trade, [1789-1791] , https://archive.org/download/abridgementofmin12grea/abridgementofmin12grea.pdf
The honey-bee; its nature, homes and products , https://archive.org/download/honeybeeitsnatur00harr/honeybeeitsnatur00harr.pdf
Journal historique Du dernier voiage que Monsieur de la Salle à fait dans L'amerique Septentrionale [manuscript] : Ou l'on voit l'histoire de sa mort, Et plusieurs circonstances tres curieuses du nouveau monde, non encore mises En lumiere. , https://archive.org/download/journalhistoriqu1712jout/journalhistoriqu1712jout.pdf
Catalogue of books on hermetic philosophy.. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofbooks00hitc/catalogueofbooks00hitc.pdf
History and description of Corfe castle, in the isle of Purbeck, Dorset. , https://archive.org/download/historydescripti00bond/historydescripti00bond.pdf
General Johann Adolph Freiherr von Thielmann ein Charakterbild aus der napoleonischen Zeit , https://archive.org/download/generaljohannado00pete/generaljohannado00pete.pdf
Granville Bantock , https://archive.org/download/granvillebantock00lond/granvillebantock00lond.pdf
In the garden of peace , https://archive.org/download/ingardenofpeace00milm/ingardenofpeace00milm.pdf
The life of General Andrew Pickens , https://archive.org/download/lifeofgeneraland00mill/lifeofgeneraland00mill.pdf
By sheer pluck : a tale of the Ashanti war , https://archive.org/download/bysheerplucktale1883hent/bysheerplucktale1883hent.pdf
The laboratory of chemical wonders : a scientific mélange intended for the instruction and entertainment of young people , https://archive.org/download/laboratoryofchem00pies/laboratoryofchem00pies.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1910mass/annualreportvita1910mass.pdf
Vol Bd. 1: Orientalische briefe .. , https://archive.org/download/orientalischebri01hahn/orientalischebri01hahn.pdf
Original Shaker music published by the North family of Mt. Lebanon, Col. Co., N.Y. .. , https://archive.org/download/originalshakermu00offo/originalshakermu00offo.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1997mass/annualreportvita1997mass.pdf
The Marriotts and the Powells : a tribal chronicle , https://archive.org/download/marriottspowells00holt/marriottspowells00holt.pdf
Three years adventures of a minor, in England, Africa, the West Indies, South-Carolina and Georgia , https://archive.org/download/threeyearsadvent00schr/threeyearsadvent00schr.pdf
The great folly, superstition, and idolatry, of pilgrimages in Ireland; especially of that to St. Patrick's purgatory. Together with an account of the loss that the publick sustaineth thereby; truly and impartially represented. , https://archive.org/download/greatfollysupers00rich/greatfollysupers00rich.pdf
Vol Gonzalez Martinez: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaogonzguti/culturaselecciaogonzguti.pdf
Aunt Charlotte's stories of English history for the little ones , https://archive.org/download/auntcharlottesst00yong/auntcharlottesst00yong.pdf
The large and small game of Bengal and the northwestern provinces of India , https://archive.org/download/largesmallgameof00bald/largesmallgameof00bald.pdf
Vol vol.7: Papers of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts : [2d series] , https://archive.org/download/papersofmilitary07mili/papersofmilitary07mili.pdf
The nature of harmony , https://archive.org/download/natureofharmony00riem/natureofharmony00riem.pdf
Vol Bd. 2: Orientalische briefe .. , https://archive.org/download/orientalischebri02hahn/orientalischebri02hahn.pdf
Calendar of wills at Ipswich, 1444-1600. , https://archive.org/download/calendarofwillsa00cris/calendarofwillsa00cris.pdf
Mrs. Herndon's income. A novel , https://archive.org/download/mrsherndonsincom00camp/mrsherndonsincom00camp.pdf
History of Nashville, Tenn. , https://archive.org/download/historyofnashvil00wool/historyofnashvil00wool.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1892mass/annualreportvita1892mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1936mass/annualreportvita1936mass.pdf
A midsummer-night's dream , https://archive.org/download/midsummernightsd1900shak/midsummernightsd1900shak.pdf
A genealogical sketch of the families of Rev. Worthington Smith, D.D. and Mrs. Mary Ann (Little) Smith, of St. Albans, Vermont , https://archive.org/download/genealogicalsket00smit/genealogicalsket00smit.pdf
An account of the discovery of a mastodon's remains in Northborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/accountofdiscove00rice/accountofdiscove00rice.pdf
The burnt offering , https://archive.org/download/burntoffering00dunc/burntoffering00dunc.pdf
Vol v.2: Les plantes industrielles , https://archive.org/download/lesplantesindust02heuz/lesplantesindust02heuz.pdf
40 mélodies avec accompagnement de piano , https://archive.org/download/40mlodiesaveca00schu/40mlodiesaveca00schu.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1902mass/annualreportvita1902mass.pdf
Catalogue raisonné. A general and classified list of the most important works in nearly every department of literature and science, published in the United States and England. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueraisonn00rick/catalogueraisonn00rick.pdf
Mein Weg , https://archive.org/download/meinweg00lehm/meinweg00lehm.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1980mass/annualreportvita1980mass.pdf
I qvattro libri delle osservationi , https://archive.org/download/iqvattrolibridel00dolc/iqvattrolibridel00dolc.pdf
Report of the Royal Commissioners for Inquiring into the Laws of Naturalization and Allegiance : together with an appendix containing an account of British and foreign laws, and of the diplomatic correspondence which has passed on the subject, reports from foreign states, and other papers , https://archive.org/download/reportofroyalcom69grea/reportofroyalcom69grea.pdf
L'emigrazione sconosciuta : uffici protettive, negrieri, camorre coloniali, le schiave bianche, mano nera, il prete edi minatori , https://archive.org/download/lemigrazionescon00nuce/lemigrazionescon00nuce.pdf
Das neue Buch von der Weltpost. Geschichte, Organisation und Technik des Postwesens von den ältesten Zeiten bis auf die Gegenwart. , https://archive.org/download/dasneuebuchvonde00schw/dasneuebuchvonde00schw.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1922mass/annualreportvita1922mass.pdf
Glaucia : the Greek slave , https://archive.org/download/glauciagreekslav00lesl/glauciagreekslav00lesl.pdf
Juvenile psalmist: or, The child's introduction to sacred music. Prepared at the request of the Boston Sabbath School Union , https://archive.org/download/juvenilepsalmist00maso/juvenilepsalmist00maso.pdf
Vol Bd.4: Archa˜ologische Reise im Euphrat- und Tigris-Begiet , https://archive.org/download/archaologischere04sarr/archaologischere04sarr.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1905mass/annualreportvita1905mass.pdf
A free discussion of the doctrines of materialism, and philosophical necessity, in a correspondence between Dr. Price and Dr. Priestley : to which are added by Dr. Priestley, An introduction explaining the nature of the controversy and letters to several writers who have animadverted on his disquisitions relating to matter and spirit, or his treatise on necessity , https://archive.org/download/freediscussionof00prie/freediscussionof00prie.pdf
Costumes de l'opéra, XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles , https://archive.org/download/costumesdeloprax00guil/costumesdeloprax00guil.pdf
Life and adventures of Josh Billings : with a characteristic sketch of the humorist , https://archive.org/download/lifeadventuresof1883smit/lifeadventuresof1883smit.pdf
An enquiry into the destruction of the ancient Alexandrian Library , https://archive.org/download/enquiryintodestr00shib/enquiryintodestr00shib.pdf
The constitution of man, physically, morally, and spiritually considered; or, The Christian philosopher , https://archive.org/download/constitutionofma00hatc/constitutionofma00hatc.pdf
Marcus Behmer : [exhibition, October 24th to November 15th, 1912] , https://archive.org/download/marcusbehmerexhi00phot/marcusbehmerexhi00phot.pdf
The pirate city : an algerine tale , https://archive.org/download/piratecityalgeri00ball/piratecityalgeri00ball.pdf
Vol no.1-13: Food news notes for public libraries .. , https://archive.org/download/foodnewsnotesfor113unit/foodnewsnotesfor113unit.pdf
The pleasures, objects, and advantages of cycling : with numerous illustrations , https://archive.org/download/pleasuresobjects00wils/pleasuresobjects00wils.pdf
Opúsculos literarios de los siglos XIV á XVI .. , https://archive.org/download/opusculosliterar00pazy/opusculosliterar00pazy.pdf
Vol v.3: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen03hahn/diewanzenartigen03hahn.pdf
Annual circular and retail catalogue of warranted vegetable and flower seeds : January, 1880 , https://archive.org/download/annualcircularre00jame/annualcircularre00jame.pdf
Book A, records of the town of Swansea : 1662 to 1705 , https://archive.org/download/bookarecordsofto00swan/bookarecordsofto00swan.pdf
La libreria di Cosimo de' Medici nel 1418 , https://archive.org/download/lalibreriadicosi00pint/lalibreriadicosi00pint.pdf
New England Conservatory of Music : commencement program and annual souvenir , https://archive.org/download/newenglandconser00newe/newenglandconser00newe.pdf
My secrets of beauty , https://archive.org/download/mysecretsofbeaut00cava/mysecretsofbeaut00cava.pdf
The history of the New World , https://archive.org/download/historyofnewworl00mu/historyofnewworl00mu.pdf
Jabuka = Das Apfelfest : Operette in drei Acten , https://archive.org/download/jabukadasapfelfe1894stra/jabukadasapfelfe1894stra.pdf
Vol v.3: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie03kaem/spamersillustrie03kaem.pdf
Vol PT 3: Railways of South America : part 3 : Chile , https://archive.org/download/railwaysofsoutha03long/railwaysofsoutha03long.pdf
Dialogo di M. Lodovico Dolce della institution delle donne : da lui stesso in questa quarta impressione riueduto, e di piu utili cose ampliato, & con la tauola delle cose piu degne di memoria , https://archive.org/download/dialogodimlodovi00dolc/dialogodimlodovi00dolc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1937mass/annualreportvita1937mass.pdf
Against time. , https://archive.org/download/againsttime00shan/againsttime00shan.pdf
The breech-loader and how to use it , https://archive.org/download/breechloaderhowt1892gree/breechloaderhowt1892gree.pdf
Ethik und Volkswirtschaft , https://archive.org/download/ethikundvolkswir00pesc/ethikundvolkswir00pesc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1909mass/annualreportvita1909mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1934mass/annualreportvita1934mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1911mass/annualreportvita1911mass.pdf
A narrative of the expedition to Algiers in the year 1816, under the command of the Right Hon. Admiral Lord Viscount Exmouth , https://archive.org/download/narrativeofexped00sala/narrativeofexped00sala.pdf
Resumen de la historia de Cuba , https://archive.org/download/resumendelahisto00mora/resumendelahisto00mora.pdf
Building code of the city of Boston; consisting of chapter 479 of the Acts of 1938, as amended by chapter 217 of the Acts of 1939, with the amendments by ordinance incorporated , https://archive.org/download/buildingcodeofci70bost/buildingcodeofci70bost.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1874mass/annualreportvita1874mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1969mass/annualreportvita1969mass.pdf
Vol v.9: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie09kaem/spamersillustrie09kaem.pdf
Tunis la blanche , https://archive.org/download/tunislablanche00harr/tunislablanche00harr.pdf
Crowned with stars , https://archive.org/download/crownedwithstars00donn/crownedwithstars00donn.pdf
Vol v.1: A new analysis of chronology and geography, history and prophecy : in which their elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific principles ... , https://archive.org/download/newanalysisofchr01hale/newanalysisofchr01hale.pdf
Vol v.2: Papyrus de Turin. , https://archive.org/download/papyrusdeturin02muse/papyrusdeturin02muse.pdf
On a general method in dynamics. From the Philosophical transactions, Part 2 for 1834 , https://archive.org/download/ongeneralmethodi00hami/ongeneralmethodi00hami.pdf
Vol Book 2, vols.1-2: Le clavecin bien tempéré, 48 préludes et fugues transcrits 4 mains par Théodore Dubois , https://archive.org/download/leclavecinbiente212bach/leclavecinbiente212bach.pdf
Old abbeys and castles in England , https://archive.org/download/oldabbeyscastles00thom/oldabbeyscastles00thom.pdf
Flora's interpreter, or The American book of flowers and sentiments , https://archive.org/download/florasinterprete1832hale/florasinterprete1832hale.pdf
Amilie, or, the love test : a grand romantic opera in 3 acts , https://archive.org/download/amilieorlovetest00rook/amilieorlovetest00rook.pdf
History of King Philip, sovereign chief of the Wampanoags : including the early history of the settlers of New England , https://archive.org/download/historyofkingphi00abbo/historyofkingphi00abbo.pdf
Vol 1836: Davy Crockett's almanack of wild sports of the West, and life in the backwoods : calculated for all the states in the Union , https://archive.org/download/davycrockettsalm1836croc/davycrockettsalm1836croc.pdf
El lindo Don Diego , https://archive.org/download/ellindodondiego179more/ellindodondiego179more.pdf
Vol no. 1: L'Hystoire des devx nobles et tres vaillans chevaliers nommez Milles et Amys, : Lesquels en leur viuant furent plains de grandes proësses. Contenant plusieurs et diuerses matieres, comme vous pourrez veoir cy apres , https://archive.org/download/lhystoiredesdevx01oudo/lhystoiredesdevx01oudo.pdf
The queen of the world, or, Under the tyranny , https://archive.org/download/queenofworldorun00ogra/queenofworldorun00ogra.pdf
L'Indo-Chine et son avenir économique , https://archive.org/download/lindochineetsona00neto/lindochineetsona00neto.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1974mass/annualreportvita1974mass.pdf
Vol no. 3: Melvsine , https://archive.org/download/melvsine03oudo/melvsine03oudo.pdf
The Siberian exiles. A novel , https://archive.org/download/siberianexilesno00knox/siberianexilesno00knox.pdf
Coryats crudities : hastily gobled vp in five moneths trauells in France, Sauoy, Italy, Rhetia com[m]only called the Grisons country, Heluetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high Germany, and the Netherlands : newly digested in the hungry aire of Odcombe in the county of Somerset, & now dispersed to the nourishment of the trauelling members of this kingdome , https://archive.org/download/coryatscrudities00cory/coryatscrudities00cory.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1978mass/annualreportvita1978mass.pdf
Abraham Doolittle, and some of his descendants , https://archive.org/download/abrahamdoolittle00alle/abrahamdoolittle00alle.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1880mass/annualreportvita1880mass.pdf
Vol v. I: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo01cris/fragmentagenealo01cris.pdf
Die lateinischen vorlagen zu den alt-französischen Adgar'schen Marien-legenden zum ersten male gesammelt und herausgegeben , https://archive.org/download/dielateinischenv00neuh/dielateinischenv00neuh.pdf
Among the farmyard people , https://archive.org/download/amongfarmyardpeo00pier/amongfarmyardpeo00pier.pdf
Earliest records of Machias, Maine (1767-1837) , https://archive.org/download/earliestrecordso00jack/earliestrecordso00jack.pdf
The life and adventures of Christopher Hawkins, : a prisoner on board the Old Jersey prison ship during the War of the Revolution , https://archive.org/download/lifeadventuresof00hawk/lifeadventuresof00hawk.pdf
Vol 1964: Andover High School Yearbook. 1964. , https://archive.org/download/andoverhighschoo1964unse/andoverhighschoo1964unse.pdf
The phantom world : the history and philosophy of spirits, apparitions, &c., &c. , https://archive.org/download/phantomworldhist00calm/phantomworldhist00calm.pdf
Vol v.1 c.1: Correspondence respecting the affairs of Italy, 1846-[1849] .. , https://archive.org/download/correspondencere11grea/correspondencere11grea.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1941mass/annualreportvita1941mass.pdf
Hark! Hark! the lark! : and, O'er the sea, with, In the moon shower : recitation with obbligato for voice, violin and piano , https://archive.org/download/harkharklarkando00loom/harkharklarkando00loom.pdf
Tableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la nature : dédié et présenté a M. Necker, ministre d'État, & directeur général des Finances , https://archive.org/download/tableauencyclopd1789bonn/tableauencyclopd1789bonn.pdf
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Vol v.1: Viking antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/vikingantiquitie01scie/vikingantiquitie01scie.pdf
Historia tragica de la vida del dvqve de Biron, con sv comedia a la fin. , https://archive.org/download/historiatragicad00mrti/historiatragicad00mrti.pdf
Vol no. 2: L'Hystoire des devx prevx tres nobles et tres-vaillans chevaliers Valentin et Orson : fils de l'Empereur de Grece, & nepueux du tres-vaillant & tres-Chrestien Roy de France, Pepin. Contenant plusieurs & diuerses matieres, comme vous pourrez veoir cy apres , https://archive.org/download/lhystoiredesdevx02oudo/lhystoiredesdevx02oudo.pdf
Repertory of the records & evidences of the Borough of Colchester , https://archive.org/download/repertoryofrecor00harr/repertoryofrecor00harr.pdf
Andersen's best fairy tales , https://archive.org/download/andersensbestfai00ande/andersensbestfai00ande.pdf
Vol v. I: Sonate per pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/sonateperpianofo01beet/sonateperpianofo01beet.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1981mass/annualreportvita1981mass.pdf
Album of Virginia , https://archive.org/download/albumofvirginia00beye/albumofvirginia00beye.pdf
L'exposition d'Amsterdam et la Belgique aux Pays-Bas : ouvrage dédié à S.M. le Roi Léopold II avec son autorisation , https://archive.org/download/lexpositiondamst00fumi/lexpositiondamst00fumi.pdf
The true doctrine of state rights : with an examination of the record of the Democratic and Republican parties in connection with slavery , https://archive.org/download/truedoctrineofst80wall/truedoctrineofst80wall.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1893mass/annualreportvita1893mass.pdf
Vol v. 1 - 2: Von Geschlecht zu Geschlecht. Roman in zwei Abtheilungen , https://archive.org/download/vongeschlechtzug12lewa/vongeschlechtzug12lewa.pdf
The Central Park , https://archive.org/download/centralpark00guil/centralpark00guil.pdf
L'esthétique de Jean-Sebastien Bach , https://archive.org/download/lesthetiquedejea00pirr/lesthetiquedejea00pirr.pdf
Songs of childhood : verses , https://archive.org/download/songsofchildhood00fiel/songsofchildhood00fiel.pdf
Grace O'Malley, princess and pirate , https://archive.org/download/graceomalleyprin00mach/graceomalleyprin00mach.pdf
Toto's merry winter , https://archive.org/download/totosmerrywinter00rich/totosmerrywinter00rich.pdf
Vol v.1: 18 studies in pedal phrasing for the organ , https://archive.org/download/18studiesinpedal01buck/18studiesinpedal01buck.pdf
The Youth's companion world's fair extra number , https://archive.org/download/youthscompanionw00bost/youthscompanionw00bost.pdf
Illustrated memoir of an eventful expedition into Central America : resulting in the discovery of the idolatrous city of Iximaya, in an unexplored region ; and the possession of two remarkable Aztec children ... descendants and specimens of the sacerdotal cast ... , https://archive.org/download/illustratedmemoi00vela/illustratedmemoi00vela.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1869mass/annualreportvita1869mass.pdf
Original geometrical diaper designs : accompanied by an attempt to develop and elucidate the true principles of ornamental design, as applied to the decorative arts , https://archive.org/download/originalgeometri00hayd/originalgeometri00hayd.pdf
The curse of Canaan rightly interpreted : and kindred topics : three lectures delivered in the Reformed Dutch Church, Easton, Pa., January and February, 1862 , https://archive.org/download/curseofcanaanrig00edga/curseofcanaanrig00edga.pdf
Vol 1839: Davy Crockett's almanack of wild sports of the West, and life in the backwoods : calculated for all the states in the Union , https://archive.org/download/davycrockettsalm1839croc/davycrockettsalm1839croc.pdf
Hans Makart et Les cinq sens , https://archive.org/download/hansmakartetlesc00bach/hansmakartetlesc00bach.pdf
One girl's way out , https://archive.org/download/onegirlswayout00benn/onegirlswayout00benn.pdf
La demagogia radical y la tiranía (1916-1919) , https://archive.org/download/lademagogiaradic00reyn/lademagogiaradic00reyn.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1932mass/annualreportvita1932mass.pdf
Vol Heft 1,2: Naturrecht und Völkerrecht , https://archive.org/download/naturrechtundv12maus/naturrechtundv12maus.pdf
Stanford's parlimentary county atlas and handbook of England and Wales , https://archive.org/download/stanfordsparlime00stan/stanfordsparlime00stan.pdf
A new anatomical nomenclature, relating to the terms which are expressive of position and aspect in the animal system .. , https://archive.org/download/newanatomicalnom00barc/newanatomicalnom00barc.pdf
Woodland, field and shore : wild nature depicted with pen and camera , https://archive.org/download/woodlandfieldsho00pike/woodlandfieldsho00pike.pdf
Vol v. II: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo02cris/fragmentagenealo02cris.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1982mass/annualreportvita1982mass.pdf
Vol vol. II: Letters from the Old World , https://archive.org/download/lettersfromoldwo02haig/lettersfromoldwo02haig.pdf
Vol v.1: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen01hahn/diewanzenartigen01hahn.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1878mass/annualreportvita1878mass.pdf
Vol Book2; pts.5-6c: School of intonation on an harmonic basis for violin in XIV parts, op.11 , https://archive.org/download/schoolofintonati256sevc/schoolofintonati256sevc.pdf
Monumental inscriptions in the church of St. Olave's, Jewry, London , https://archive.org/download/monumentalinscri00lond/monumentalinscri00lond.pdf
Laird & Lee's standard Belgian hare manual; the origin, mating, storing, feeding and management generally of this newly crowned king of the rabbit race; , https://archive.org/download/lairdleesstandar00hall/lairdleesstandar00hall.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1870mass/annualreportvita1870mass.pdf
Georg Brandes; besøg i Amerika maj-juni, 1914 , https://archive.org/download/georgbrandesbes00hass/georgbrandesbes00hass.pdf
Boston daily newspapers, 1830-1850 , https://archive.org/download/bostondailynewsp00fowl/bostondailynewsp00fowl.pdf
Letters from South Africa; , https://archive.org/download/lettersfromsouth00lond/lettersfromsouth00lond.pdf
Vol v. III: Sonate per pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/sonateperpianofo03beet/sonateperpianofo03beet.pdf
Vol v. 1: Jetta: or, Heidelberg under the Romans. A historical novel , https://archive.org/download/jettaorheidelber01haus/jettaorheidelber01haus.pdf
Vol v.4: L'infame , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro04duma/lecomtedemoretro04duma.pdf
Vol v.2: Reports, letters & papers appertaining to 20th Mass. Vol. Inf , https://archive.org/download/reportsletterspa02asso/reportsletterspa02asso.pdf
A reference list of publications relating to postage stamps and their collection [manuscript] : compiled by request for the Boston Public Library , https://archive.org/download/referencelistofp00tiff/referencelistofp00tiff.pdf
El rosario perseguido. : Comedia famosa, de vn ingenio de esta corte , https://archive.org/download/elrosariopersegu00more/elrosariopersegu00more.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1845mass/annualreportvita1845mass.pdf
Health of body and mind : some practical suggestions of how to improve both by physical and mental culture : an extended series of movements and passive motions for the improvement of the muscles , https://archive.org/download/healthofbodymind00toph/healthofbodymind00toph.pdf
Paul Laurence Dunbar, poet laureate of the Negro race , https://archive.org/download/paullaurencedunb00dunb/paullaurencedunb00dunb.pdf
Korea and her neighbors : a narrative of travel, with an account of the recent vicissitudes and present position of the country , https://archive.org/download/koreaherneighbor00bird_0/koreaherneighbor00bird_0.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1968mass/annualreportvita1968mass.pdf
The Rebellion in Dublin, April, 1916 , https://archive.org/download/rebellionindubli00dubl/rebellionindubli00dubl.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1855mass/annualreportvita1855mass.pdf
Vol 1841: Davy Crockett's almanack of wild sports of the West, and life in the backwoods : calculated for all the states in the Union , https://archive.org/download/davycrockettsalm1841croc/davycrockettsalm1841croc.pdf
Gerusalemme liberata : dramma con musica , https://archive.org/download/gerusalemmeliber00righ/gerusalemmeliber00righ.pdf
A true account of the voyage of the Nottingham-galley of London, John Dean commander, from the river Thames to New-England, near which Place she was cast away on Boon-island, December 11, 1710. by the Captain's Obstinacy ... with an Account of the Falsehoods in the Captain's Narrative. And a faithful Relation of the Extremities the Company was reduc'd to for Twenty-four Days on that desolate Rock ... , https://archive.org/download/trueaccountofvoy00lang/trueaccountofvoy00lang.pdf
Profils d'artistes contemporains ... , https://archive.org/download/profilsdartistes1897imbe/profilsdartistes1897imbe.pdf
The full significance of 1492 , https://archive.org/download/fullsignificance00ship/fullsignificance00ship.pdf
Laying down land to permanent pasture : and the improvement of old grass lands , https://archive.org/download/layingdownlandto00sutt/layingdownlandto00sutt.pdf
History of the Spanish revolution : commencing with the establishment of the constitutional government of the Cortes, in the year 1812 and brought down to its overthrow by the French arms , https://archive.org/download/historyofspanish00hemi/historyofspanish00hemi.pdf
Vol v.4: A new analysis of chronology and geography, history and prophecy : in which their elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific principles ... , https://archive.org/download/newanalysisofchr04hale/newanalysisofchr04hale.pdf
Devil-puzzlers : and other studies , https://archive.org/download/devilpuzzlersoth00perk/devilpuzzlersoth00perk.pdf
Narrative of the life and adventures of Paul Cuffe, : a Pequot Indian: during thirty years spent at sea, and in travelling in foreign lands , https://archive.org/download/narrativeoflifea00cuff/narrativeoflifea00cuff.pdf
L'apaisement; les services français d'un homme d'état , https://archive.org/download/lapaisementlesse00bonn/lapaisementlesse00bonn.pdf
Richardson's New London fashionable gentleman's valentine writer, or, The lover's own book for this year : containing a very choice selection of original and popular valentines with appropriate answers , https://archive.org/download/richardsonsnewlo00unse/richardsonsnewlo00unse.pdf
A national song-book : being a collection of patriotic, martial, and naval songs and odes, principally of American composition , https://archive.org/download/nationalsongbook00wils/nationalsongbook00wils.pdf
Confessions of a medium , https://archive.org/download/confessionsofmed00lond/confessionsofmed00lond.pdf
A visit to the domed churches of Charente, France by the architectural association of London, in the year 1875. Published as a memorial to Edmund Sharpe. Historical and descriptive text. [Memoir of Sharpe with bibliography of his publications] , https://archive.org/download/visittodomedchur00shar/visittodomedchur00shar.pdf
The menace of the feeble minded : in Massachusetts the need of a program , https://archive.org/download/menaceoffeeblemi00mass/menaceoffeeblemi00mass.pdf
The Benjamin Crehore piano, an account in the form of notes , https://archive.org/download/benjamincrehorep00creh/benjamincrehorep00creh.pdf
Vol v.2: Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a Syndo Verolamiensi, A.D. CCCCXLVI. Londinensem A.D. M DCCXVII. Accedunt Constitutiones et alia ad historiam Ecclesiae Anglicanae spectantia.. , https://archive.org/download/conciliamagnaebr02wilk/conciliamagnaebr02wilk.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1868mass/annualreportvita1868mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1867mass/annualreportvita1867mass.pdf
Rime , https://archive.org/download/rime00tass/rime00tass.pdf
The birthday week , https://archive.org/download/birthdayweek00lath/birthdayweek00lath.pdf
Grammatica della lingua otomì , https://archive.org/download/grammaticadellal00neve/grammaticadellal00neve.pdf
Franklin Park : A century's appraisal , https://archive.org/download/franklinparkcent00heat/franklinparkcent00heat.pdf
Vol v.2: Memoirs and letters of Madame Malibran , https://archive.org/download/memoirslettersof02merl/memoirslettersof02merl.pdf
Le camp de la place royalle, ov Relation de ce qvi s'y est passé les cinquiesme, sixiesme, & septiesme iour d'auril, mil six cens douze, pour la publication des mariages du Roy, & de Madame, auec l'lnfante, & le Prince d'Espagne .. , https://archive.org/download/lecampdelaplacer00laug/lecampdelaplacer00laug.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1928mass/annualreportvita1928mass.pdf
The experiment in rural secondary education conducted at Knaresborough , https://archive.org/download/experimentinrura00grea/experimentinrura00grea.pdf
Cathedral chants of the XVI, XVII & XVIII centuries , https://archive.org/download/cathedralchantso00rimb/cathedralchantso00rimb.pdf
Der apostolische Stuhl und der Wiederaufbau des Völkerrechts und Völkerfriedens , https://archive.org/download/derapostolisches00sg/derapostolisches00sg.pdf
El licenciado vidriera , https://archive.org/download/ellicenciadovidr00more/ellicenciadovidr00more.pdf
Narrative of a residence in South Africa , https://archive.org/download/narrativeofresid1840prin/narrativeofresid1840prin.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1897mass/annualreportvita1897mass.pdf
Observations on some new organic remains in the flint of chalk , https://archive.org/download/observationsonso00read/observationsonso00read.pdf
Aunt Jane's hero , https://archive.org/download/auntjaneshero00pren/auntjaneshero00pren.pdf
Vol v.5: Viking antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/vikingantiquitie05scie/vikingantiquitie05scie.pdf
El lindo Don Diego , https://archive.org/download/ellindodondiego00more/ellindodondiego00more.pdf
Nouvelles observations sur un cas de somnambulisme avec glossolalie , https://archive.org/download/nouvellesobserv00flou/nouvellesobserv00flou.pdf
The bride of dreams , https://archive.org/download/brideofdreams00eede/brideofdreams00eede.pdf
Vol v. III: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo03cris/fragmentagenealo03cris.pdf
[Various works.] , https://archive.org/download/variousworks00sala/variousworks00sala.pdf
The New-England anti-Masonic almanac for the year of Our Lord 1831 , https://archive.org/download/newenglandantima1830bost/newenglandantima1830bost.pdf
Vol 1847: The Crockett almanac : containing sprees and scrapes in the West; life and manners in the backwoods, and exploits and adventures on the praries , https://archive.org/download/crockettalmanacc1847croc/crockettalmanacc1847croc.pdf
Vol v.6: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit06cayl/recueildantiquit06cayl.pdf
The Internationale: its principles and purposes. : Being a sequel to the Defense of the Commune. , https://archive.org/download/internationaleit00wilk/internationaleit00wilk.pdf
Le duc de Richelieu : Correspondance et documents, 1766-1822 , https://archive.org/download/leducderichelieu00rich/leducderichelieu00rich.pdf
Solfége rhythmique sur la clef linéaire , https://archive.org/download/solfegerhythmiqu00elwa/solfegerhythmiqu00elwa.pdf
Vol v.2: 18 studies in pedal phrasing for the organ , https://archive.org/download/18studiesinpedal02buck/18studiesinpedal02buck.pdf
Quelques mots sur la sonate (évolution du genre) , https://archive.org/download/quelquesmotssurl00selv/quelquesmotssurl00selv.pdf
Ein unedierter griechischer Psalmenkommentar , https://archive.org/download/einunediertergri00jagi/einunediertergri00jagi.pdf
Three speeches of the Honorable Thomas H. Benton, Senator from the State of Missouri : two delivered in the Senate of the United States, and one at Boonville, Indiana, on the subject of the annexation of Texas to the United States , https://archive.org/download/threespeechesofh00bent/threespeechesofh00bent.pdf
Vol 1900 Suppl. 1,3,4,5: Internationale Revue über die gesammten Armeen und Flotten , https://archive.org/download/internationalere19001345witz/internationalere19001345witz.pdf
A short and easy introduction to English grammar; : explaining those parts of it, which are most necessary and useful, in speaking or writing : first drawn up for the use of Miss Davies's boarding-school, Tryon's-Place, Hackney : and now published, chiefly for the assistance of those, who have the care of that important part of female education , https://archive.org/download/shorteasyintrodu00lond/shorteasyintrodu00lond.pdf
Vol no. 1: The history of Bavaria : from the First Ages, to this present year, 1706. Collected from the Best Ancient Historians, and the Faithfullest Modern Accounts , https://archive.org/download/historyofbavaria01stev/historyofbavaria01stev.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1896mass/annualreportvita1896mass.pdf
Vol vol. I: Letters from the Old World , https://archive.org/download/lettersfromoldwo01haig/lettersfromoldwo01haig.pdf
Vol vol. III: The Index. A weekly journal of politics, literature, and news; devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America , https://archive.org/download/indexweeklyjourn03hotz/indexweeklyjourn03hotz.pdf
The crochet book, seventeenth series, containing the prize medal antimacassars in raised crochet , https://archive.org/download/crochetbookseven00rieg/crochetbookseven00rieg.pdf
Massachusetts election statistics , https://archive.org/download/massachusettsele1981mass/massachusettsele1981mass.pdf
Vol v.7: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie07kaem/spamersillustrie07kaem.pdf
Le nvove mvsiche di Givlio Caccini detto Romano , https://archive.org/download/lenvovemvsichedi00cacc/lenvovemvsichedi00cacc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1895mass/annualreportvita1895mass.pdf
Vol 1843: The Crockett almanac : containing sprees and scrapes in the West; life and manners in the backwoods, and exploits and adventures on the praries , https://archive.org/download/crockettalmanacc1843croc/crockettalmanacc1843croc.pdf
Vierstimmige Gesänge für Männerstimmen , https://archive.org/download/vierstimmigeges00kreu/vierstimmigeges00kreu.pdf
Song-albums , https://archive.org/download/songalbums00cham/songalbums00cham.pdf
Aunt Jane's nieces at work , https://archive.org/download/auntjanesniecesa00baum/auntjanesniecesa00baum.pdf
In memoriam. Emerson Opdycke , https://archive.org/download/inmemoriamemerso00ston/inmemoriamemerso00ston.pdf
La soltane : Trauerspiel , https://archive.org/download/lasoltanetrauers00boun/lasoltanetrauers00boun.pdf
The corn and cattle producing districts of France , https://archive.org/download/corncattleproduc00rich/corncattleproduc00rich.pdf
Windmills, picturesque and historic : the Motors of the past , https://archive.org/download/windmillspicture00shel/windmillspicture00shel.pdf
Vol v.5: Spamers illustrierte weltgeschichte; mit besonderer berücksichtigung der kulturgeschichte ... , https://archive.org/download/spamersillustrie05kaem/spamersillustrie05kaem.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1960mass/annualreportvita1960mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1854mass/annualreportvita1854mass.pdf
Welt des Ostens , https://archive.org/download/weltdesostens00hack/weltdesostens00hack.pdf
Vol v. 1: Duo für Violin und Violoncell, op. 7 = Duo hegedűre és gordonkára, op. 7 , https://archive.org/download/duofurviolinundv00koda/duofurviolinundv00koda.pdf
Die Venus von Milo; eine Untersuchung auf dem Gebiete der Plastik und ein Versuch zur Wiederherstellung der Statue , https://archive.org/download/dievenusvonmiloe00hass/dievenusvonmiloe00hass.pdf
Memorial of the lives and services of James Pitts and his sons, John, Samuel and Lendall, during the American Revolution, 1760-1780 ; with genealogical and historical appendix , https://archive.org/download/memorialoflivess1882good/memorialoflivess1882good.pdf
Vol Jan. & Mar. 1900: Internationale Revue über die gesammten Armeen und Flotten , https://archive.org/download/internationalere1900witz/internationalere1900witz.pdf
Vol v.4: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen04hahn/diewanzenartigen04hahn.pdf
The habit and the horse : a treatise on female equitation. , https://archive.org/download/habithorsetreati00clar/habithorsetreati00clar.pdf
Pen-and-ink notes at the Glasgow Exhibition : a series of illustrations , https://archive.org/download/penandinknotesat00raff/penandinknotesat00raff.pdf
Patriotic songs : for school and home , https://archive.org/download/patrioticsongsfo00rand/patrioticsongsfo00rand.pdf
Denksteine : Biographien von Ignaz Ritter v. Seyfried, Joseph Edlen v. Eybler, J.F. Edlen v. Mosel, W.A. Mozart (Sohn), Hieronymus Payer, Johann Gänsbacher, Joseph Weigl, Thaddäus Grafen Amadé v. Várkony , https://archive.org/download/denksteinebiogra00schm/denksteinebiogra00schm.pdf
A new historic manual concerning the three battles at Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey, during the war for American independence, in 1776 and 1777 , https://archive.org/download/newhistoricmanua00have/newhistoricmanua00have.pdf
Ashes to ashes , https://archive.org/download/ashestoashes00ostr/ashestoashes00ostr.pdf
Keyboard harmony : exercises in primary improvisation : for students of the pianoforte or organ , https://archive.org/download/keyboardharmonye00fael/keyboardharmonye00fael.pdf
Parsifal : Mr. B.J. Lang's private performance of the music of Wagner's Parsifal at Symphony Hall, Boston, Tuesday, January 6, 1903 , https://archive.org/download/parsifalmrbjlang00wagn/parsifalmrbjlang00wagn.pdf
I. Biological laboratory. Does latent or dormant plague exist where the disease is endemic , https://archive.org/download/ibiologicallabor00phil/ibiologicallabor00phil.pdf
Vol v.2: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit02cayl/recueildantiquit02cayl.pdf
Études sur les colonies agricoles de mendiants, jeunes détenus, orphelins et enfants trouvés Hollande-Suisse-Belgique-France / [microform] : , https://archive.org/download/tudessurlescol00luri/tudessurlescol00luri.pdf
Vol O: Union list of serials in libraries of the United States and Canada , https://archive.org/download/unionlistofseria00greg8/unionlistofseria00greg8.pdf
The bouquet: containing the poetry and language of flowers , https://archive.org/download/bouquetcontainin00bost/bouquetcontainin00bost.pdf
[Anthropologie der nordamerikanischen Indianer] , https://archive.org/download/anthropologieder00schw/anthropologieder00schw.pdf
Vol v.1: Memoirs and letters of Madame Malibran , https://archive.org/download/memoirslettersof01merl/memoirslettersof01merl.pdf
Six Creole folk-songs : six songs for medium voice with piano acc. , https://archive.org/download/sixcreolefolkson00cune/sixcreolefolkson00cune.pdf
Seed time and harvest : memories of life , https://archive.org/download/seedtimeharvestm00blac/seedtimeharvestm00blac.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1967mass/annualreportvita1967mass.pdf
Vol Bd. 3: Orientalische briefe .. , https://archive.org/download/orientalischebri03hahn/orientalischebri03hahn.pdf
Hänsel und Gretel : Märchenspiel in drei Bildern , https://archive.org/download/hnselundgretelmrhum1894p/hnselundgretelmrhum1894p.pdf
Vol v. II: Sonate per pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/sonateperpianofo02beet/sonateperpianofo02beet.pdf
Her only brother, by W. Heimburg , https://archive.org/download/heronlybrotherby00heim/heronlybrotherby00heim.pdf
A journal of the transactions of the Trustees for establishing the colony of Georgia in America , https://archive.org/download/journaloftransa00geor/journaloftransa00geor.pdf
The power of concentration , https://archive.org/download/powerofconcentra00dumo/powerofconcentra00dumo.pdf
Vol 1852: The Crockett almanac : containing sprees and scrapes in the West; life and manners in the backwoods, and exploits and adventures on the praries , https://archive.org/download/crockettalmanacc1852croc/crockettalmanacc1852croc.pdf
Animals at work and play, their activities and emotions , https://archive.org/download/animalsatworkpla00corn/animalsatworkpla00corn.pdf
The incredible honeymoon , https://archive.org/download/incrediblehoneym00nesb/incrediblehoneym00nesb.pdf
Vol v.1: Die Ausstellung von Meisterwerken muhammedanischer Kunst in Mu˜nchen, 1910 , https://archive.org/download/dieausstellungvo01mart/dieausstellungvo01mart.pdf
Drawing-room dramas , https://archive.org/download/drawingroomdrama00bedf/drawingroomdrama00bedf.pdf
A sketch of the life of Elizabeth T. Stone, and of her persecutions : with an appendix of her treatment and sufferings while in the Charlestown McLean Assylum [sic] where she was confined under the pretense of insanity , https://archive.org/download/sketchoflifeofel00ston/sketchoflifeofel00ston.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1853mass/annualreportvita1853mass.pdf
Dealings with the fairies , https://archive.org/download/dealingswithfair00macd_0/dealingswithfair00macd_0.pdf
The dealings of God, man, and the devil, as exemplified in the life, experience, and travels of Lorenzo Dow, in a period of more than a half century; with reflections on various subjects, religious, moral, political and prophetic .. , https://archive.org/download/dealingsofgodman01dowl/dealingsofgodman01dowl.pdf
Vol v.2: Une dernière passion / par Mario Uchard , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro02duma/lecomtedemoretro02duma.pdf
Le novelle del cinematografo , https://archive.org/download/lenovelledelcine00jarr/lenovelledelcine00jarr.pdf
Information for the free people of colour who are inclined to emigrate to Hayti , https://archive.org/download/informationforfr00hayt/informationforfr00hayt.pdf
Vol v.6: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen06hahn/diewanzenartigen06hahn.pdf
Victoria C. Woodhull. A biographical sketch , https://archive.org/download/victoriacwoodhul00tilt/victoriacwoodhul00tilt.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1856mass/annualreportvita1856mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1901mass/annualreportvita1901mass.pdf
Les oeuvres d'architectvre d'Anthoine Le Pavtre , https://archive.org/download/lesoeuvresdarchi00lepa/lesoeuvresdarchi00lepa.pdf
The Christian patriot: some recollections of the late Col. Hugh Maxwell, of Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/christianpatriot00maxw/christianpatriot00maxw.pdf
Spiritualism and allied causes and conditions of nervous derangement , https://archive.org/download/spiritualismalli00hamm/spiritualismalli00hamm.pdf
The Roman marmorarii , https://archive.org/download/romanmarmorarii00boni/romanmarmorarii00boni.pdf
Die bürgerliche Kunst und die besitzlosen Volksklassen , https://archive.org/download/diebrgerlichek00reic/diebrgerlichek00reic.pdf
Scenes from the Japan-China War , https://archive.org/download/scenesfromjapanc00inou/scenesfromjapanc00inou.pdf
Signing the contract, and what it cost , https://archive.org/download/signingcontractw00finl/signingcontractw00finl.pdf
The Calvert papers. selections from correspondence , https://archive.org/download/calvertpaperssel00balt/calvertpaperssel00balt.pdf
A selection of Moore's melodies , https://archive.org/download/selectionofmoore1871moor/selectionofmoore1871moor.pdf
Clavius's Commentary on the Sphericks of Theodosius Tripolitae : or, Spherical elements, necessary in all parts of mathematicks, wherein the nature of the sphere is considered. , https://archive.org/download/claviusscommenta00theo/claviusscommenta00theo.pdf
Report on the records of the borough of Colchester, 1865 , https://archive.org/download/reportonrecordso65colc/reportonrecordso65colc.pdf
The beloved woman , https://archive.org/download/belovedwoman00norr/belovedwoman00norr.pdf
A new way to pay old debts : a comedy in five acts , https://archive.org/download/newwaytopayoldde1816mass/newwaytopayoldde1816mass.pdf
The autobiography of Petite Bunkum, the showman : showing his birth, education, and bringing up, his astonishing adventures by sea and land, his connection with Tom Thumb, Judy Heath, the woolly horse, the fudge mermaid, and the Swedish nightingale : together with many other strange and startling matters in his eventful career, all of which are illustrated with numerous engravings , https://archive.org/download/autobiographyofp00bunk/autobiographyofp00bunk.pdf
Overland route to India and China , https://archive.org/download/overlandroutetoi00thom/overlandroutetoi00thom.pdf
Celebration of the 250th anniversary of the landing of Samuel Packard in this country, Aug. 10, 1638, at Brockton, Mass. August 10, 1888 , https://archive.org/download/celebrationof25000pack/celebrationof25000pack.pdf
Kapiolani, the heroine of Hawaii, or a triumph of grace at the Sandwich Islands , https://archive.org/download/kapiolaniheroine00ande/kapiolaniheroine00ande.pdf
The making of pictures : twelve short talks with young people , https://archive.org/download/makingofpictures00whit/makingofpictures00whit.pdf
The scenery of the Catskill Mountains as described by Irving, Cooper, Bryant, Willis Gaylord Clark, N.P. Willis, Miss Martineau, Tyrone Power, Park Benjamin, Thomas Cole, Bayard Taylor , https://archive.org/download/sceneryofcatskil00irvi/sceneryofcatskil00irvi.pdf
Personal narrative of the origin and progress of the caoutchouc or india-rubber manufacture in England , https://archive.org/download/personalnarrativ57hanc/personalnarrativ57hanc.pdf
The muses delight : catches, glees, canzonets, and canons , https://archive.org/download/musesdelightcatc00haye/musesdelightcatc00haye.pdf
Geschichte des Festungskrieges von 1885-1905 einschliesslich der Belagerung von Port Arthur , https://archive.org/download/geschichtedesfes00mull/geschichtedesfes00mull.pdf
Thirty years of shikar , https://archive.org/download/thirtyyearsofshi00brad/thirtyyearsofshi00brad.pdf
Les Lestrygons, ou Les charmes de la Russie du Sud , https://archive.org/download/leslestrygonsoul00kupr/leslestrygonsoul00kupr.pdf
Notice biographique et bibliographique sur Nic. Spatar Milescu , https://archive.org/download/noticebiographiq00pico/noticebiographiq00pico.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1944mass/annualreportvita1944mass.pdf
The Social singing book; a collection of glees, or part songs, rounds, madrigals, etc., chiefly from European masters; with an introductory course of elementary singing classes and schools of ladies and gentlemen. [music] , https://archive.org/download/socialsingingboo00brad/socialsingingboo00brad.pdf
The formation of the new dynasty of the kingdom of Hayti, formerly the island of Saint Domingo , https://archive.org/download/formationofnewdy00hait/formationofnewdy00hait.pdf
[The Charter and the Acts and laws of His Majesties Colony of Rhode-Island, and Prividence-Plantations in America, 1719 , https://archive.org/download/thecharteractsla00rhod/thecharteractsla00rhod.pdf
Lake Agassiz: a chapter in glacial geology. , https://archive.org/download/lakeagassizchapt00upha/lakeagassizchapt00upha.pdf
The maiden manifest , https://archive.org/download/maidenmanifest00macl/maidenmanifest00macl.pdf
Vol v.7: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen07hahn/diewanzenartigen07hahn.pdf
Into the night : a story of New Orleans , https://archive.org/download/intonightstoryof00gree/intonightstoryof00gree.pdf
ducissa Cunegundis : powiesc z wieku trzynadstego , https://archive.org/download/ducissacunegundi00wasy/ducissacunegundi00wasy.pdf
Tourist guide to the West Indies, Venezuela, Isthmus of Panama and Bermuda , https://archive.org/download/touristguidetowe00newy/touristguidetowe00newy.pdf
Hand-book to King Solomon's temple : containing an explanatory key, and an account of the building of the model now on exhibition in this city [etc.] , https://archive.org/download/handbooktokingso00unse/handbooktokingso00unse.pdf
Boston illustrated , https://archive.org/download/bostonillustrate1872stan/bostonillustrate1872stan.pdf
The art of phrasing, respiration, accentuation and expression , https://archive.org/download/artofphrasingres00bord/artofphrasingres00bord.pdf
Ragionamenti sopra le varieta de i flussi et riflussi del mare oceano occidentale : fatti da Andrea di Noblisia, Pedotto Biscaino, & Vicenzo Sabici, Nocchiero, & Ambrosio di Goze, Ragusei : diviso in due parti, ad utilita di ciascuno navigante , https://archive.org/download/ragionamentisopr00sagr/ragionamentisopr00sagr.pdf
La Fingida Arcadia , https://archive.org/download/lafingidaarcadia00more/lafingidaarcadia00more.pdf
El desden con el desden. , https://archive.org/download/eldesdenconeldes1751more/eldesdenconeldes1751more.pdf
The peaks and valleys of the alps , https://archive.org/download/peaksvalleysofal00walt/peaksvalleysofal00walt.pdf
Catalogue of collections of weapons, implements, utensils and mummified bodies of the cliff-dwellers : also fac-simile reproduction of the canons of Colorado and Utah where they were found : cliff-dwellers' exhibit, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofcolle00hjay/catalogueofcolle00hjay.pdf
An illustration of Shakespeare : 38 engravings on wood , https://archive.org/download/illustrationofsh00bran/illustrationofsh00bran.pdf
A genealogical history of the descendants of Joseph Peck : who emigrated with his family to this country in 1638; and records of his father's and grandfather's families in England; with the pedigree extending back from son to father for twenty generations; with their coat of arms, and copies of wills. Also, an appendix, giving an account of the Boston and Hingham Pecks ... , https://archive.org/download/genealogicalhist00peck_0/genealogicalhist00peck_0.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1846mass/annualreportvita1846mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1842mass/annualreportvita1842mass.pdf
Vol v.2: A new analysis of chronology and geography, history and prophecy : in which their elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific principles ... , https://archive.org/download/newanalysisofchr02hale/newanalysisofchr02hale.pdf
New or noteworthy Philippine plants , https://archive.org/download/newornoteworthyp00merr/newornoteworthyp00merr.pdf
The universities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland : a handbook compiled by the Universities bureau of the British empire , https://archive.org/download/universitiesofun00grea/universitiesofun00grea.pdf
West Indian yarns , https://archive.org/download/westindianyarns00hawt/westindianyarns00hawt.pdf
Vol Valde?s de la Cruz: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaovaldguti/culturaselecciaovaldguti.pdf
La gran comedia, del cavallero , https://archive.org/download/lagrancomediadel00more/lagrancomediadel00more.pdf
Laudate Domini : festival prelude , https://archive.org/download/laudatedominifes00frys/laudatedominifes00frys.pdf
Illustrated notes upon the pictures in the Dramatic Fine Art Gallery, 1880. , https://archive.org/download/illustratednotes00lark/illustratednotes00lark.pdf
Prospice , https://archive.org/download/prospice00home/prospice00home.pdf
Vol v.2 plates: Cathedrales francʹaises , https://archive.org/download/cathedralesfranc02chap/cathedralesfranc02chap.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1857mass/annualreportvita1857mass.pdf
Immer feste druff! Vaterländisches Volsstück in 4 Bildern , https://archive.org/download/immerfestedruffv00koll/immerfestedruffv00koll.pdf
The Browns , https://archive.org/download/browns00smit/browns00smit.pdf
Vol v.1: Shakespeare's dramatic art. : History and character of Shakespeare's plays , https://archive.org/download/shakespearesdram01ulri/shakespearesdram01ulri.pdf
Vol v.4: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit04cayl/recueildantiquit04cayl.pdf
Education and peasant industry : some state and state-aided trade schools in Germany / [by Edith Edlmann] , https://archive.org/download/educationpeasant00grea/educationpeasant00grea.pdf
San Franco de Sena : , https://archive.org/download/sanfrancodesena00more/sanfrancodesena00more.pdf
Douze nouvelles vocalises à deux voix, pour soprano et mezzo soprano ou tenor et mezzo-soprano , https://archive.org/download/douzenouvellesvo00bord/douzenouvellesvo00bord.pdf
Vol v.3: Die Ausstellung von Meisterwerken muhammedanischer Kunst in Mu˜nchen, 1910 , https://archive.org/download/dieausstellungvo03mart/dieausstellungvo03mart.pdf
Marines' manual : prepared for the use of the enlisted men of the U.S. Marine Corps , https://archive.org/download/marinesmanualpre00gilm/marinesmanualpre00gilm.pdf
Bible history of the Negro , https://archive.org/download/biblehistoryofne00morr/biblehistoryofne00morr.pdf
Relazione storica relativa al sotterraneo costruito sulla tomba di S. Chiara di Asisi : ed alla disposizione fatta nel medesimo delle sacre di lei spoglie nel 3. ottobre 1872 , https://archive.org/download/relazionestorica00asis/relazionestorica00asis.pdf
Picturesque views of the principal seats of the nobility and gentry in England and Wales , https://archive.org/download/picturesqueviews00unse/picturesqueviews00unse.pdf
Chittenden family : William Chittenden of Guilford, Conn., and his descendants , https://archive.org/download/chittendenfamily00talc/chittendenfamily00talc.pdf
The detection of forgery. A practical handbook for the use of bankers, solicitors, magistrates' clerks, and all handling suspected documents , https://archive.org/download/detectionofforge00blac/detectionofforge00blac.pdf
La serva e l'ussero : melodramma giocoso in un atto , https://archive.org/download/laservaelusserom00ricc/laservaelusserom00ricc.pdf
Vol v. 2: Duo für Violin und Violoncell, op. 7 = Duo hegedűre és gordonkára, op. 7 , https://archive.org/download/duofurviolinundv02koda/duofurviolinundv02koda.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1843mass/annualreportvita1843mass.pdf
John Billington, the Plymouth martyr , https://archive.org/download/johnbillingtonpl00prin/johnbillingtonpl00prin.pdf
Vol v.1: The true English grammar: : being an attempt to form a grammar of the English language, not modelled upon those of the Latin, Greek and other foreign languages. , https://archive.org/download/trueenglishgramm01fowl/trueenglishgramm01fowl.pdf
History and memoir of the 33rd Battalion Machine Gun Corps and of the 19th, 98th, 100th and 248th M.G. companies , https://archive.org/download/historymemoirof300unse/historymemoirof300unse.pdf
Commonplace book, (undated) , https://archive.org/download/commonplacebooku00phil/commonplacebooku00phil.pdf
Report on farm and agricultural schools and colleges in France, Germany, and Belgium , https://archive.org/download/reportonfarmagri00grea/reportonfarmagri00grea.pdf
Vol v.1-2: Der Nachtwächter von Ellrich , https://archive.org/download/dernachtwchtervo12pete/dernachtwchtervo12pete.pdf
Catalogue of the very interesting and important collection of autograph letters and mss. formed many years since by Sir John Fenn, Knt., editor of the Paston letters ... : which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson ... Leicester Square ... on Monday, July 16th, 1866, and two following days , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofveryi00putt/catalogueofveryi00putt.pdf
Vol Henriquez Uren?a: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaohenrguti/culturaselecciaohenrguti.pdf
An English version of the Eclogues of Virgil , https://archive.org/download/englishversionof00virg/englishversionof00virg.pdf
Beethoven's seventh symphony , https://archive.org/download/beethovenssevent00grov/beethovenssevent00grov.pdf
A very proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the arte of limming, which teacheth the order in drawing & tracing of letters, vinets, flowers, armes and imagery ... neuer put in printe before this time , https://archive.org/download/verypropertreati00lond/verypropertreati00lond.pdf
Science and philosophy in art , https://archive.org/download/sciencephilosoph00mich/sciencephilosoph00mich.pdf
Specifications for maps and profiles as prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission : in accordance with section 19A of the act to regulate commerce , https://archive.org/download/specificationsfo00unit/specificationsfo00unit.pdf
Irish witchcraft and demonology , https://archive.org/download/irishwitchcraftd00seym_0/irishwitchcraftd00seym_0.pdf
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Vol v.2: Viking antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/vikingantiquitie02scie/vikingantiquitie02scie.pdf
Catalogue of the valuable collection of important manuscripts formed by the late Rev. Dr. Wellesley, Principal of the New Inn Hall, Oxford : including rare and unpublished Italian works ... which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge ... on Friday, the 3rd day of August, 1866 , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofvalua00soth/catalogueofvalua00soth.pdf
The great war; the second phase, from the fall of Antwerp to the second battle of Ypres , https://archive.org/download/greatwarsecondph00simo/greatwarsecondph00simo.pdf
A checklist of the Robert A. Feer collection of world fairs of North America , https://archive.org/download/checklistofrober00tayl/checklistofrober00tayl.pdf
Texas fever in the Philippine Islands and the Far East. , https://archive.org/download/texasfeverinphil00jobl/texasfeverinphil00jobl.pdf
De fuera vendrá quien de casa nos echará. , https://archive.org/download/defueravendrquie00more/defueravendrquie00more.pdf
Vol no. 1: La gran comedia del cavallero , https://archive.org/download/lagrancomediadel01more/lagrancomediadel01more.pdf
Report on Bacillus violaceous manilæ : a pathogenic microörganism , https://archive.org/download/reportonbacillus00wool/reportonbacillus00wool.pdf
Pittypat and Tippytoe , https://archive.org/download/pittypattippytoe00fiel/pittypattippytoe00fiel.pdf
Portraits et études ... Lettres inédites de Georges Bizet , https://archive.org/download/portraitsettudes00imbe/portraitsettudes00imbe.pdf
History and genealogy of the family of Thomas Noble, of Westfied, Massachusetts : with genealogical notes of other families by the name of Noble , https://archive.org/download/historygenealogy00bolt_0/historygenealogy00bolt_0.pdf
Roster of John A. Hawes Post, 159, giving the names, addresses and organizations served in by its members and officers and committees for 1892 , https://archive.org/download/rosterofjohnahaw00gran/rosterofjohnahaw00gran.pdf
Das Völkerrecht nach Thomas von Aquin , https://archive.org/download/dasvlkerrechtn00schi/dasvlkerrechtn00schi.pdf
Vol v.3: Viking antiquities in Great Britain and Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/vikingantiquitie03scie/vikingantiquitie03scie.pdf
Vol v.2 c.1: The Belgic revolution of 1830 , https://archive.org/download/belgicrevolution21whit/belgicrevolution21whit.pdf
Proceedings of the state conference on immigrant education in Massachusetts industries. Under the joint auspices of the Massachusetts state department of education and the Associated industries of Massachusetts. Hotel Pilgrim, Plymouth, Massachusetts, September 16, 17, 18, 1920 , https://archive.org/download/proceedingsofsta1920mass/proceedingsofsta1920mass.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1898mass/annualreportvita1898mass.pdf
The overture, songs, airs, and chorusses, in the jubilee, or, Shakespear's garland as performed at Stratford upon Avon, and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane : to which is added a cantata called Queen Mab, or, The fairies jubilee , https://archive.org/download/overturesongsair00dibd/overturesongsair00dibd.pdf
London and its sights : being a comprehensive guide to all that is worth seeing in the great metropolis , https://archive.org/download/londonitssightsb00thom/londonitssightsb00thom.pdf
Album of seven songs , https://archive.org/download/albumofsevensong00baxa/albumofsevensong00baxa.pdf
[Richardson, James business account book [manuscript], 1747-1824 , https://archive.org/download/richardsonjamesb00rich/richardsonjamesb00rich.pdf
The history of Yorkshire , https://archive.org/download/historyofyorkshi00harr/historyofyorkshi00harr.pdf
Strauss' atlas of Boston & vicinity, 1874-1875 : a topographical and business guide of the city containing 4 maps , https://archive.org/download/straussatlasofbo00stra/straussatlasofbo00stra.pdf
Vol v.1 c.1: The Belgic revolution of 1830 , https://archive.org/download/belgicrevolution11whit/belgicrevolution11whit.pdf
Vol v.1 texts: Cathedrales francʹaises , https://archive.org/download/cathedralesfranc01chap/cathedralesfranc01chap.pdf
Deutschtum und Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit : ein geschichtlicher beitrag zu einer grossen gegewarts- und zukunftsfrage , https://archive.org/download/deutschtumundsch00homm/deutschtumundsch00homm.pdf
Allen's compendium of Hardee's tactics. Elementary instruction in the schools of the soldier, company and battalion , https://archive.org/download/allenscompendium00alle/allenscompendium00alle.pdf
The semi-centennial celebration of Black River academy, Ludlow, Vermont, August 25 and 26, 1885 , https://archive.org/download/semicentennialce00blac/semicentennialce00blac.pdf
Vol v.3: Semaine littéraire: journal paraissant le samedi. Arts, sciences, littérature , https://archive.org/download/lecomtedemoretro03duma/lecomtedemoretro03duma.pdf
Rerum flandricarum : tomi x , https://archive.org/download/rerumflandricaru00meye/rerumflandricaru00meye.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1965mass/annualreportvita1965mass.pdf
The Puritan's daughter: A character romance of two sections , https://archive.org/download/puritansdaughter00dele/puritansdaughter00dele.pdf
Vol v. IV: Fragmenta genealogica , https://archive.org/download/fragmentagenealo004cris/fragmentagenealo004cris.pdf
Fingir, y amar , https://archive.org/download/fingiryamar00more/fingiryamar00more.pdf
Letters of Captain Henry Richards of the Ninety-third Ohio Infantry , https://archive.org/download/lettersofcaptain00rich/lettersofcaptain00rich.pdf
The overture, songs, duett, glees & chorusses, in the musical play of Guy Mannering, or, The gipsey's prophecy : as performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden , https://archive.org/download/overturesongsdue00bish/overturesongsdue00bish.pdf
Vol Book 1, vols.1-2: Le clavecin bien tempéré, 48 préludes et fugues transcrits 4 mains par Théodore Dubois , https://archive.org/download/leclavecinbiente112bach/leclavecinbiente112bach.pdf
Reports and correspondence [manuscript], 1860-1861 , https://archive.org/download/reportscorrespon00hait/reportscorrespon00hait.pdf
History of the Twelfth Baptist Church, Boston, Mass., from 1840 to 1874. : with a statement and appeal in behalf of the church. , https://archive.org/download/historyoftwelfth00twel/historyoftwelfth00twel.pdf
The book and stationery trade of the United States, containing a full list of the publishers, booksellers, stationers, and printers throughout the Union , https://archive.org/download/bookstationerytr00unse/bookstationerytr00unse.pdf
Demetrius : Trauerspiel in fünf Aufzügen und einem Vorspiel , https://archive.org/download/demetriustrauers00hebb/demetriustrauers00hebb.pdf
Réfutation du livre de M. Victor Schoelcher, intitulé Des colonies françaises , https://archive.org/download/rfutationduliv45biss/rfutationduliv45biss.pdf
Farm experiments , https://archive.org/download/farmexperiments00sanb/farmexperiments00sanb.pdf
Vol no. 1: [Engravings relating to Shakespeare rebound from an unidentifiable source] , https://archive.org/download/engravingsrelati01bell/engravingsrelati01bell.pdf
T.B. Smithies : editor of The British workman : a memoir , https://archive.org/download/tbsmithieseditor00rowe/tbsmithieseditor00rowe.pdf
Egotistical memoirs : typescript , https://archive.org/download/egotisticalmemoi00whit/egotisticalmemoi00whit.pdf
Vol T.1: Histoire de la mission du Kiang-nan. Jésuites de la province de France (Paris) 1840-1899 , https://archive.org/download/histoiredelamiss01/histoiredelamiss01.pdf
Folk-songs from the eastern counties , https://archive.org/download/folksongsfromeas00vaug/folksongsfromeas00vaug.pdf
An examination of charges against the American missionaries at the Sandwich Islands as alleged in the voyage of the ship Blonde and in the London quarterly review , https://archive.org/download/examinationofcha00elli/examinationofcha00elli.pdf
The lament of the Irish emigrant : a ballad , https://archive.org/download/lamentofirishemi00demp/lamentofirishemi00demp.pdf
The silver wedding of the Bear : a memorial of the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Tavern Club, 15 January 1909 , https://archive.org/download/silverweddingofb00abbo/silverweddingofb00abbo.pdf
Cooks in print : favorite recipes of the staff , https://archive.org/download/cooksinprintfavo00bost/cooksinprintfavo00bost.pdf
More about Gordon , https://archive.org/download/moreaboutgordon00onew/moreaboutgordon00onew.pdf
Apuntes para la historia antigua de Coahuila y Texas. , https://archive.org/download/apuntesparalahis00port_0/apuntesparalahis00port_0.pdf
La butte des moulins : opéra comique en trois actes , https://archive.org/download/labuttedesmoulin00boie/labuttedesmoulin00boie.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1908mass/annualreportvita1908mass.pdf
Improvements in agriculture, arts, &c. of the United States , https://archive.org/download/improvementsinag1843ells/improvementsinag1843ells.pdf
Through the Housatonic valley to the hills and homes of Berkshire , https://archive.org/download/throughhousatoni00brya/throughhousatoni00brya.pdf
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Three hundred colonial ancestors and war service, their part in making American history from 495 to 1934 , https://archive.org/download/threehundredcolo00rixf/threehundredcolo00rixf.pdf
Memoir of Jonathan Leavitt, a member of the junior class in Yale college, who died at New-Haven the 10th of May, 1821, aged eighteen years .. , https://archive.org/download/memoirofjonathan00leav/memoirofjonathan00leav.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1899mass/annualreportvita1899mass.pdf
Information for the free people of colour who are inclined to emigrate to Hayti , https://archive.org/download/informationforfr00soci/informationforfr00soci.pdf
Nelson's guide to the city of New York and its neighbourhood , https://archive.org/download/nelsonsguidetoci00thom/nelsonsguidetoci00thom.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1970mass/annualreportvita1970mass.pdf
Psalms and hymns : for the use of the New Meeting in Birmingham , https://archive.org/download/psalmshymnsforus00birm/psalmshymnsforus00birm.pdf
Genealogy of the Marsh family : outline for 5 generations of the families of John of Salem, 1633; John of Hartford, 1636; Samuel of New Haven, 1646; Alexander of Braintree, 1654; John of Boston, 1669; Wm. of Plainfield, 1675 ... , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofmarsh00mars_0/genealogyofmarsh00mars_0.pdf
Address delivered by Abram S. Hewitt on the occasion of the opening of the New York and Brooklyn Bridge, May 24th, 1883 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered00hewi/addressdelivered00hewi.pdf
Notes and commentaries during a voyage to Brazil and China, in the year 1848. , https://archive.org/download/notescommentarie00rusc/notescommentarie00rusc.pdf
An Encyclopaedia of monograms : containing more than five thousand examples of two-, three-, & four-letter combinations in the English, French, German and antique styles : 130 plates , https://archive.org/download/encyclopaediaofm00okan/encyclopaediaofm00okan.pdf
Beautiful blue Danube : concert transcription [for the pianoforte] , https://archive.org/download/beautifulbluedan1900stra/beautifulbluedan1900stra.pdf
L'Exposition de Paris , https://archive.org/download/lexpositiondepar00pari/lexpositiondepar00pari.pdf
Sporting reminiscences , https://archive.org/download/sportingreminisc00gord/sportingreminisc00gord.pdf
Ueber neue Funde in den Phosphatlagern von Helmstedt, Büddenstedt und Schleweke : b Mittheilung aus dem Kgl. Mineralogischen Museum , https://archive.org/download/ueberneuefundein00gein/ueberneuefundein00gein.pdf
The Philadelphia Club, 1834-1934 : being a brief history of the Club for the first hundred years of its existence, together with its roll of officers and members to 1934 , https://archive.org/download/philadelphiaclub00phil/philadelphiaclub00phil.pdf
Vol v.8: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen08hahn/diewanzenartigen08hahn.pdf
Vol v.2: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen02hahn/diewanzenartigen02hahn.pdf
Eight days in New-Orleans in February, 1847 , https://archive.org/download/eightdaysinnewor00pick/eightdaysinnewor00pick.pdf
Reminiscences of the insurrection in St. Domingo , https://archive.org/download/reminiscencesofi00perk/reminiscencesofi00perk.pdf
Report of the examination of the Shakers of Canterbury and Enfield, before the New-Hampshire legislature, at the November session, 1848, including the testimony at length; : several extracts from Shaker publications: the bill which passed the House of representatives; the proceedings in the Pillow case; together with the letter of James W. Spinney. From notes taken at the examination , https://archive.org/download/reportofexaminat00spin/reportofexaminat00spin.pdf
Vol No. 1: Sensation dramas for the back drawing room , https://archive.org/download/sensationdramasf01byro/sensationdramasf01byro.pdf
Das Kino in Gegenwart und Zukunft , https://archive.org/download/daskinoingegenwa00lang/daskinoingegenwa00lang.pdf
America and her destiny : inspirational discourse given extemporaneously at Dodworth's Hall, New York, on Sunday evening, August 25, 1861 , https://archive.org/download/americaherdestin00brit/americaherdestin00brit.pdf
The dramatic works of Shakespeare , https://archive.org/download/dramaticworksofs1826shak/dramaticworksofs1826shak.pdf
Smoke control : hearings before the Subcommittee on Public Health, Hospitals, and Charities, Committee on the District of Columbia, House of representatives, Seventy-fourth Congress, first session, on H.R. 6232 and H.R. 7204. [April 5, 1935] , https://archive.org/download/smokecontrolhear00unit/smokecontrolhear00unit.pdf
Vol v.2: The Holy Bible : containing Old and New Testaments , https://archive.org/download/holybiblecontain02terr/holybiblecontain02terr.pdf
Moderne Probleme : Ein Zeitbrevier , https://archive.org/download/moderneproblemee00pesc/moderneproblemee00pesc.pdf
At good old Siwash , https://archive.org/download/atgoodoldsiwash00fitc/atgoodoldsiwash00fitc.pdf
Der bucheinband in alter und neuer zeit , https://archive.org/download/derbucheinbandin00loub/derbucheinbandin00loub.pdf
Light : fine art the sixth , https://archive.org/download/lightfineartsixt00hall/lightfineartsixt00hall.pdf
How the union was saved : a concise history of political events since 1892 .. , https://archive.org/download/howunionwassaved00belf/howunionwassaved00belf.pdf
Maryland slavery and Maryland chivalry : containing the letters of Junius, originally published in Zion's Herald, together with a brief history of the circumstances that prompted the publication of those letters. , https://archive.org/download/marylandslaverym00lame/marylandslaverym00lame.pdf
Letter to John L. Carey, on the subject of slavery. , https://archive.org/download/lettertojohnlcar45steu/lettertojohnlcar45steu.pdf
Vol multiple vols.: The New earth, devoted to the study and illustration of social problems on moral and religious grounds , https://archive.org/download/newearthdevotedt00newc/newearthdevotedt00newc.pdf
The Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital, to the public , https://archive.org/download/trusteesofmassac00mass/trusteesofmassac00mass.pdf
Vol Othon: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaoothoguti/culturaselecciaoothoguti.pdf
La galleria dei quadri esistente nell'Imp. e reale Palazzo Pitti , https://archive.org/download/lagalleriadeiqua00ingh/lagalleriadeiqua00ingh.pdf
Loyal hearts and true : a tale of the days of Queen Elizabeth , https://archive.org/download/loyalheartstruet00ever/loyalheartstruet00ever.pdf
Circular : Mount Auburn Cemetery.. , https://archive.org/download/circularmountaub00moun/circularmountaub00moun.pdf
La gran comedia El bruto de Babilonia , https://archive.org/download/lagrancomediaelb00mato/lagrancomediaelb00mato.pdf
A little spasm at the home of Wolfgang Mozart. Being a sketch printed from what is (supposedly) the original manuscript of the Little journey to Mozart , https://archive.org/download/littlespasmathom00rich/littlespasmathom00rich.pdf
Vol Vol. 1: Dissonanza, composizioni musicali italiane moderne , https://archive.org/download/dissonanzacompos01bast/dissonanzacompos01bast.pdf
Catalogue of the books relating to architecture, construction and decoration in the public library of the city of Boston, November 1, 1894, with an appendix , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofbooks00bost_0/catalogueofbooks00bost_0.pdf
The true story of Christopher Columbus, called the Great Admiral; , https://archive.org/download/truestoryofchris1892broo/truestoryofchris1892broo.pdf
Original papers read before the Syro-Egyptian Society of London , https://archive.org/download/originalpapersre00syro/originalpapersre00syro.pdf
La selva incantata : dramma con musica , https://archive.org/download/laselvaincantata00righ/laselvaincantata00righ.pdf
Report ... for 1876, 77, including the result of the inspection of factories and public buildings , https://archive.org/download/reportfor187677i00mass/reportfor187677i00mass.pdf
Industrias contra finezas : comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/industriascontra1700more/industriascontra1700more.pdf
Our aunt from California; a farce in one act , https://archive.org/download/ourauntfromcalif00barn/ourauntfromcalif00barn.pdf
Vittoria gloriosissima delli Sanesi contro alli Fiorentini, nel piano di Camollia, a di XXV di Ivglio nel anno M.D.XXVI , https://archive.org/download/vittoriagloriosi00tord/vittoriagloriosi00tord.pdf
La vida de San Alexo , https://archive.org/download/lavidadesanalexo00more/lavidadesanalexo00more.pdf
Vol v.5: Die wanzenartigen Insecten. getreu nach der natur abgebildet und beschrieben , https://archive.org/download/diewanzenartigen05hahn/diewanzenartigen05hahn.pdf
Orderly book, 28 June-19 Oct. 1781, Williamsburg-Yorktown, Va , https://archive.org/download/orderlybook28jun00hath/orderlybook28jun00hath.pdf
The most beautiful city in America : essay and plan for the improvement of the city of Boston , https://archive.org/download/mostbeautifulcit00cope/mostbeautifulcit00cope.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1852mass/annualreportvita1852mass.pdf
Vol v. 3 - 4: Von Geschlecht zu Geschlecht. Roman in zwei Abtheilungen , https://archive.org/download/vongeschlechtzug34lewa/vongeschlechtzug34lewa.pdf
Vol no. 1: A memoir of Eli Bickford : a patriot of the revolution , https://archive.org/download/memoirofelibickf01bush/memoirofelibickf01bush.pdf
An account of the visit of the French frigate l'Artemise to the Sandwich Islands; July, 1839 , https://archive.org/download/accountofvisitof00cast/accountofvisitof00cast.pdf
Vol v.1: Final general management plan and environmental impact statement : Gettysburg National Military Park , https://archive.org/download/finalgeneralmana01unit/finalgeneralmana01unit.pdf
A letter from William Penn, proprietary and governour of Pennsylvania in America, to the Committee of the Free Society of Traders of that province, residing in London .. , https://archive.org/download/letterfromwillia00penn_0/letterfromwillia00penn_0.pdf
Pièces officielles relatives aux négociations du gouvernement français avec le gouvernemnet haïtien, pour traiter de la formalité de la reconnaissance de l'indépendance d'Haïti , https://archive.org/download/picesofficiell00hait/picesofficiell00hait.pdf
The chivalry of the South , https://archive.org/download/chivalryofsouth00shir/chivalryofsouth00shir.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1894mass/annualreportvita1894mass.pdf
Vol Gutierrez Najera: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaogutiguti/culturaselecciaogutiguti.pdf
Records of some of the descendants of George and Maturin Ricker : who were early at Dover, N. H.: and who were killed by the Indians, June 4, 1706 , https://archive.org/download/recordsofsomeofd00laph_0/recordsofsomeofd00laph_0.pdf
The articles of faith and the covenant, of the Park Street Church, Boston : With a list of the members , https://archive.org/download/articlesoffaithc00park_0/articlesoffaithc00park_0.pdf
Quartett E Dur : für 2 Violinen, Viola u. Violoncell : op. 16 , https://archive.org/download/quartettedurfr00napr/quartettedurfr00napr.pdf
Vol multi. vols.: The pioneer : historical sketches of Brownville, Maine , https://archive.org/download/pioneerhistoricamerr/pioneerhistoricamerr.pdf
Special report of Frank McIntyre ... chief, Bureau of Insular Affairs ... on the Philippine Islands , https://archive.org/download/specialreportoff00unit/specialreportoff00unit.pdf
William Shakespeare , https://archive.org/download/williamshakespea1883wise/williamshakespea1883wise.pdf
The queen's man; a romance of the Wars of the Roses , https://archive.org/download/queensmanromance00pric/queensmanromance00pric.pdf
La fuerza del natural , https://archive.org/download/lafuerzadelnatur00more/lafuerzadelnatur00more.pdf
The Hudson River Overslagh and Coeymans Bouwery , https://archive.org/download/hudsonriverovers00muns/hudsonriverovers00muns.pdf
The colonial Virginian , https://archive.org/download/colonialvirginia00broc/colonialvirginia00broc.pdf
Vol v.7: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit07cayl/recueildantiquit07cayl.pdf
Vol v.5: Recueil d'antiquités égyptiennes, étrusques, greques et romaines , https://archive.org/download/recueildantiquit05cayl/recueildantiquit05cayl.pdf
Moïse : opéra en quatre actes , https://archive.org/download/moiseoperaenquat00ross/moiseoperaenquat00ross.pdf
Random recollections of Albany : from 1800 to 1808 ; with some additional matter , https://archive.org/download/randomrecollecti01wort/randomrecollecti01wort.pdf
On some of the injurious insects of Vermont , https://archive.org/download/onsomeofinjuriou00perk/onsomeofinjuriou00perk.pdf
Poésies : 1866-1874 , https://archive.org/download/posies00silv/posies00silv.pdf
An ode on the spirits of Shakespear , https://archive.org/download/odeonspiritsofsh00linl/odeonspiritsofsh00linl.pdf
About women: what men have said , https://archive.org/download/aboutwomenwhatme00port/aboutwomenwhatme00port.pdf
Nel domicilio coatto : noterelle di un relegato , https://archive.org/download/neldomiciliocoat00croc/neldomiciliocoat00croc.pdf
Cherubini , https://archive.org/download/cherubini00witt/cherubini00witt.pdf
Oakshott castle, being the memoir of an eccentric nobleman , https://archive.org/download/oakshottcastlebe00king/oakshottcastlebe00king.pdf
Poems written on different occasions , https://archive.org/download/poemswrittenondi00rich/poemswrittenondi00rich.pdf
Dealings with the fairies , https://archive.org/download/dealingswithfair00macd/dealingswithfair00macd.pdf
The fairyland around us , https://archive.org/download/fairylandaroundu00whit_0/fairylandaroundu00whit_0.pdf
L'Evridice : composta in mvsica in stile rappresentatiuo , https://archive.org/download/levridicecompost00cacc/levridicecompost00cacc.pdf
Naïs [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/naismanuscript00rame/naismanuscript00rame.pdf
Vol v.1-2: Auf dem Wiener Congress : Historischer Roman , https://archive.org/download/aufdemwienercong12bach/aufdemwienercong12bach.pdf
A treatise on primary geology; being an examination, both practical and theoretical, of the older formations. , https://archive.org/download/treatiseonprimar00boas/treatiseonprimar00boas.pdf
Pedestrianism; or, An account of the performances of celebrated pedestrians during the last and present century : with a full narrative of Captain Barclay's public and private matches; and an essay on training , https://archive.org/download/pedestrianismora00thom/pedestrianismora00thom.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1851mass/annualreportvita1851mass.pdf
Vol Vol.1, no.1-5: The Poster , https://archive.org/download/poster115clem/poster115clem.pdf
Register containing the baptisms made in the Church of the French Refugees at Mannikintown, in Virginia : in the parish of King William, in the year of Our Lord, 1721, the 25 March , https://archive.org/download/registercontaini00mana/registercontaini00mana.pdf
Vol v.2: Harrington, a tale : and Ormond, a tale , https://archive.org/download/harringtontaleor02edge/harringtontaleor02edge.pdf
Réfutation du livre de M. V. Schoelcher sur Haïti , https://archive.org/download/rfutationduliv00biss/rfutationduliv00biss.pdf
Plays for school days; twenty-one selected plays that have been used successfully in the schoolroom, for pupils of intermediate and grammar grades , https://archive.org/download/playsforschoolda00sign/playsforschoolda00sign.pdf
The warrior Medici; Giovanni della band nere, an historical study in Florence , https://archive.org/download/warriormedicigio00phil/warriormedicigio00phil.pdf
Vol v.2: Paine family records : a journal of genealogical and biographical information respecting the American families of Payne, Paine, Payn &c. , https://archive.org/download/painefamilyrecor02pain_0/painefamilyrecor02pain_0.pdf
Dr. Hare's letter to the Episcopal clergy : most respectfully offering to submit to their consideration new and irrefragable evidence of human inmortality, to which is subjoined a brief sketch of the spirit world and of the moral influences of spiritualism , https://archive.org/download/drhareslettertoe00hare/drhareslettertoe00hare.pdf
Comrades , https://archive.org/download/comrades00newb/comrades00newb.pdf
Faust-Ouverture : für grosses Orchester, op. 46 , https://archive.org/download/faustouverturefr00maye/faustouverturefr00maye.pdf
Mitten, men and management , https://archive.org/download/mittenmenmanagem00phil/mittenmenmanagem00phil.pdf
Elegies and glees ... , https://archive.org/download/elegiesglees00aylw/elegiesglees00aylw.pdf
Privatsekretär Sr. Durchlaucht : Lustspiel in drei Auftzügen , https://archive.org/download/privatsekretrsrd00erdm/privatsekretrsrd00erdm.pdf
Lady Morgan; her career, literary and personal , https://archive.org/download/ladymorganhercar00fitz/ladymorganhercar00fitz.pdf
Expostulatory letter to George Washington , https://archive.org/download/expostulatorylet00rush/expostulatorylet00rush.pdf
Vol v.2: The true English grammar: : being an attempt to form a grammar of the English language, not modelled upon those of the Latin, Greek and other foreign languages. , https://archive.org/download/trueenglishgramm02fowl/trueenglishgramm02fowl.pdf
Recollections and tales of the Crystal Palace. , https://archive.org/download/recollectionstal00gasc/recollectionstal00gasc.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1984mass/annualreportvita1984mass.pdf
Address of the trustees of the Massachusetts general hospital to the subscribers and to the public , https://archive.org/download/addressoftrustee1822mass/addressoftrustee1822mass.pdf
Los des mejores hermanos, y martires de Alcala, S. Justo, y Pastor. Comedia famosa de tres ingenios de Alcala , https://archive.org/download/losdesmejoresher00unse/losdesmejoresher00unse.pdf
Vol El pensador Mexicano: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaoelpeguti/culturaselecciaoelpeguti.pdf
A climb in the Cordillera of the Andes , https://archive.org/download/climbincordiller00pick/climbincordiller00pick.pdf
Musicalischer-Trichter : dadurch ein geschickter Informator seinen Informandis die edle Singe-Kunst nach heutiger Manier bald und leicht einbringen kan , https://archive.org/download/musicalischertri00fuhr/musicalischertri00fuhr.pdf
Vol v.1: Harrington, a tale : and Ormond, a tale , https://archive.org/download/harringtontaleor01edge/harringtontaleor01edge.pdf
Morals and dogma of the Ancient and accepted Scottish rite of freemasonry , https://archive.org/download/moralsdogmaofanc00pike_0/moralsdogmaofanc00pike_0.pdf
Vol v.2: Die Ausstellung von Meisterwerken muhammedanischer Kunst in Mu˜nchen, 1910 , https://archive.org/download/dieausstellungvo02mart/dieausstellungvo02mart.pdf
A curriculum guide for intermediate grade teachers , https://archive.org/download/curriculumguidef00mass_0/curriculumguidef00mass_0.pdf
A time to choose : summary report on the structure of agriculture , https://archive.org/download/timetochoosesumm00unit/timetochoosesumm00unit.pdf
Vol 1996/Spanish: Introducing the Boston public schools: a guide for parents and students , https://archive.org/download/introducingbosto1996bost_0/introducingbosto1996bost_0.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1844mass/annualreportvita1844mass.pdf
Report from the Select Committee on the Laws affecting Aliens : together with the minutes of evidence and index , https://archive.org/download/reportfromselect43grea/reportfromselect43grea.pdf
The daughter of Donagh : a Cromwellian drama in four acts , https://archive.org/download/daughterofdonagh00mill/daughterofdonagh00mill.pdf
Robert Schumann's Symphonien für das Pianoforte zu 2 Händen , https://archive.org/download/robertschumannss00schu/robertschumannss00schu.pdf
A citizensoldier's record : biographical sketch and military record of Lieutenant-Colonel Guy Hulett Watkins of the One Hundred and Forty-First Regiment, Penna. Volunteers , https://archive.org/download/citizensoldiersr00ward/citizensoldiersr00ward.pdf
Links and clues , https://archive.org/download/linksclues00welb/linksclues00welb.pdf
Premium essays written and published by the American Berkshire Association , https://archive.org/download/premiumessayswri00amer/premiumessayswri00amer.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1847mass/annualreportvita1847mass.pdf
Interview with Mrs. Sheehy-Skeffington. : Irish Republican cause in America , https://archive.org/download/interviewwithmrs00shee/interviewwithmrs00shee.pdf
Meine welt : bilder aus dem geheimfache meiner kunst und meines lebens , https://archive.org/download/meineweltbildera00saue/meineweltbildera00saue.pdf
A hundred years' progress of American agriculture : an essay from the twenty-first annual report of the Massachusetts State Board of Agriculture , https://archive.org/download/hundredyearsprog00flin/hundredyearsprog00flin.pdf
On the proximate composition of several varieties of American maize / by W.O. Atwater , https://archive.org/download/onproximatecompo00atwa/onproximatecompo00atwa.pdf
Science as a means of agricultural progress : the agricultural experiment stations of Europe , https://archive.org/download/scienceasmeansof00john/scienceasmeansof00john.pdf
Early marriage records of the Hopkins family in the United States : official and authoritative records of Hopkins marriages in the original states and colonies from 1628 to 1865 , https://archive.org/download/earlymarriagerec00clem_0/earlymarriagerec00clem_0.pdf
The message of psychic science to mothers and nurses. : By Mary Boole , https://archive.org/download/messageofpsychic00bool/messageofpsychic00bool.pdf
Queen Elizabeth's Englishings of Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae, A.D. 1593 : Plutarch, de curiositate [1598]; Horace, De arte poetica (part) A.D. 1598 , https://archive.org/download/queenelizabethse00eliz/queenelizabethse00eliz.pdf
The thespian papers : being a series of humorous essays on subjects of professional and amateur dramatic interest , https://archive.org/download/thespianpapersbe00lynn/thespianpapersbe00lynn.pdf
Vol Varona: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaovaroguti/culturaselecciaovaroguti.pdf
Nathanael Greene. : An examination of some statements concerning Major-General Greene, in the ninth volume of Bancroft's History of the United States. , https://archive.org/download/nathanaelgreenee1866gree/nathanaelgreenee1866gree.pdf
Vol 1997: Introducing the Boston public schools: a guide for parents and students , https://archive.org/download/introducingbost1997bost/introducingbost1997bost.pdf
TSari vozdukha : roman''-fantziia , https://archive.org/download/tsarivozdukharom00seme/tsarivozdukharom00seme.pdf
A New Year's address to the patrons of the Essex gazette, 1828 : with a letter, hitherto unpublished , https://archive.org/download/newyearsaddresst00whit/newyearsaddresst00whit.pdf
Man's survival after death : or, The other side of life in the light of Scripture, human experience, and modern research , https://archive.org/download/manssurvivalafte00twee_0/manssurvivalafte00twee_0.pdf
On certain internal parasites of domestic animals , https://archive.org/download/oncertaininterna00perk/oncertaininterna00perk.pdf
The heavenly noël. Women's voices [with mezzo soprano solo and piano accompaniment , https://archive.org/download/heavenlynolwom00lang/heavenlynolwom00lang.pdf
Dr. Samuel Fuller : of the Mayflower (1620), the pioneer physician , https://archive.org/download/drsamuelfullerof00harr/drsamuelfullerof00harr.pdf
The Acathist hymn of the Holy Orthodox Eastern Church : in the original Greek text and done into English verse , https://archive.org/download/acathisthymnofho00orth/acathisthymnofho00orth.pdf
The House of Orange , https://archive.org/download/houseoforange00belf/houseoforange00belf.pdf
Vol v.1-3: Irish sketches, for the pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/irishsketchesfor13scot/irishsketchesfor13scot.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1848mass/annualreportvita1848mass.pdf
Photographs of the Gems of the Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857 , https://archive.org/download/photographsofgem00cald/photographsofgem00cald.pdf
Clary : opera semi seria , https://archive.org/download/claryoperasemise00hal/claryoperasemise00hal.pdf
Cours de danse fin de siècle , https://archive.org/download/coursdedansefind00legr/coursdedansefind00legr.pdf
Vol Sierra: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaosierguti/culturaselecciaosierguti.pdf
Eine Nachlese auf dem Tell Taannek in Palästina , https://archive.org/download/einenachleseaufd00sell/einenachleseaufd00sell.pdf
Birkenhead iron-clads. Correspondence between Her Majesty's government and Messrs. Laird Brothers; and an appendix, containing the correspondence between officers of H.M.'s customs and Capt. Inglefield, R.N., and Messrs. Laird Brothers, respecting the iron-clad vessels building at Birkenhead, 1863-4 , https://archive.org/download/birkenheadironcl00lair/birkenheadironcl00lair.pdf
Amor vencido de amor , https://archive.org/download/amorvencidodeamo00vele/amorvencidodeamo00vele.pdf
The rights of the pulpit, ; and Perils of freedom. : Two discourses preached in Lowell, Sunday, June 25th, 1854. , https://archive.org/download/rightsofpulpitpe00fost/rightsofpulpitpe00fost.pdf
Prométhée : le poème du feu : pour grand orchestre et piano avec orgue, choeurs et clavier à lumières : op. 60 , https://archive.org/download/promthelepomeduf00scri/promthelepomeduf00scri.pdf
Versos de Cosme de Aldana a sv capitan general y senor el illvstriss. y excellentiss. Señor Iuan Fernandez Velasco Condestable de Castilla, Duque de Frias &c. Gouernador del estado de Milan por su Magestad Catholica &c , https://archive.org/download/versosdecosmedea00alda/versosdecosmedea00alda.pdf
Vol 5 v. in 1: Russians; a cycle of songs for baritone and piano. Op. 18 , https://archive.org/download/russianscycleofs51maso/russianscycleofs51maso.pdf
Ordo baptizandi : secundum Ritum Romane Ecclesie ad vsum ciuitatis Mantue , https://archive.org/download/ordobaptizandise00ruff/ordobaptizandise00ruff.pdf
Physical characters of the portion of the continental border beneath the Gulf Stream explored by the Fish-Hawk, 1880 to 1882 , https://archive.org/download/physicalcharacte00verr/physicalcharacte00verr.pdf
Climate and time in their geological relations : a theory of secular changes of the earth's climate. , https://archive.org/download/climatetimeinthe00crol/climatetimeinthe00crol.pdf
Vol Reyes: Cultura; selección de buenos autores antiguos y modernos , https://archive.org/download/culturaselecciaoreyeguti/culturaselecciaoreyeguti.pdf
Vol v.3: A new analysis of chronology and geography, history and prophecy : in which their elements are attempted to be explained, harmonized and vindicated, upon scriptural and scientific principles ... , https://archive.org/download/newanalysisofchr03hale/newanalysisofchr03hale.pdf
Sonata in D minor for piano and violin : op. 25 , https://archive.org/download/sonataindminorfo00roge/sonataindminorfo00roge.pdf
The Livermore Valley : its resources, soil, crop statistics, capabilities, climatic influences, early history, development, attractions to settlers, opportunities for men with large or small capital, etc. , https://archive.org/download/livermorevalleyi00bart_0/livermorevalleyi00bart_0.pdf
The Sacketts of America : their ancestors and descendants, 1630-1907 , https://archive.org/download/sackettsofameric1907weyg/sackettsofameric1907weyg.pdf
The enemy within our gates : Bolshevism's assault upon American government , https://archive.org/download/enemywithinourga00blac/enemywithinourga00blac.pdf
Joanna Traill, spinster , https://archive.org/download/joannatraillspin00bere/joannatraillspin00bere.pdf
The memoirs of the celebrated and beautiful Mrs. Ann Carson, : daughter of an officer of the U.S. Navy, and wife of another, whose life terminated in the Philadelphia prison , https://archive.org/download/memoirsofcelebra00clar/memoirsofcelebra00clar.pdf
On the necessity of a state provision for the education of the deaf and dumb, the blind, and the imbecile. A paper read before the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, on Wednesday, January 20th, 1864. , https://archive.org/download/onnecessityofsta00pimj/onnecessityofsta00pimj.pdf
Thomas Coriate traueller for the English vvits : greeting : from the court of the Great Mogul, resident at the towne of Asmere, in easterne India , https://archive.org/download/thomascoriatetra00cory/thomascoriatetra00cory.pdf
The present condition, growth, progress and advantages, of Los Angeles City and County, Southern California / : , https://archive.org/download/presentcondition00hawl/presentcondition00hawl.pdf
A check list of illustrations by Winslow Homer in Harper's weekly and other periodicals , https://archive.org/download/checklistofillus00fost/checklistofillus00fost.pdf
Two South American gypsy songs with violin obbligato , https://archive.org/download/twosouthamerican00gilb/twosouthamerican00gilb.pdf
Contes et poésies diverses , https://archive.org/download/contesetposies00volt/contesetposies00volt.pdf
A false step : the prohibited play, freely adapted from Les lionnes pauvres , https://archive.org/download/falsestepprohibi00matt/falsestepprohibi00matt.pdf
Vol v.1: Poetas Hispano-Americanos , https://archive.org/download/poetashispanoame01pere/poetashispanoame01pere.pdf
The crisis in Ireland. , https://archive.org/download/crisisinireland00ogra/crisisinireland00ogra.pdf
Vol v.1: The Holy Bible : containing Old and New Testaments , https://archive.org/download/holybiblecontain01terr/holybiblecontain01terr.pdf
Catalogue of Emmanuel Church Sunday school library , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofemman00emma/catalogueofemman00emma.pdf
Le cento novelle da messer Vincenzo Brugiantino, dette in ottava rima , https://archive.org/download/lecentonovelleda00brus/lecentonovelleda00brus.pdf
Proceedings of the meeting of the Loyal Women of the Republic, held in New York, May 14, 1863 , https://archive.org/download/proceedingsofmee00wome/proceedingsofmee00wome.pdf
Protestations des citoyens français, nègres et mulatres, contre des accusations calomnieuses , https://archive.org/download/protestationsdes00scho/protestationsdes00scho.pdf
Der Zweikampf mit der Geliebten : Oper in drey Aufzügen , https://archive.org/download/derzweikampfmitd00spoh/derzweikampfmitd00spoh.pdf
Concentos fvnebres, metricos lamentos, qve explican, demostraciones publicas, de reconcidos afectos, en los fvnerales devido al Illustrissimo, Reverendissimo, y Excelentissimo Señor Maestro D. Fr. Payo Enriquez de Ribera... , https://archive.org/download/concentosfvnebre00ribe/concentosfvnebre00ribe.pdf
Catalogue of the entire collection of autographs of Mr. O. T. Keeler, Columbus, Miss. ... : and the whole to be sold by auction ... Monday, December 7th, 1868, and following days .. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofentir00leav/catalogueofentir00leav.pdf
An impartial discussion of the subject of tithes : containing a paralell between the tythes paid in England and those in Ireland ... addressed to the members of both Houses of Parliament , https://archive.org/download/impartialdiscuss00cler/impartialdiscuss00cler.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1849mass/annualreportvita1849mass.pdf
Photogravures of the trans-Mississippi and international exposition, held at Omaha, Nebraska, June 1st to November 1st, 1898 , https://archive.org/download/photogravuresoft00rine/photogravuresoft00rine.pdf
Observations de Louis Bonaparte, comte de St-Leu, sur L'histoire de Napoleon, par M. de Norvins , https://archive.org/download/observationsdelo00loui/observationsdelo00loui.pdf
Album de la Revolucion. : 128 anos de lucha por la independencia de Bolivia. Planificada y dirigida por Jose Fellman Verlarde , https://archive.org/download/albumdelarevoluc00boli/albumdelarevoluc00boli.pdf
Varii de natvralibvs rebvs libelli , https://archive.org/download/variidenatvralib00tele/variidenatvralib00tele.pdf
Vol sc.+3pts. in one volume: Quartet for violin, viola, violoncello and pianoforte, op. 16 , https://archive.org/download/quartetforviolin03scot/quartetforviolin03scot.pdf
Vol v.1: Photographs of the Gems of the Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857 , https://archive.org/download/photographsofgem01cald/photographsofgem01cald.pdf
The Back-Bay district and the Vendome, Boston , https://archive.org/download/backbaydistrictv1880king/backbaydistrictv1880king.pdf
A copy of a letter sent from New England, to Friends [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/copyoflettersent00shat/copyoflettersent00shat.pdf
How to make Ireland self-supporting : or, Irish clearances, and improvement of waste lands , https://archive.org/download/howtomakeireland00scro/howtomakeireland00scro.pdf
Part I. Amebas : their cultivation and etiologic significance , https://archive.org/download/partiamebastheir00musg/partiamebastheir00musg.pdf
Oeuvres vocales , https://archive.org/download/oeuvresvocales00bord/oeuvresvocales00bord.pdf
Messa, a quattro voci e piu strumenti obligati : manuscript , https://archive.org/download/messaquattrovoci00ross/messaquattrovoci00ross.pdf
Addresses and remarks on the presentation of copy of picture of William Penn's treaty with the Indians, at Shackamaxon, Philadelphia, to Swarthmore College, fourth month 1st, 1871 , https://archive.org/download/addressesremarks00whit/addressesremarks00whit.pdf
Exhibition of the important oil painting (9 feet long, 6 feet 9 inches high), Washington and his family , https://archive.org/download/exhibitionofimpo00sava/exhibitionofimpo00sava.pdf
Gedichte von Jaroslav Vrchlický , https://archive.org/download/gedichtevonjaros00vrch/gedichtevonjaros00vrch.pdf
A nihilist princess , https://archive.org/download/nihilistprincess00gagn/nihilistprincess00gagn.pdf
The enigma of the 19th century, Music Hall ... November 30th, 1886 ... farewell reception extraordinaire , https://archive.org/download/enigmaof19thcent00bish/enigmaof19thcent00bish.pdf
Early English colonies in Trinidad , https://archive.org/download/earlyenglishcolo00davi/earlyenglishcolo00davi.pdf
El agvila de la iglesia, San Augustin. Comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/elagviladelaigle00bust/elagviladelaigle00bust.pdf
The lakes of Killarney , https://archive.org/download/lakesofkillarney00thom/lakesofkillarney00thom.pdf
Our summer retreats : a handbook to all the chief waterfalls, springs, mountain and sea side resorts : and other places of interest in the United States : with views taken from sketches by Washington Friend, Esq., and from photographs , https://archive.org/download/oursummerretreat00thom/oursummerretreat00thom.pdf
Passages cited from the Old Testament by the writers of the New Testament : compared with the original Hebrew and the Septuagint version , https://archive.org/download/passagescitedfro00ando/passagescitedfro00ando.pdf
Dexar un reyno por otro, y martires de Madrid : Comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/dexarunreynoporo00more/dexarunreynoporo00more.pdf
Vol no. 1: Nelsons' guide to the environs of London , https://archive.org/download/nelsonsguidetoen01thom/nelsonsguidetoen01thom.pdf
The Plumbs, 1635-1800 , https://archive.org/download/plumbs1635180000plum_0/plumbs1635180000plum_0.pdf
Der Theaterarzt, und andere Humoresken , https://archive.org/download/dertheaterarztun00born/dertheaterarztun00born.pdf
How to amuse an evening party : a complete collection of home recreations .. , https://archive.org/download/howtoamuseevenin00newy/howtoamuseevenin00newy.pdf
The goodly heritage of Jerseymen : the first annual address before the New Jersey Historical Society; at their meeting, in Trenton on Thursday, January 15, 1846 , https://archive.org/download/goodlyheritageof1846doan/goodlyheritageof1846doan.pdf
Die naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät der Universität Córdoba in Südamerika , https://archive.org/download/dienaturwissensc00sell/dienaturwissensc00sell.pdf
The beginning of America; a discourse delivered before the New York historical society on its fifty-ninth anniversary, Tuesday, November 17, 1863 , https://archive.org/download/beginningofameri00bene/beginningofameri00bene.pdf
L'evterpe , https://archive.org/download/levterpe00brun/levterpe00brun.pdf
The life of the world to come : and other subjects , https://archive.org/download/lifeofworldtocom00shor/lifeofworldtocom00shor.pdf
El letrado del cielo , https://archive.org/download/elletradodelciel00vill/elletradodelciel00vill.pdf
Ye antient buriall place of New London, Conn. , https://archive.org/download/yeantientburiall00pren/yeantientburiall00pren.pdf
Annual report - vital statistics of Massachusetts. (title varies) , https://archive.org/download/annualreportvita1850mass/annualreportvita1850mass.pdf
Plans et details du monument consacre a la memoire de l'empereur Alexandre .. , https://archive.org/download/plansetdetailsdu00mont/plansetdetailsdu00mont.pdf
Seed-breeding , https://archive.org/download/seedbreeding00stur/seedbreeding00stur.pdf
The beauties of nature : and how far they transcend those of art in landscape gardening : a poem , https://archive.org/download/beautiesofnature00sinc/beautiesofnature00sinc.pdf
Diary of Col. Winthrop Sargent, adjutant general of the United States' army, during the campaign of MDCCXCI , https://archive.org/download/diaryofcolwinthr00sarg/diaryofcolwinthr00sarg.pdf
The Christian governess : memoir and a selection from the correspondence of Sarah Bennett, late of Melton Mowbray , https://archive.org/download/christiangoverne00benn/christiangoverne00benn.pdf
Report of the Special Commission on the Hours of Labor and the Condition and Prospects of the Industrial Classes , https://archive.org/download/reportofspecialc1866mass/reportofspecialc1866mass.pdf
Easy books for new Americans : with a reading list for Americanization workers , https://archive.org/download/easybooksfornewa00phil/easybooksfornewa00phil.pdf
The Inquisition. : A letter addressed to the Hon. Sir John Cox Hippisley ... , https://archive.org/download/inquisitionlette00miln/inquisitionlette00miln.pdf
Theatrum poetarum anglicanorum : containing brief characters of the English poets, down to the year 1675 , https://archive.org/download/theatrumpoetarum1824phil/theatrumpoetarum1824phil.pdf
Vol v.3: Harrington, a tale : and Ormond, a tale , https://archive.org/download/harringtontaleor03edge/harringtontaleor03edge.pdf
Jeanne d'Arc : ouverture de concert pour orchestre , https://archive.org/download/jeannedarcouvert00maup/jeannedarcouvert00maup.pdf
Vol 2002: Introducing the Boston public schools: a guide for parents and students , https://archive.org/download/introducingbosto2002bost/introducingbosto2002bost.pdf
The Methodist E. church and slavery. Containing also the views of the English Wesleyan Methodist church with regard to slavery; and a treatise on the duty of seceding from all pro-slavery churches: The whole compromising a book of interesting facts. , https://archive.org/download/methodistechurch00scot/methodistechurch00scot.pdf
After-supper songs : for voice and piano , https://archive.org/download/aftersuppersongs00cool/aftersuppersongs00cool.pdf
George James Webb : his life and his compositions : biographical study of the man and his music , https://archive.org/download/georgejameswebbh00gray/georgejameswebbh00gray.pdf
Enfermar con el remedio , https://archive.org/download/enfermarconelrem00cald/enfermarconelrem00cald.pdf
Three African dances , https://archive.org/download/threeafricandanc00ring/threeafricandanc00ring.pdf
Neben meiner Kunst : Flugstudien, Briefe und Persönliches , https://archive.org/download/nebenmeinerkunst00bock/nebenmeinerkunst00bock.pdf
State arms of the Union , https://archive.org/download/statearmsofunion00lpra/statearmsofunion00lpra.pdf
Rules and regulations for the government of the Asylum for the Insane, adopted December 1, 1822, additional to those adopted July 5, 1821. .. , https://archive.org/download/rulesregulations00asyl/rulesregulations00asyl.pdf
Rondels : sur des poésies de Charles d'Orleans, Théodore de Banville, et Catulle Mendès , https://archive.org/download/rondelssurdespo00hahn/rondelssurdespo00hahn.pdf
The little lady of the horse , https://archive.org/download/littleladyofhors00raym/littleladyofhors00raym.pdf
The freebooters, : a grand serio-comic opera in 2 acts ... , https://archive.org/download/freebootersgrand00paer/freebootersgrand00paer.pdf
A child's garland of songs : gathered from A child's garden of verses , https://archive.org/download/childsgarlandofs00stan/childsgarlandofs00stan.pdf
The holy wells of Ireland : containing an authentic account of those various places of pilgrimage and penance which are still annually visited by thousands of the Roman Catholic peasantry. With a minute description of the patterns and stations periodically held in various districts of Ireland. (3d thousand.) , https://archive.org/download/holywellsofirela00hard/holywellsofirela00hard.pdf
Il sortilegio : Dramma giocoso-fantastico in tre atti , https://archive.org/download/ilsortilegiodram00scon_0/ilsortilegiodram00scon_0.pdf
In prison , https://archive.org/download/inprison00ohar/inprison00ohar.pdf
Vol v. 2: Jetta: or, Heidelberg under the Romans. A historical novel , https://archive.org/download/jettaorheidelber02haus/jettaorheidelber02haus.pdf
In the times of St. Patrick , https://archive.org/download/intimesofstpatri00dubl/intimesofstpatri00dubl.pdf
From mesa and plain : Indian, cowboy and Negro sketches for pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/frommesaplainind00farw/frommesaplainind00farw.pdf
Los hombres espanoles, americanos y lusitanos pintados por si mismos : coleccion de tipos y cuadros de costumbres peculiares de Espana, Portugal y America escritos por los mas reputados literatos de estos paises , https://archive.org/download/loshombresespano00diaz/loshombresespano00diaz.pdf
Sketch of Capt. Paul Rolfe George of Hopkinton, N.H , https://archive.org/download/sketchofcaptpaul00geor/sketchofcaptpaul00geor.pdf
The Christian harmony : or, songster's companion , https://archive.org/download/christianharmony00inga/christianharmony00inga.pdf
On the phosphate beds of South Carolina , https://archive.org/download/onphosphatebedso00shal/onphosphatebedso00shal.pdf
The English lakes , https://archive.org/download/englishlakes00thom/englishlakes00thom.pdf
Technical review of the Chicago public library , https://archive.org/download/technicalreviewo00rick/technicalreviewo00rick.pdf
The Hawley record , https://archive.org/download/hawleyrecord00hawl/hawleyrecord00hawl.pdf
Théorie des glaciers de la Savoie , https://archive.org/download/thoriedesglacier00rend/thoriedesglacier00rend.pdf
Thoughts on the necessity of improving the condition of the slaves in the British colonies, : with a view to their ultimate emancipation; and on the practicability, the safety, and the advantages of the latter measure. , https://archive.org/download/thoughtsonnecess1823clar/thoughtsonnecess1823clar.pdf
Some notes on the history, varieties and statistics of Indian corn: read as an introduction to a discussion on Indian corn and its culture, before the farmer's convention at Newport, February 21st, 1877 , https://archive.org/download/somenotesonhisto00boar/somenotesonhisto00boar.pdf
Between two oceans: or, Sketches of American travel , https://archive.org/download/betweentwooceans00hard/betweentwooceans00hard.pdf
Eulogium commemorative of Gorton T. Thomas, lieutenant colonel 22d regiment, New York volunteers, : delivered at Keeseville, N.Y., September 10, 1862 , https://archive.org/download/eulogiumcommemor1862wats/eulogiumcommemor1862wats.pdf
A history or brief chronicle of the chief matters of the Irish warres, with a perfect table or list of all the victories obtained by the Lord General Cromwell, Governour-Generall of Ireland and the Parliaments forces under his commands there. From Wednesday the first of August 1649 to the twenty-sixth of this present July 1650. , https://archive.org/download/historyorbriefch00scob/historyorbriefch00scob.pdf
Iloilo : an episode of January, 1899, and strained relations in Manila , https://archive.org/download/iloiloepisodeofj00phil/iloiloepisodeofj00phil.pdf
Focloir do cuireaḋ le Fionn & Lorcán, &rl ... , https://archive.org/download/focloirdocuiread00laoi/focloirdocuiread00laoi.pdf
A sketch of the life and services of Gen. Otho Holland Williams : read before the Maryland Historical Society on Thursday evening, March 6, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/sketchoflifeserv00tiff/sketchoflifeserv00tiff.pdf
Vol v.3: Pianoforte album : a collection of beautiful compositions , https://archive.org/download/pianofortealbumc03bohm/pianofortealbumc03bohm.pdf
Journal of a voyage to San Francisco on the good ship Pacific, Capt. Tibbets [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/journalofvoyaget00will/journalofvoyaget00will.pdf
Roll of honor of the city of Chelsea. A list of the soldiers and sailors who served on the quota of Chelsea, in the great Civil War for preservation of the Union from 1861 to 1865, with a partial record of each man ... Also an appendix including the names of Chelsea men who served to the credit of other states, cities and towns , https://archive.org/download/rollofhonorofcit80chel/rollofhonorofcit80chel.pdf
Beauty and the beast : a chamber opera , https://archive.org/download/beautybeastchamb00glov/beautybeastchamb00glov.pdf
Want and wealth; a discussion of some economic dangers of the day , https://archive.org/download/wantwealthdiscus00shri/wantwealthdiscus00shri.pdf
Norwegische Bauerntänze (Slåtter) für die Geige solo, wie dieselben auf der norwegischen Bauernfiedel gespielt werden , https://archive.org/download/norwegischebauer00halv/norwegischebauer00halv.pdf
A journal of my trip to the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago. [manuscript] : August 7th 1893, to August 16th 1893 , https://archive.org/download/journalofmytript00fisc/journalofmytript00fisc.pdf
Vol v.2: Historia de la revolucion de la Republica de Colombia en la America Meridional , https://archive.org/download/historiadelarevo02rest/historiadelarevo02rest.pdf
Maryland and North Carolina in the campaign of 1780-1781 : with a preliminary notice of the earlier battles of the revolution, in which the troops of the two states won distinction. A paper read before the Maryland Historidcal Society, November 14th, 1892 , https://archive.org/download/marylandnorthcar1893dave/marylandnorthcar1893dave.pdf
Report on the Sheffield City Museums , https://archive.org/download/reportonsheffiel00grea/reportonsheffiel00grea.pdf
Memoirs of Matthew Clarkson of Philadelphia, 1735-1800 , https://archive.org/download/memoirsofmatthew00hall/memoirsofmatthew00hall.pdf
Theatres & music halls : a lecture given at the Commonwealth club, Bethnal Green, on Sunday, October 7, 1877 , https://archive.org/download/theatresmusichal00head/theatresmusichal00head.pdf
La advltera penitente , https://archive.org/download/laadvlterapenite00canc/laadvlterapenite00canc.pdf
Vol 2001: Introducing the Boston public schools: a guide for parents and students , https://archive.org/download/introducingbosto2001bost/introducingbosto2001bost.pdf
Lecture on phrenology. Delivered before the Rochester Athenaeum, Feb. 9th, 1841 , https://archive.org/download/lectureonphrenol00hami/lectureonphrenol00hami.pdf
Repertory of the records & evidences of the Borough of Colchester , https://archive.org/download/repertoryofrecor65harr/repertoryofrecor65harr.pdf
La Fuerza del natvral. , https://archive.org/download/lafuerzadelnatvr00more/lafuerzadelnatvr00more.pdf
Vol v.2: Recollections, political, literary, dramatic, and miscellaneous, of the last half-century : containing anecdotes and notes of persons of various ranks prominent in their vocations, with whom the writer was personally acquainted , https://archive.org/download/recollectionspol02rich/recollectionspol02rich.pdf
The tenor tune book : a collection of descants old and new, the former taken from the old psalters , https://archive.org/download/tenortunebookcol00grac/tenortunebookcol00grac.pdf
The Mouse miller and other stories , https://archive.org/download/mousemillerother00donc/mousemillerother00donc.pdf
The articles of faith and the covenant, of Park Street Church, Boston : with a list of the members , https://archive.org/download/articlesoffaithc00park/articlesoffaithc00park.pdf
Die Strafe : Erzählung , https://archive.org/download/diestrafeerzhlun00neer/diestrafeerzhlun00neer.pdf
Negro evolution , https://archive.org/download/negroevolution00pick/negroevolution00pick.pdf
Las dos estrellas de Francia : Comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/lasdosestrellasd00leon/lasdosestrellasd00leon.pdf
The new science of controlled breathing , https://archive.org/download/newscienceofcont00lank_0/newscienceofcont00lank_0.pdf
Considerations geographiques et physiques sur les nouvelles decouvertes .. , https://archive.org/download/considerationsge00buac/considerationsge00buac.pdf
Modern French pianoforte album : vol. I , https://archive.org/download/modernfrenchpian00behr/modernfrenchpian00behr.pdf
Discourse delivered before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, February 21, 1842 : on the colonial history of the eastern and some of the southern states , https://archive.org/download/discoursedeliver1842tyso/discoursedeliver1842tyso.pdf
Opyt sobraniiı̐aı̐Ł starinnykh Malorossiiskikh piı̐eı̐Łsnei , https://archive.org/download/opytsobraniiasta00unse/opytsobraniiasta00unse.pdf
The book of the homeless : (Le livre des sans-foyer) , https://archive.org/download/bookofhomelessle00whar_0/bookofhomelessle00whar_0.pdf
[Fines y propósitos] , https://archive.org/download/finesypropsito00phil/finesypropsito00phil.pdf
Vol v.1, n.1 (Aug. 1896) - v.2, n.2 (Apr. 1897): The red letter , https://archive.org/download/redletter1118unse/redletter1118unse.pdf
1776. 1876. Democracy. The first century of the national life. Is political self-government a failure? , https://archive.org/download/17761876democrac00rile/17761876democrac00rile.pdf
Captain Maury's letter on American affairs. : Hon. J.C. Breckinridge's address to the people of Kentucky. Ex-Gov. Lowe's letter to the Virginia legislature. Address of Geo. N. Sanders to the democracy of the Nohth-west [sic]. Gov. Letcher's message to the Virginia legislature. Message of Jefferson Davis to the Confederate Congress , https://archive.org/download/captainmauryslet00maur/captainmauryslet00maur.pdf
Depositions taken on behalf of the defendants in a suit in equity between Oliver Earle and others, complainants, and William Wood and others [members of the Society of Friends], defendants, in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/depositionstaken00mass/depositionstaken00mass.pdf
The Jullien collection of flute and violin music : embracing the most popular opera melodies, songs, polkas, waltzes, marches, quadrilles, etc , https://archive.org/download/julliencollectio00jull/julliencollectio00jull.pdf
Premiere Conference internationale des ligues sociales d'acheteurs : Geneve, les 24, 25 et 26 septembre 1908 , https://archive.org/download/premiereconferen00conf/premiereconferen00conf.pdf
Eine Eisenbahnfahrt durch Westfalen , https://archive.org/download/eineeisenbahnfah00schu/eineeisenbahnfah00schu.pdf
The people's banks of Germany: : their organization under the recent law : an abstract of the provisions of the North German Association law now in force; : model for a constitution of a loan society, or people's bank, in accordance therewith : extracts from a recent report of H. Schulze-Delisch , https://archive.org/download/peoplesbanksofge00schu/peoplesbanksofge00schu.pdf
Clair de lune : étude dramatique pour chant et orchestre , https://archive.org/download/clairdelunetud00indy/clairdelunetud00indy.pdf
Picturesque and architectural New England ... Descriptive, picturesque, architectural , https://archive.org/download/picturesquearchi00warr_0/picturesquearchi00warr_0.pdf
Nelsons' tourist's guide to the Trosachs and Loch Lomond , https://archive.org/download/nelsonstouristsg00thom/nelsonstouristsg00thom.pdf
Beauty and the beast : a humorous cantata for solo voices (S.C.T.B.), chorus & orchestra , https://archive.org/download/beautybeasthumor00roge/beautybeasthumor00roge.pdf
The ocean cavern: a tale of the Tonga Isles. ; in three cantos , https://archive.org/download/oceancaverntaleo00phil/oceancaverntaleo00phil.pdf
Objects and plan of an institute of technology: including a society of arts, a museum of arts, and a school of industrial science. Proposed to be established in Boston , https://archive.org/download/objectsplanofins00mass/objectsplanofins00mass.pdf
33rd Division : across no-man's land , https://archive.org/download/33rddivisionacro00harr/33rddivisionacro00harr.pdf
The story of Eleanor Lambert , https://archive.org/download/storyofeleanorla1891mary/storyofeleanorla1891mary.pdf
The first twenty years of my life , https://archive.org/download/firsttwentyyears00rich/firsttwentyyears00rich.pdf
Modern art and the American public : a statement by The Institute of Contemporary Art formerly The Institute of Modern Art , https://archive.org/download/modernartamerica00inst/modernartamerica00inst.pdf
Over the waters to Edinburgh town , https://archive.org/download/overwaterstoedin00batt/overwaterstoedin00batt.pdf
Il Don Giovanni : dramma in due atti = Don Juan : a grand opera in two acts , https://archive.org/download/ildongiovannidra00moza/ildongiovannidra00moza.pdf
Die Else vom Erlenhof : Volksstück aus dem Schwarzwalde in fünf Aufzügen , https://archive.org/download/dieelsevomerlenh00staa/dieelsevomerlenh00staa.pdf
The Onondaga Historical Association Syracuse, N. Y , https://archive.org/download/onondagahistoric00onon/onondagahistoric00onon.pdf
Vol v.3: Das jüngste Gericht [manuscript] : Oratorium in drei Abtheilungen , https://archive.org/download/dasjngstegericht03spoh/dasjngstegericht03spoh.pdf
The Fire of London, or, Which is which? : a play in three acts , https://archive.org/download/fireoflondonorwh00full/fireoflondonorwh00full.pdf
Handbook of the new public library in Boston , https://archive.org/download/handbookofnewpub1899smal/handbookofnewpub1899smal.pdf
Vol v.1: El proceso Ferrer y la opinion europea , https://archive.org/download/elprocesoferrery01ferr/elprocesoferrery01ferr.pdf
[Letter] To George Whithead George Fox and George Rofe [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/lettertogeorgewh00robi/lettertogeorgewh00robi.pdf
Report on the fine arts [at the Exposition universelle internationale de 1889] , https://archive.org/download/reportonfinearts00hawk/reportonfinearts00hawk.pdf
Slavery, in its present aspects and relations. : a sermon preached on Fast Day, April 6, 1854, at Cambridge, Mass. , https://archive.org/download/slaveryinitspres54stea/slaveryinitspres54stea.pdf
Rol Richarda III , https://archive.org/download/rolrichardaiii00shak/rolrichardaiii00shak.pdf
Peep at the pictures , https://archive.org/download/peepatpictures00artt/peepatpictures00artt.pdf
The political and private life of the marquess of Londonderry : late Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, &c. &c. including most important and authentic particulars of his last moments and death, with numerous anecdotes and reflections illustrative of the history of the Noble Lord. , https://archive.org/download/politicalprivate00fitz/politicalprivate00fitz.pdf
Reminiscences of a sunny clime , https://archive.org/download/reminiscencesofs00wme/reminiscencesofs00wme.pdf
How the priests rule Ireland , https://archive.org/download/howpriestsruleir00west/howpriestsruleir00west.pdf
C. Edwards Lester. Autographs and collecton of prints , https://archive.org/download/cedwardslesterau00geor/cedwardslesterau00geor.pdf
Catalogue of a valuable collection of autograph letters, manuscripts, documents, &c., the property of a Baltimorean ... / To be sold at auction, by Messrs. Bangs & Co., March 10-11, 1886 , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofvalu00bang/catalogueofvalu00bang.pdf
Allan's wife : and other tales , https://archive.org/download/allanswifeothert00hagg_0/allanswifeothert00hagg_0.pdf
Memories of the past; records of ministerial life , https://archive.org/download/memoriesofpastre00grif/memoriesofpastre00grif.pdf
An address before the New England Historic Genealogical Society, in the hall of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, Tuesday, Sept. 13th, 1859. : The hundredth anniversary of the death of Major General James Wolfe, with passages omitted in the delivery, and illustrative notes and documents , https://archive.org/download/addressbeforenew00sabi/addressbeforenew00sabi.pdf
Illustrations of the Croton aqueduct , https://archive.org/download/illustrationsofc00towe/illustrationsofc00towe.pdf
Life in Indiana at three score : a retrospect for the benefit of the Presbyterian Church of Lebanon , https://archive.org/download/lifeinindianaatt00bish_0/lifeinindianaatt00bish_0.pdf
The drama on crutches : a satire of the day , https://archive.org/download/dramaoncrutchess00snow/dramaoncrutchess00snow.pdf
A self defence : with a refutation of calumnies, misrepresentations, and fallacies, which have appeared in several public prints, evidently intended to convey false impressions of the Logierian diplomatic institution; as now established in England, Germany, France, Spain, East and West Indies, Africa &c.; also a review, of a pamphlet addressed to the musical world; three thousand copies of which have been circulated, says the author, to prevent the world from being imposed upon by Mr. Logier .. , https://archive.org/download/selfdefencewithr00brow/selfdefencewithr00brow.pdf
Memphis, Tenn., the bluff city : mistress of the valley of the Lower river. , https://archive.org/download/memphistennbluff00morr/memphistennbluff00morr.pdf
The pioneers : a tale of the western wilderness : illustrative of the adventures and discoveries of Sir Alexander Mackenzie , https://archive.org/download/pioneerstaleofwe72ball/pioneerstaleofwe72ball.pdf
Mission of Alethian Believers, called Shakers.. , https://archive.org/download/missionofalethia00holl/missionofalethia00holl.pdf
A statement of facts, relating to the claim of Major Moses White upon the United States, as executor of the late General Moses Hazen : including some considerations of its merits and an exposition of the report of a committee on this subject made 28th February 1820 , https://archive.org/download/statementoffacts00whit/statementoffacts00whit.pdf
An impartial view, of the causes leading this country [i.e. Ireland] to the necessity of an union : in which the two leading characters of the state are contrasted ; and in which is contained a reply to Cease your funning and Mr. Jebb , https://archive.org/download/impartialviewofc00grad/impartialviewofc00grad.pdf
Homes in Los Angeles City and County, and description thereof : with sketches of the four adjacent counties; being an answer to inquiries concerning their progress, attractions and resources , https://archive.org/download/homesinlosangele00mcph/homesinlosangele00mcph.pdf
Vol pt. 1: Allegro con grazia : Symphonie pathétique, op. 74 : für violoncello und pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/allegrocongrazia01tcha/allegrocongrazia01tcha.pdf
Vol v.3: Historia de la revolucion de la Republica de Colombia en la America Meridional , https://archive.org/download/historiadelarevo03rest/historiadelarevo03rest.pdf
[Benjamin Stone ledger, 1808-1818] [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/benjaminstoneled00ston/benjaminstoneled00ston.pdf
The Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital earnestly request of their fellow citizens a candid perusal of the following address , https://archive.org/download/trusteesofmassac1816mass/trusteesofmassac1816mass.pdf
Vol v.1, pt.2: La voyage dans la lune : 1875 , https://archive.org/download/lavoyagedanslalu12cont/lavoyagedanslalu12cont.pdf
[Programmes] : season 1 (Concert 1-5); 2 (Concert 2, 4) Dec. 17, 1919-April 27, 1921 , https://archive.org/download/programmesseason00bost/programmesseason00bost.pdf
Argument of the play Thermidor. : Drama in four acts , https://archive.org/download/argumentofplayth00sard/argumentofplayth00sard.pdf
By-laws of the Massachusetts General Hospital; with the rules and regulations established by the Board of Trustees for the government of the Asylum for the Insane in Charlestown and the hospital in Boston , https://archive.org/download/bylawsofmassachu1821mass/bylawsofmassachu1821mass.pdf
An apology for the life and conduct of Mrs. Mary Wrighten... , https://archive.org/download/apologyforlifeco00wool/apologyforlifeco00wool.pdf
Every man his own horse doctor , https://archive.org/download/everymanhisownho00arma/everymanhisownho00arma.pdf
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Big game hunting in Central Africa , https://archive.org/download/biggamehuntingin00buck/biggamehuntingin00buck.pdf
Action songs : with English and French words and explanatory text , https://archive.org/download/actionsongswithe00jaqu/actionsongswithe00jaqu.pdf
Faust: a grand fantastic ballet, in three acts and ten tableaux , https://archive.org/download/faustgrandfantas00rich/faustgrandfantas00rich.pdf
History as a teacher of social and political science : an address , https://archive.org/download/historyasteacher00post/historyasteacher00post.pdf
Practices and precepts of marketing prefabricated houses , https://archive.org/download/practicesprecept00beye/practicesprecept00beye.pdf
The surface geology of the basin of the Great Lakes and the valley of the Mississippi , https://archive.org/download/surfacegeologyof00newb/surfacegeologyof00newb.pdf
Merman & mermaid, grand operatic phantasmagoria (in opera and pantomime) Libretto , https://archive.org/download/mermanmermaidgra00hard/mermanmermaidgra00hard.pdf
The shortest route to California : illustrated by a history of explorations of the great basin of Utah with its topographical and geological character and some account of the Indian tribes , https://archive.org/download/shortestroutetoc00simp/shortestroutetoc00simp.pdf
Nahant : or The floure of souvenance. , https://archive.org/download/nahantortheflour00hart/nahantortheflour00hart.pdf
Menticulture and agriculture : or, what our schools should do for agriculture , https://archive.org/download/menticultureagri1881nort/menticultureagri1881nort.pdf
The ethics of the dust: fiction : fair and foul; the elements of drawing , https://archive.org/download/ethicsofdustfict00rusk/ethicsofdustfict00rusk.pdf
Louisa May Alcott, the children's friend , https://archive.org/download/louisamayalcottc00chen/louisamayalcottc00chen.pdf
Genesis and geology; or , : two records of creation ; a sermon preached in St. Peter's Church, Sherbrooke, on Sunday morning, January 28, 1877, , https://archive.org/download/genesisgeologyor00broc/genesisgeologyor00broc.pdf
Vocabulario castellano-chocoe (baudo-citarae) , https://archive.org/download/vocabulariocaste00pina/vocabulariocaste00pina.pdf
Confirmacion al consejo y hombres buenos del Castillo de las penas de San Pedro por el Rey Don Phelippe quarto deste nombre n[uest]ro senor de vn preui[legio] que tien en para no pagar Portazgos y otros Pechos , https://archive.org/download/confirmacionalco00spai/confirmacionalco00spai.pdf
Vol 1996: Introducing the Boston public schools: a guide for parents and students , https://archive.org/download/introducingbosto1996bost/introducingbosto1996bost.pdf
An Inquiry, but not a parliamentary inquiry into the past and present abuses of the Irish revenue, and into the plunder of the Irish patronage , https://archive.org/download/inquirybutnotpar00dubl/inquirybutnotpar00dubl.pdf
The South American War and the United States as arbitrator , https://archive.org/download/southamericanwar00newy/southamericanwar00newy.pdf
Histoire d'un regiment : la 32e demi-brigade (1775-1890) Lonato, 1796 - Les pyramides, 1798 - Friedland, 1807 - Sebastopol, 1855 ... , https://archive.org/download/histoiredunregim00pier/histoiredunregim00pier.pdf
An address, delivered at Chester, before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, on the 8th of November, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered1852arms/addressdelivered1852arms.pdf
Mistress Margery : a tale of the Lollards , https://archive.org/download/mistressmargeryt00holt/mistressmargeryt00holt.pdf
A walk through the Art-Treasures Exhibition at Manchester : under the guidance of Dr. Waagen... A companion of the official catalogue , https://archive.org/download/walkthrougharttr00waag/walkthrougharttr00waag.pdf
A brief history of the Rowe Street Baptist Church, Boston : with the declaration of faith, the church covenant, and list of members , https://archive.org/download/briefhistoryofro00rowe/briefhistoryofro00rowe.pdf
Note sur la crémation à Paris au 1er novembre 1893 , https://archive.org/download/notesurlacrmat00sein/notesurlacrmat00sein.pdf
Prospectus of the Female Seminary, at Wethersfield, Ct. , https://archive.org/download/prospectusoffema00emer/prospectusoffema00emer.pdf
Forty years at sea : or, A narrative of the adventures of William Nevens, being an authentic account of the vicissitudes, hardships, narrow escapes, shipwrecks and sufferings in a forty years' experience at sea , https://archive.org/download/fortyyearsatseao00neve/fortyyearsatseao00neve.pdf
A catalogue of the books, paintings, miniatures, drawings, prints, and various curiosities : the property of the late Samuel Ireland, Esq. ... : which will be sold by auction, by Leigh, Sotheby and Son, booksellers ... May 7, 1801; and seven following days .. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofbooks00leig/catalogueofbooks00leig.pdf
Vol v.2: A filha maldita : versao portugueza de Magalhaes , https://archive.org/download/filhamalditavers02rich/filhamalditavers02rich.pdf
On the lowest fossiliferous beds of North Wales , https://archive.org/download/onlowestfossilif00salt/onlowestfossilif00salt.pdf
Memorie di una prima attrice (Laura Bon) , https://archive.org/download/memoriediunaprim00jarr_0/memoriediunaprim00jarr_0.pdf
Gorges and the grant of the province of Maine, 1622 : a tercentenary manual , https://archive.org/download/gorgesgrantofpro00burr/gorgesgrantofpro00burr.pdf
The life of St. Columba, : the apostle and patron saint of the ancient Scots and Picts and joint patron of the Irish, commonly called Colum-Kille, the Apostle of the Highlands. , https://archive.org/download/lifeofstcolumbaa00smit/lifeofstcolumbaa00smit.pdf
Oeuvres vocales , https://archive.org/download/uvresvocales00bord/uvresvocales00bord.pdf
Maryland, independence, and the confederation. A paper read before the Maryland historical society, December 8th, 1890 , https://archive.org/download/marylandindepend00hull/marylandindepend00hull.pdf
Vol v.1: A filha maldita : versao portugueza de Magalhaes , https://archive.org/download/filhamalditavers01rich/filhamalditavers01rich.pdf
Sieben Lieder von Elisabeth Kulmann : zur Erinnerung an die Dichterin für eine Singstimme mit Begleitung des Pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/siebenliedervone00schu/siebenliedervone00schu.pdf
Remarks on the Tour around Hawaii, by the missionaries, Messrs. Ellis, Thurston, Bishop, and Goodrich, in 1823 , https://archive.org/download/remarksontouraro00sand/remarksontouraro00sand.pdf
Vol v.1: La rusticiade, ou, La guerre des Paysans en Lorraine : Laurentius Pilladius , https://archive.org/download/larusticiadeoula01pill/larusticiadeoula01pill.pdf
Recreations in history , https://archive.org/download/recreationsinhis00will/recreationsinhis00will.pdf
Arguments in favor of the freedom of immigration at the port of Boston, addressed to the Committee on state charities of the Massachusetts legislature, April, 1871 , https://archive.org/download/argumentsinfavor00hill/argumentsinfavor00hill.pdf
[Tributes of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, Massachusetts Commandery] , https://archive.org/download/tributesofmilita00mili/tributesofmilita00mili.pdf
Speech of Robert Wickliffe, in reply to the Rev. R.J. Breckenridge : delivered in the Court House, in Lexington, on Monday, the 9th November, 1840 , https://archive.org/download/speechofrobertwi40wick/speechofrobertwi40wick.pdf
The music in the serio comic opera of The maniac : or The Swiss banditti. Complete as performed by the Drury Lane Theatre Company at the Lyceum. , https://archive.org/download/musicinseriocomi00bish/musicinseriocomi00bish.pdf
Jerrold's guide to the exhibition [microform] : How to see the Art Treasures Exhibition: a guide, systematically arranged, to enable visitors to take a view, at once rapid and complete, of the art treasures palace. , https://archive.org/download/jerroldsguidetoe00artt/jerroldsguidetoe00artt.pdf
Protective inoculation against Asiatic cholera (an experimental study) , https://archive.org/download/protectiveinocul00stro/protectiveinocul00stro.pdf
Safety on the El : presentation of the Boston Elevated Railway for the Anthonoy N. Brady memorial medals award , https://archive.org/download/safetyonelpresen00bost/safetyonelpresen00bost.pdf
Albertus Magnus : being the approved, verified, sympathetic and natural Egyptian secrets, or, white and black art for man and beast : the book of the natural and the hidden secrets and mysteries of life unveiled, being the forbidden knowledge of ancient philosophers , https://archive.org/download/albertusmagnusbe00albe/albertusmagnusbe00albe.pdf
The pine lands and lumber trade of Michigan, exhibiting the extent, quality and advantages , https://archive.org/download/pinelandslumbert00unse/pinelandslumbert00unse.pdf
Remarks on the terms of the union , https://archive.org/download/remarksontermsof00brow/remarksontermsof00brow.pdf
Oh, slander not the South! or, Two Virginians , https://archive.org/download/ohslandernotsout00chsh/ohslandernotsout00chsh.pdf
A soldier's recollections of the Civil War , https://archive.org/download/soldiersrecollec00blac_0/soldiersrecollec00blac_0.pdf
The warm and the cold ages of the earth in the northern latitudes , https://archive.org/download/warmcoldagesofea00warn/warmcoldagesofea00warn.pdf
Vita et miracula B. Benedicti Sinigardi de Aretio Ord. Min. scripta per Nannem Aretinum a. 1302 , https://archive.org/download/vitaetmiraculabb00nani/vitaetmiraculabb00nani.pdf
The May book , https://archive.org/download/maybook00aria/maybook00aria.pdf
La Fayette's second expedition to Virginia in 1781. A paper read before the Maryland historical society, June 14th, 1886 , https://archive.org/download/lafayettessecond00alle/lafayettessecond00alle.pdf
Vol no. 1: A fatal infection by a hitherto undescribed chromogenic bacterium: Bacillus aureus ftidus. , https://archive.org/download/fatalinfectionby01herz/fatalinfectionby01herz.pdf
America first : a Boy Scout operetta : dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America , https://archive.org/download/americafirstboys00macf/americafirstboys00macf.pdf
Vol v.1: Institutes of natural and revealed religion : containing the elements of natural religion : to which is prefixed An essay on the best method of communicating religious knowledge to the members of Christian societies , https://archive.org/download/institutesofnatu01prie/institutesofnatu01prie.pdf
Address of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital to the public. .. , https://archive.org/download/addressofboardof00mass/addressofboardof00mass.pdf
Examination of the objections made in Britain against the doctrines of Gall and Spurzheim , https://archive.org/download/examinationofobj00spur/examinationofobj00spur.pdf
The treaty of Versailles, American opinion , https://archive.org/download/treatyofversaill00oldc_0/treatyofversaill00oldc_0.pdf
Vol 1900 Suppl. 10,11,12: Internationale Revue über die gesammten Armeen und Flotten , https://archive.org/download/internationalere1900101112witz/internationalere1900101112witz.pdf
D'un cahier inédit d'Eugénie de Guérin. [Pour chant et piano , https://archive.org/download/duncahierindit00milh/duncahierindit00milh.pdf
National hymns. : How they are written and how they are not written. A lyric and national study for the times , https://archive.org/download/nationalhymnshow00whit/nationalhymnshow00whit.pdf
Civil, religious, and Masonic services, at the laying of the corner stone of the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, July 4, 1818 , https://archive.org/download/civilreligiousma00mass/civilreligiousma00mass.pdf
Crowns for the valiant , https://archive.org/download/crownsforvaliant00birm/crownsforvaliant00birm.pdf
Der stille Portier : Berliner Lebensbild mit Gesang in einem Aufzug , https://archive.org/download/derstilleportier00wagn/derstilleportier00wagn.pdf
A concise historical account of the present constitution of the Protestant Church of the United Brethren adhering to the Confession of Augsburg. , https://archive.org/download/concisehistorica00span/concisehistorica00span.pdf
The gift , https://archive.org/download/gift1919mont/gift1919mont.pdf
Ravished Armenia , https://archive.org/download/ravishedarmenia00mard/ravishedarmenia00mard.pdf
Concert-Ouverture : Victoria : op. 14 , https://archive.org/download/concertouverture00mate/concertouverture00mate.pdf
Songs, chorusses, &c. in the new comic pantomime, called Harlequin & Fancy; or, The poet's last shilling , https://archive.org/download/songschorussesci00smar/songschorussesci00smar.pdf
Indian and Colonial Protestant Mission, formerly called the Anglo=Indian Protestant Mission , https://archive.org/download/indiancolonialpr00lond/indiancolonialpr00lond.pdf
A review of the important controversy between Dr. Carroll and the Rev. Messrs. Wharton and Hawkins. : including a defence of the conduct of Pope Clement XIV (Ganganelli) in suppressing a late religious order ... , https://archive.org/download/reviewofimportan00olea/reviewofimportan00olea.pdf
Notes on the grammar of the Bulgarian language .. , https://archive.org/download/notesongrammarof00rigg/notesongrammarof00rigg.pdf
Der Dom des heiligen Petrus zu Ko˜ln am Rhein , https://archive.org/download/derdomdesheilige00hasa/derdomdesheilige00hasa.pdf
Who's who in Jamestown , https://archive.org/download/whoswhoinjamesto00pric/whoswhoinjamesto00pric.pdf
Vol v.1: Das jüngste Gericht [manuscript] : Oratorium in drei Abtheilungen , https://archive.org/download/dasjngstegericht01spoh/dasjngstegericht01spoh.pdf
Alfred. : An epick poem. In 12 books. , https://archive.org/download/alfredepickpoemi00blac/alfredepickpoemi00blac.pdf
The Charlestown Navy Yard : a history of its development , https://archive.org/download/charlestownnavyy00lars/charlestownnavyy00lars.pdf
Programme of the Great Protestant Commemoration of the Victory of the Boyne, under King William the Third... : to be held in the Rotundo Gardens, Dublin, on Tuesday evening, the first of July, 1845 , https://archive.org/download/programmeofgreat00dubl/programmeofgreat00dubl.pdf
Escritos y composìciones musicales , https://archive.org/download/escritosycomposi00ponc/escritosycomposi00ponc.pdf
A Bunker Hill contest, A.D. 1826. : Between the Holy Alliance for the establishment of hierarchy, and ecclesiasitcal [sic] domination over the human mind, on the one side; and the asserters of free inquiry, bible religion, Christian freedom and civil liberty on the other. The Rev Charles Finney, home missionary, and high priest of the expeditions of the alliance in the interior of New-York; head quarters, county of Oneida. , https://archive.org/download/bunkerhillcontes00perk/bunkerhillcontes00perk.pdf
Souvenirs d'une artiste , https://archive.org/download/souvenirsduneart00sass/souvenirsduneart00sass.pdf
Something about California : being a description of its climate, health, wealth and resources, compressed into small compass. Marin county: its industries, roads ... and paragraphs describing the sanatarium [sic] of San Rafael .. , https://archive.org/download/somethingaboutca00gift/somethingaboutca00gift.pdf
Heldengesänge aus der Oper Tigranes , https://archive.org/download/heldengesngeausd00righ/heldengesngeausd00righ.pdf
Report of the commissioners, directed by the act of 17th April, 1826 : to visit the state-prison at Auburn. Made to the Senate, Jan. 13, 1827 , https://archive.org/download/reportofcommissi1827newy/reportofcommissi1827newy.pdf
Les noces de Dorine; ou, Hélène et Francique [sic] Opéra en quatre actes , https://archive.org/download/lesnocesdedorine00sart/lesnocesdedorine00sart.pdf
Vol v.1: Annali di Gabriel Giolito de'Ferrari : da trino di Monferrato ; stampatore in Venezia , https://archive.org/download/annalidigabrielg01bong_0/annalidigabrielg01bong_0.pdf
Brief history of the Massachusetts School Suffrage Association , https://archive.org/download/briefhistoryofma00slsn/briefhistoryofma00slsn.pdf
Poetical effusions , https://archive.org/download/poeticaleffusion00gold/poeticaleffusion00gold.pdf
An apology for the Baptist Church at Bingley. : To the Rev. John Jackson, moderator, of the several Baptist churches, of the Yorkshire and Lancashire Association, assembled at Hebden-Bridge, May 28th and 29th, 1828. , https://archive.org/download/apologyforbaptis00mkae/apologyforbaptis00mkae.pdf
Manual of the Congregational Church and Society in Owego, Tioga County, New York. September 1, 1874 , https://archive.org/download/manualofcongrega00mars/manualofcongrega00mars.pdf
Milk analyses , https://archive.org/download/milkanalyses00shar/milkanalyses00shar.pdf
[Suggestions on landscape gardening, combined with the description of their practical application in Muskau , https://archive.org/download/suggestionsonlan00puec/suggestionsonlan00puec.pdf
Maida's little house , https://archive.org/download/maidaslittlehous00gill/maidaslittlehous00gill.pdf
Relacion del espantable terremoto que agora nueuamente ha acontescido en las Yndias en vna ciudad llamada Guatimala : es cosa de grade admiracion y de grande exemplo para que todos nos enmedemos de nuestros peccados y estemos aprescibidos para quando Dios fuerere feruido de nos llamar. , https://archive.org/download/relaciondelespan00rodr_0/relaciondelespan00rodr_0.pdf
Remarks on the nature and extent of liberty, as compatible with the genius of civil societies; on the principles of government and the proper limits of its powers in free states; and on the justice and policy of the American War. Occasioned by perusing the obeservations of Dr. Price on these subjects. In a letter to a friend.. , https://archive.org/download/remarksonnaturee00blac/remarksonnaturee00blac.pdf
Baldassare Galuppi, 1706-1785 , https://archive.org/download/baldassaregalupp00wotq/baldassaregalupp00wotq.pdf
Historia de la conquista del Peru : con observaciones preliminares sobre la civilizacion de los Incas , https://archive.org/download/historiadelaconq00pres/historiadelaconq00pres.pdf
A letter to Aaron Burr, vice-president of the United States of America : on the barbarous origin : the criminal nature and the baneful effects of duels; occasioned by his late fatal interview with the deceased and much lamented General Alexander Hamilton. , https://archive.org/download/lettertoaaronbur00ladd/lettertoaaronbur00ladd.pdf
Some observations on the biology of the cholera spirillum , https://archive.org/download/someobservations00wher/someobservations00wher.pdf
Address delivered before the Governour and council, members of the legislature, and other patrons of the Massachusetts General Hospital. At King's Chapel, Boston, June 3, 1819 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered00sull/addressdelivered00sull.pdf
Health-exercise : the rationale and practice of the lifting-cure or health lift , https://archive.org/download/healthexercisera00jane/healthexercisera00jane.pdf
Vol v.1: Recollections, political, literary, dramatic, and miscellaneous, of the last half-century : containing anecdotes and notes of persons of various ranks prominent in their vocations, with whom the writer was personally acquainted , https://archive.org/download/recollectionspol01rich/recollectionspol01rich.pdf
Mystère des Trois Doms joué à Romans en 1509 : Documents relatifs aux représentations théatrales en Dauphiné de 1400 à 1535 , https://archive.org/download/mysteredestroisd00chev/mysteredestroisd00chev.pdf
Vol pt. 2: Allegro con grazia : Symphonie pathétique, op. 74 : für violoncello und pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/allegrocongrazia02tcha/allegrocongrazia02tcha.pdf
An experiment in industrial research , https://archive.org/download/experimentinindu00grea/experimentinindu00grea.pdf
Zdenko Fibich : Eine musikalische silhouette , https://archive.org/download/zdenkofibicheine00rich/zdenkofibicheine00rich.pdf
Catalogue of a choice collection of autographs ... : the whole forming the balance of stock belonging to Mr. T.H. Morrell ... to be sold by auction ... March 2d, 1868, and following days , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofchoic00leav/catalogueofchoic00leav.pdf
The first century of Dummer Academy. A historical discourse, delivered at Newbury, Byfield Parish, August 12, 1863. With an appendix , https://archive.org/download/firstcenturyofdu00clea/firstcenturyofdu00clea.pdf
Marathon and Chattanooga : address on Memorial Day, May 30, 1890, in the First Parish Church, Dorchester, before the Benj. Stone, Jr., post 68, G.A.R. , https://archive.org/download/marathonchattano00pier/marathonchattano00pier.pdf
Vol sc.+pt.: Haytian legend = Légende créole , https://archive.org/download/haytianlegendl00elie/haytianlegendl00elie.pdf
Speech of James M'Dowell, Jr. (of Rockbridge,) in the House of Delegates of Virginia, on the slave question ; delivered Saturday January 21, 1832 , https://archive.org/download/speechofjamesmdo32mcdo/speechofjamesmdo32mcdo.pdf
Deutsch-Afrika : Land und Leute, Handel und Wandel in unseren Kolonien , https://archive.org/download/deutschafrikalan00ober/deutschafrikalan00ober.pdf
Greenwood genealogies, 1154-1914 : the ancestry and descendants of Thomas Greenwood, of Newton, Massachusetts; Nathaniel and Samuel Greenwood, of Boston, Massachusetts; John Greenwood, of Virginia, and many later arrivals in America. Also the early history of the Greenwoods in England, and the arms they used , https://archive.org/download/greenwoodgenealo00gree_0/greenwoodgenealo00gree_0.pdf
Lecture before the Honolulu Lyceum, delivered at the Bethel Church, on the evening of March 12, 1858 , https://archive.org/download/lecturebeforehon00greg/lecturebeforehon00greg.pdf
Plea for the heathen, or, Heathenism ancient and modern , https://archive.org/download/pleaforheathenor00mass/pleaforheathenor00mass.pdf
The study of history : commended to the active classes of society ; a lecture delivered before the Bath Mechanic Association, December 4th, 1838 , https://archive.org/download/studyofhistoryco00palm/studyofhistoryco00palm.pdf
The objects, nature, and standard of ecclesiastical authority ... delivered November 28, 1839 , https://archive.org/download/objectsnaturesta00cunn/objectsnaturesta00cunn.pdf
The suppression of obscene literature , https://archive.org/download/suppressionofobs00bost/suppressionofobs00bost.pdf
A man mine equal , https://archive.org/download/manmineequal00stok/manmineequal00stok.pdf
Luzon campaign, from February to December, 1899 , https://archive.org/download/luzoncampaignfro00phil/luzoncampaignfro00phil.pdf
Vol v.1: Historia de la revolucion de la Republica de Colombia en la America Meridional , https://archive.org/download/historiadelarevo01rest/historiadelarevo01rest.pdf
Guia de Honduras , https://archive.org/download/guiadehonduras00somo/guiadehonduras00somo.pdf
Smith's first book in geography : an introductory geography designed for children. Illustrated with one hundred and twenty-six engravings, and twenty maps , https://archive.org/download/smithsfirstbooki00smit/smithsfirstbooki00smit.pdf
A pastoral Mass, for four voices, with an accompaniment for the organ , https://archive.org/download/pastoralmassforf00mahe/pastoralmassforf00mahe.pdf
Remarks on Dr. Wells his letter to a dissenting parishioner. : In a second letter to a friend , https://archive.org/download/remarksondrwells00peir/remarksondrwells00peir.pdf
[George Burroughs ledger, 1805-1807] [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/georgeburroughsl00burr/georgeburroughsl00burr.pdf
Clematis , https://archive.org/download/clematis00cobb/clematis00cobb.pdf
Vol v.2, pt.1: La voyage dans la lune : 1875 , https://archive.org/download/lavoyagedanslalu21cont/lavoyagedanslalu21cont.pdf
Le pitture di Pellegrino Tibaldi e di Niccolo Abbati esistenti nell' Instituto di Bologna , https://archive.org/download/lepitturedipelle00zano/lepitturedipelle00zano.pdf
Lessons on color in primary schools , https://archive.org/download/lessonsoncolorin00croc/lessonsoncolorin00croc.pdf
The impending fate of Trinity College, Dublin, considered , https://archive.org/download/impendingfateoft00dubl/impendingfateoft00dubl.pdf
The improved antidote, : supposed to be more active in expelling poison, than a late invention, by the Rev. Sir Harcourt Lees, Bart. in which the Catholics are vindicated from his abuse, and their claims for unrestricted emancipation, considered : addressed to the public , https://archive.org/download/improvedantidote00phil/improvedantidote00phil.pdf
Order of exercises at the Boston Music Hall, on Saturday evening, February 4th, 1865 : to celebrate the progress of freedom's great work in the United States of America , https://archive.org/download/orderofexercises00holm/orderofexercises00holm.pdf
Township organization for Illinois; or, Local self-government for the people , https://archive.org/download/townshiporganiza00farm/townshiporganiza00farm.pdf
Denison's minstrel and song catalogue , https://archive.org/download/denisonsminstrel00tsde/denisonsminstrel00tsde.pdf
Pew rents do not support churches , https://archive.org/download/pewrentsdonotsup00free/pewrentsdonotsup00free.pdf
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston : report on plans presented to the Building Committee , https://archive.org/download/museumoffinearts00stur/museumoffinearts00stur.pdf
The piano-forte primer; : containing the rudiments of music: calculated either for private tuition or teaching classes. , https://archive.org/download/pianoforteprimerc00burr/pianoforteprimerc00burr.pdf
Die persische Post und die Postwerthzeichen von Persien und Buchara , https://archive.org/download/diepersischepost00schu/diepersischepost00schu.pdf
Vol v.1: Twenty-five duets for two B́Ư cornets, two trombones or baritones, B́Ư cornet and trombone or B́Ư cornet and baritone , https://archive.org/download/twentyfiveduetsf01pren/twentyfiveduetsf01pren.pdf
Vol v.1: United States mail and post-office assistant, 1860-1872 , https://archive.org/download/unitedstatesmail01holb/unitedstatesmail01holb.pdf
Handbook and guide of The World in Boston : the first great exposition in America of home and foreign missions, held in Mechanics Building, April 22-May 20, 1911 , https://archive.org/download/handbookguideofw00bost/handbookguideofw00bost.pdf
Listen to my tale of woe : [song] , https://archive.org/download/listentomytaleof00smit/listentomytaleof00smit.pdf
La Symphonie en blanc majeur ; Marie Kalergis née c Nesselrode (1822-1874) , https://archive.org/download/lasymphonieenbla00phot/lasymphonieenbla00phot.pdf
Sequel to the First companion, to the chiroplast : being a succession of progressive lessons, grounded upon the harmonies of the early easy lessons in that work, so as to be played with them, in concert, by pupils more advanced in their studies , https://archive.org/download/sequeltofirstcom00logi/sequeltofirstcom00logi.pdf
Passion music : (according to the gospel of Saint Matthew) , https://archive.org/download/passionmusicacco00bach/passionmusicacco00bach.pdf
Advantages of Terre Haute, Indiana, as a point for manufactures, especially for the manufacture of iron and steel , https://archive.org/download/advantagesofterr00terr/advantagesofterr00terr.pdf
Manual of the First Congregational Church in Camden, N.Y., : with a historical discourse and a catalogue of the officers and members, July 1st 1876 , https://archive.org/download/manualoffirstcon00camd/manualoffirstcon00camd.pdf
The Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California in the city of New York : organized February 11th, 1875 .. , https://archive.org/download/associatedpionee00asso/associatedpionee00asso.pdf
Peoples Symphony Orchestra : press & programs 1930-33 , https://archive.org/download/peoplessymphonyo00peop_0/peoplessymphonyo00peop_0.pdf
Libel refuted : a reply to Greene's pamphlet , https://archive.org/download/libelrefutedrepl00main/libelrefutedrepl00main.pdf
Vol v.3: Log books, 1895-1908, 1915-1927 , https://archive.org/download/logbooks03camp/logbooks03camp.pdf
History of the ordination of Caleb D. Bradlee. : Also history of the thirtieth anniversary of his ordination. Monday, December 11, 1854, Thursday, December 11, 1884.. , https://archive.org/download/historyofordinat00unse/historyofordinat00unse.pdf
Through the Brazilian wilderness , https://archive.org/download/throughbrazilian00roos_0/throughbrazilian00roos_0.pdf
Vol 1890: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1890rama/reportofannualme1890rama.pdf
Fremde vo˜lker, ethnographische schilderungen aus der Alten und Neuen welt , https://archive.org/download/fremdevolkerethn00ober/fremdevolkerethn00ober.pdf
The history of Londonderry, comprising the towns of Derry and Londonderry, N.H. , https://archive.org/download/indextohistoryof00fisk/indextohistoryof00fisk.pdf
Tacoma to Anchorage and Kodiak via inside passage , https://archive.org/download/tacomatoanchorag00hans/tacomatoanchorag00hans.pdf
Vol no. 1: Act : An act to incorporate certain persons by the name of the Massachusetts General Hospital , https://archive.org/download/actacttoincorpor01mass/actacttoincorpor01mass.pdf
Pythagoras and the Delphic mysteries , https://archive.org/download/pythagorasdelphi00schu_0/pythagorasdelphi00schu_0.pdf
The chorus choir instruction book : for the instruction, training and practice of chorus choirs, singing classes, musical conventions, and singing associations , https://archive.org/download/choruschoirinstr00john/choruschoirinstr00john.pdf
The confessions of a magdalen : or, Some passages in the life of Experience Borgia, in letters to Forgiveness Mandeville, esq. .. , https://archive.org/download/confessionsofmag00borg/confessionsofmag00borg.pdf
A copy of a letter sent from Charles the 2d King of England to New England [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/copyoflettersent00char/copyoflettersent00char.pdf
El Secreto a voces , https://archive.org/download/elsecretovoces00cald/elsecretovoces00cald.pdf
Latin School Register , https://archive.org/download/latinschoolregis00bost/latinschoolregis00bost.pdf
The ancient Merrimack and its glaciers in Aphelion winter , https://archive.org/download/ancientmerrimack00lord/ancientmerrimack00lord.pdf
I awoke! : conditions of life on the other side communicated by automatic writing , https://archive.org/download/iawokeconditions00unse/iawokeconditions00unse.pdf
The pioneers : a tale of the western wilderness : illustrative of the adventures and discoveries of Sir Alexander Mackenzie , https://archive.org/download/pioneerstaleofwe1872ball/pioneerstaleofwe1872ball.pdf
In His name. A Christmas story , https://archive.org/download/inhisnamechristm00hale/inhisnamechristm00hale.pdf
My three conversations with Miss Chester , https://archive.org/download/mythreeconversat00perk/mythreeconversat00perk.pdf
The constitutional amendment , https://archive.org/download/constitutionalam00bene/constitutionalam00bene.pdf
Vol v.2: Log books, 1895-1908, 1915-1927 , https://archive.org/download/logbooks02camp/logbooks02camp.pdf
The ear-ring : an opera in one act , https://archive.org/download/earringoperainon00schi/earringoperainon00schi.pdf
A letter concerning Mr. Henry Irving addressed to E.R.H , https://archive.org/download/letterconcerning00yori/letterconcerning00yori.pdf
Studi sui monumenti della Italia meridionale dal IVo al XIIIo secolo , https://archive.org/download/studisuimonument00sala_0/studisuimonument00sala_0.pdf
The presentence investigation report , https://archive.org/download/presentenceinves00unit/presentenceinves00unit.pdf
Specimens of type in use by S.W. Green's Son , https://archive.org/download/specimensoftypei00swgr/specimensoftypei00swgr.pdf
Transposition reader , https://archive.org/download/transpositionrea00fael/transpositionrea00fael.pdf
Two nursery rhymes , https://archive.org/download/twonurseryrhymes00blis/twonurseryrhymes00blis.pdf
Agricultural education : historically considered , https://archive.org/download/agriculturaleduc00scot/agriculturaleduc00scot.pdf
Vol pt. 2: Haytian legend = Légende créole , https://archive.org/download/haytianlegendl02elie/haytianlegendl02elie.pdf
The bridal lay : a cantata with pianoforte accompaniment in commemoration of the marriage of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh to The Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrova of Russia , https://archive.org/download/bridallaycantata00roge/bridallaycantata00roge.pdf
War, police, and watch dogs , https://archive.org/download/warpolicewatchdo00rich/warpolicewatchdo00rich.pdf
Critique on the first performance of young Roscious : at Covent Garden Theatre, on Saturday Dec. 1 ; as it appeared in the British Press (newspaper) on Monday, Dec. 3, 1804 , https://archive.org/download/critiqueonfirstp00brit/critiqueonfirstp00brit.pdf
Improvising : a simple method of teaching the subject to children of average ability , https://archive.org/download/improvisingsimpl00home/improvisingsimpl00home.pdf
Vol v.2: La rusticiade, ou, La guerre des Paysans en Lorraine : Laurentius Pilladius , https://archive.org/download/larusticiadeoula02pill/larusticiadeoula02pill.pdf
An oration on the duties and the requirements of an American officer : delivered before the Dialectic Society of the United States Military Academy at West Point, N. Y., June 5, 1852 , https://archive.org/download/orationondutiesr00hamm/orationondutiesr00hamm.pdf
Catalogue of the Robinson collection of autographs ... : to be sold at auction, Thursday, June 17, 1886 .. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofrobin00bang/catalogueofrobin00bang.pdf
Contes populaires des Bassoutos : (Afrique du sud) , https://archive.org/download/contespopulaires00jaco/contespopulaires00jaco.pdf
Letter from General Crook on giving the ballot to Indians , https://archive.org/download/letterfromgenera00croo/letterfromgenera00croo.pdf
Address of the committee of Saint Mary's Church of Philadelphia to their brethern of the Roman Catholic faith throughout the United States of America on the subject of a reform of sundry abuses in the administration of our church discipline , https://archive.org/download/addressofcommitt00stma/addressofcommitt00stma.pdf
The Westminster play : its actors and its visitors , https://archive.org/download/westminsterplayi00oldw/westminsterplayi00oldw.pdf
Securing better classroom teaching; observations on the results of district conferences between county superintendents and the state department ... , https://archive.org/download/securingbettercl00indi/securingbettercl00indi.pdf
Semiramide : a serious opera, in two acts , https://archive.org/download/semiramideseriou00ross/semiramideseriou00ross.pdf
A reminiscence of the troublous times of April, 1861 : based upon interviews with the authorities at Washington, touching the movement of troops through Baltimore. A paper read before the Maryland Historical Society, March 9th, 1891 , https://archive.org/download/reminiscenceoftr00harr/reminiscenceoftr00harr.pdf
Out of doors in Tsarland : a record of the seeings and doings of a wanderer in Russia , https://archive.org/download/outofdoorsintsar00whis/outofdoorsintsar00whis.pdf
Via media: : a peaceful and permanent settlement of the slavery question. , https://archive.org/download/viamediapeaceful00will/viamediapeaceful00will.pdf
Max Liebermann : holla˜ndisches Skizzenbuch , https://archive.org/download/maxliebermannhol00bieo/maxliebermannhol00bieo.pdf
Notable men of Washington , https://archive.org/download/notablemenofwash00unse/notablemenofwash00unse.pdf
Report of the Committee on the comparative health, mortality, length of sentences, &c., of white and colored convicts , https://archive.org/download/reportofcommitte1849phil/reportofcommitte1849phil.pdf
Vol v.1: Pianoforte album : a collection of beautiful compositions , https://archive.org/download/pianofortealbumc01bohm/pianofortealbumc01bohm.pdf
Vol 2: The Scotch-Irish : or, The Scot in North Britain, north Ireland, and North America , https://archive.org/download/scotchirishorsco02hann_1/scotchirishorsco02hann_1.pdf
A Handy-book on the law of the drama and music : being an exposition of the law of ... dramatic copyright ... the law affecting theatres; and the law relating to music, dancing, and professional engagements; with the statutes, forms, &c., .. , https://archive.org/download/handybookonlawof00unse/handybookonlawof00unse.pdf
Off to the war! : an original farce for the times in one act , https://archive.org/download/offtowaroriginal00wool/offtowaroriginal00wool.pdf
Campaign of Mrs. Julia Silk, of Ann Arbor, Mich. : with a concise account of the principal events of the Rebellion of '61 to '65 , https://archive.org/download/campaignofmrsjul00silk/campaignofmrsjul00silk.pdf
The companion to a walk through the Art Treasures Exhibition of paintings and engravings at Old Trafford Palace [microform] , https://archive.org/download/companiontowalkt00artt/companiontowalkt00artt.pdf
A narrative of the proceedings of the Associate (Antiburgher) Synods, in Ireland and Scotland : in the affair of the royal bounty with remains on ordination , https://archive.org/download/narrativeofproce00bryc/narrativeofproce00bryc.pdf
A rural special subjects centre , https://archive.org/download/ruralspecialsubj00grea/ruralspecialsubj00grea.pdf
Latest styles music boxes , https://archive.org/download/lateststylesmusi00sand/lateststylesmusi00sand.pdf
An historical, descriptive, and biographical handbook to the exhibition of the United Kingdom's Art Treasures, at Manchester, 1857, , https://archive.org/download/historicaldescri00morr/historicaldescri00morr.pdf
Vol vol.3: Troy and Rensselaer county, New York; a history , https://archive.org/download/troyrensselaerco03hayn/troyrensselaerco03hayn.pdf
Twelve postludes or concluding voluntaries for the organ , https://archive.org/download/twelvepostludeso00vinc/twelvepostludeso00vinc.pdf
Historical discourse on the rise and progress of the First Congregational Church, of St. Albans, Vermont , https://archive.org/download/historicaldiscou00dutc/historicaldiscou00dutc.pdf
Vol v.2: Annali di Gabriel Giolito de'Ferrari : da trino di Monferrato ; stampatore in Venezia , https://archive.org/download/annalidigabrielg02bong_0/annalidigabrielg02bong_0.pdf
The history, present position, and social importance of Friendly societies : including Oddfellowship, and other affiliated provident institutions of the working classes ; comprising the gradual development of the science termed vital statistics ... a refutation of several popular objections ; suggestions for the equitable adjustment of past error, and for future development and expansion , https://archive.org/download/historypresentpo00hard/historypresentpo00hard.pdf
Vol v. 1-2: A bibliography of printed documents and books relating to the Darien Company , https://archive.org/download/bibliographyofpr12scot/bibliographyofpr12scot.pdf
The Parasite, or, How to make one's fortune : a comedy in five acts after the French of Picard , https://archive.org/download/parasiteorhowtom00pica/parasiteorhowtom00pica.pdf
A full report of al the speeches made at the late parish meeting of St. Molly, Newingtown ... , https://archive.org/download/fullreportofalsp00scra/fullreportofalsp00scra.pdf
What the piano writings of Edward MacDowell mean to the piano student , https://archive.org/download/whatpianowriting00adam/whatpianowriting00adam.pdf
The rose of Salency : an operetta , https://archive.org/download/roseofsalencyope00mast/roseofsalencyope00mast.pdf
The great locomotive chase : a history of the Andrews railroad raid into Georgia in 1862 , https://archive.org/download/greatlocomotivec00pitt_1/greatlocomotivec00pitt_1.pdf
[Adams, Benjamin, real estate record book] [manuscript], 1824-1841 , https://archive.org/download/adamsbenjaminrea00adam/adamsbenjaminrea00adam.pdf
Mass in C of the Annunciation for 4 voices with an accompaniment for the organ or piano forte , https://archive.org/download/massincofannunci00baet/massincofannunci00baet.pdf
Vol v.2: Das jüngste Gericht [manuscript] : Oratorium in drei Abtheilungen , https://archive.org/download/dasjngstegericht02spoh/dasjngstegericht02spoh.pdf
Our national dangers, real and unreal : oration delivered before Harvard chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa, in Sanders Theatre, Thursday, June 29, 1899 , https://archive.org/download/ournationaldange00bona/ournationaldange00bona.pdf
Transposition by clef : New England Conservatory course in transposition used in connection with the general sight-reading course , https://archive.org/download/transpositionbyc00rice/transpositionbyc00rice.pdf
A little maid of Boston town , https://archive.org/download/littlemaidofbost00sidn/littlemaidofbost00sidn.pdf
The city of Indianapolis ; its advantages as a manufacturing and trading point : Report to the Common Council of Indianapolis, July 16, 1870 , https://archive.org/download/cityofindianapol00brow/cityofindianapol00brow.pdf
Rezitativ und Arie der Zerbinetta , https://archive.org/download/ariadne00stra/ariadne00stra.pdf
Vol v.2, pt.2: La voyage dans la lune : 1875 , https://archive.org/download/lavoyagedanslalu22cont/lavoyagedanslalu22cont.pdf
Hammond's handy atlas of the world : containing new maps of each state and territory in the United States and of every country in the world , https://archive.org/download/hammondshandyatl00csha_0/hammondshandyatl00csha_0.pdf
August Eduard Grell , https://archive.org/download/augusteduardgrel00bell/augusteduardgrel00bell.pdf
The 50th anniversary of the organization of the First Congregational Church, of Jamestown, N.Y. : sermon, historical sketch, addresses, &c , https://archive.org/download/50thanniversaryo00rous/50thanniversaryo00rous.pdf
Vol v.2: Institutes of natural and revealed religion : containing the elements of natural religion : to which is prefixed An essay on the best method of communicating religious knowledge to the members of Christian societies , https://archive.org/download/institutesofnatu02prie/institutesofnatu02prie.pdf
Relacion de las fiestas qve el comercio, y consulado de los mercaderes de Lima, : celebrò al nacimiento del príncipe nuestro señor don Baltasar Carlos de Austria, à postrero de Diziembre, año de mil y seisciẽtos y treinta , https://archive.org/download/relaciondelasfie00unse/relaciondelasfie00unse.pdf
Last letters from the living dead man , https://archive.org/download/lastlettersfroml00bark/lastlettersfroml00bark.pdf
Spiritualism and Sir Oliver Lodge , https://archive.org/download/spiritualismsiro00merc/spiritualismsiro00merc.pdf
L'Italiana in Algeri : a comic opera in two acts : as represented, for the first time, at the King's Theatre, in the Haymarket, Tuesday, January 26, 1819 , https://archive.org/download/litalianainalger00anel/litalianainalger00anel.pdf
Pensée des morts , https://archive.org/download/penseedesmorts00lama/penseedesmorts00lama.pdf
What can we do by our votes for the good of the schools? , https://archive.org/download/whatcanwedobyour00mass/whatcanwedobyour00mass.pdf
The three weavers : a fairy tale for fathers and mothers as well as for their daughters , https://archive.org/download/threeweaversfair00john/threeweaversfair00john.pdf
The old vicarage : a novel , https://archive.org/download/oldvicaragenovel00hubb/oldvicaragenovel00hubb.pdf
The Dorchester book : illustrated , https://archive.org/download/dorchesterbookil00elli/dorchesterbookil00elli.pdf
Oratorio lyrique : les amours des anges , https://archive.org/download/oratoriolyriquel00mich/oratoriolyriquel00mich.pdf
The new science of controlled breathing , https://archive.org/download/newscienceofcont00lank/newscienceofcont00lank.pdf
2 passacaglias , https://archive.org/download/2passacaglias00scot/2passacaglias00scot.pdf
Picturesque and architectural New England ... Descriptive, picturesque, architectural , https://archive.org/download/picturesquearchi00warr/picturesquearchi00warr.pdf
Vol v.1, pt.1: La voyage dans la lune : 1875 , https://archive.org/download/lavoyagedanslalu11cont/lavoyagedanslalu11cont.pdf
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Le Beatrici Francescane : Giacomina de' Settesoli , https://archive.org/download/lebeatricifrance00nedi/lebeatricifrance00nedi.pdf
By-laws of the Boston Art Students' Association , https://archive.org/download/bylawsofbostonar00bost/bylawsofbostonar00bost.pdf
La Vedette, maison de Viollet-le-Duc, a Lausanne , https://archive.org/download/lavedettemaisond00oura/lavedettemaisond00oura.pdf
Poems inspired by certain pictures at the Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester [microform] , https://archive.org/download/poemsinspiredbyc00artt/poemsinspiredbyc00artt.pdf
Upon the resources of the great Appalachian basin : a paper prepared for the committee of the United States Senate appointed under the resolutions of July 2, 1884 , https://archive.org/download/uponresourcesofg00stea/uponresourcesofg00stea.pdf
Catalogue of autograph letters collected by Mr. H.F. Phinney, of Cooperstown, N.Y , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofautog00bang/catalogueofautog00bang.pdf
Vol v.2: United States mail and post-office assistant, 1860-1872 , https://archive.org/download/unitedstatesmail02holb/unitedstatesmail02holb.pdf
Letters and advice to young girls and young ladies : on dress, education, marriage, their sphere, influence, women's work, women's rights, &c., &c. Selected from the writings of John Ruskin , https://archive.org/download/lettersadvicetoy00rusk/lettersadvicetoy00rusk.pdf
Loyalty, a voice from the sanctuary, concerning the civil war , https://archive.org/download/loyaltyvoicefrom00elme/loyaltyvoicefrom00elme.pdf
California, her wealth and resources : with many interesting facts respecting the climate and people, the offical [sic] and other correspondence of the day relating to the gold region: Colonel Mason's report, and all that part of the president's message having reference to the country in which these vast discoveries have been made : also, a memorial offered in Congress, in relation to the proposed railroad to the Pacific Ocean , https://archive.org/download/californiaherwea00sher/californiaherwea00sher.pdf
Reception of the Oneida Volunteers at the City of New York, June, 1861 , https://archive.org/download/receptionofoneid00yale/receptionofoneid00yale.pdf
Letters which have appeared in the Japan Daily Herald. , https://archive.org/download/letterswhichhave00pfou/letterswhichhave00pfou.pdf
Jephté : tragedie tirée de l'Ecriture Sainte : représentée pour la première fois, par l'Accademie Royale de Musique, le jeudy 28. fevrier 1732 , https://archive.org/download/jephtetragedieti00mont/jephtetragedieti00mont.pdf
Should Irishmen be conscripted? , https://archive.org/download/shouldirishmenbe00lond/shouldirishmenbe00lond.pdf
Annals of the Minnesota Historical Society, 1852 : containing the annual address of J.H. Simpson and other papers , https://archive.org/download/annalsofminnesot00minn/annalsofminnesot00minn.pdf
Picturesque Rhode Island : pen and pencil sketches of the scenery and history its cities, towns, and hamlets, and of men who have made them famous , https://archive.org/download/picturesquerhode00munr_1/picturesquerhode00munr_1.pdf
Catalogue of the paintings, statuary, casts, bronzes, &c. of the Corcoran Gallery of Art , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofpaint00corc_3/catalogueofpaint00corc_3.pdf
The Fudge family in Washington , https://archive.org/download/fudgefamilyinwas00nimr/fudgefamilyinwas00nimr.pdf
Jack and the beanstalk : a comic cantata for use outside the nursery , https://archive.org/download/jackbeanstalkcom00roge/jackbeanstalkcom00roge.pdf
Occasional verses , https://archive.org/download/occasionalverses00gree/occasionalverses00gree.pdf
The practical defeat of the abolition act, by colonial legislation and stipendiary magistrates , https://archive.org/download/practicaldefeato00birm/practicaldefeato00birm.pdf
The art of golf : by W.G. Simpson , https://archive.org/download/artofgolfbywgsim00simp/artofgolfbywgsim00simp.pdf
Constitution and by-laws of the Boston Art Students' Association , https://archive.org/download/constitutionbyla00bost_0/constitutionbyla00bost_0.pdf
Catalogue of the Milton collection of autographs ... : to be sold at auction, June 1st and 2d, 1886 by Bangs & Co , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofmilto00bang/catalogueofmilto00bang.pdf
A new and complete preceptor for the violin : with a favorite selection of airs, marches &c , https://archive.org/download/newcompleteprece00unse/newcompleteprece00unse.pdf
A story of Pequot Swamp : and, An incident of Mill River (now Southport) in ye olden time , https://archive.org/download/storyofpequotswa00ridg/storyofpequotswa00ridg.pdf
In memory of Henry Thomas Ellett , https://archive.org/download/inmemoryofhenryt00unse/inmemoryofhenryt00unse.pdf
A competition to select an architect for the new city hall in the government center of the city of Boston , https://archive.org/download/competitiontosel00bost/competitiontosel00bost.pdf
Elementos de musica , https://archive.org/download/elementosdemusic00eliz/elementosdemusic00eliz.pdf
The early days and rapid growth of California .. , https://archive.org/download/earlydaysrapidgr00peab/earlydaysrapidgr00peab.pdf
Tracollo : jntermede en deux actes , https://archive.org/download/tracollojntermed00perg/tracollojntermed00perg.pdf
Over Indian and animal trails , https://archive.org/download/overindiananimal00thom/overindiananimal00thom.pdf
Vol v.2: Pianoforte album : a collection of beautiful compositions , https://archive.org/download/pianofortealbumc02bohm/pianofortealbumc02bohm.pdf
Development of the easterly portion of Boston common in relation to the State house approaches , https://archive.org/download/developmentofeas00shur/developmentofeas00shur.pdf
Lo que ciega una passión a una muger despechada , https://archive.org/download/loqueciegaunapas00rami/loqueciegaunapas00rami.pdf
Boating life at Oxford. : With notes on Oxford training and rowing at the universities , https://archive.org/download/boatinglifeatoxf00unse/boatinglifeatoxf00unse.pdf
Afectos de odio y amor : comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/afectosdeodioyam00cald/afectosdeodioyam00cald.pdf
El nuevo viajero universal en Ameŕica, o ́sea, historia de viajes sobre el estado polit́ico, eclesiaśtico y militar del Peru moderno ... , https://archive.org/download/elnuevoviajeroun00mye/elnuevoviajeroun00mye.pdf
Vol 1891: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1891rama/reportofannualme1891rama.pdf
Milestones on the road to freedom in Massachusetts : ceremonies at the presentation by the Speaker Hon. Christian A. Herter of the historical murals painted by Mr. Albert Herter in the House of Representatives, December 16, 1942 , https://archive.org/download/milestonesonroad00hert/milestonesonroad00hert.pdf
Vol v.2: Final general management plan and environmental impact statement : Gettysburg National Military Park , https://archive.org/download/finalgeneralmana02unit/finalgeneralmana02unit.pdf
Going hungry in America : report , https://archive.org/download/goinghungryiname00kenn/goinghungryiname00kenn.pdf
Vol 1894: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1894rama/reportofannualme1894rama.pdf
Class book : 25th anniversary , https://archive.org/download/classbook25thann00mass/classbook25thann00mass.pdf
From coast to coast with Jack London , https://archive.org/download/fromcoasttocoast00livi/fromcoasttocoast00livi.pdf
Vol 1896: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1896rama/reportofannualme1896rama.pdf
Pablo : ou, La vie dans les Pampas , https://archive.org/download/pablooulaviedans00garc/pablooulaviedans00garc.pdf
Il matrimonio segreto : or, The secret marriage : a comic opera in two acts , https://archive.org/download/ilmatrimoniosegr00cima_14/ilmatrimoniosegr00cima_14.pdf
Mass of the Assumption, for 4 voices, with an accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte, etc. , https://archive.org/download/massofassumption00baet/massofassumption00baet.pdf
No hay burlas con el amor , https://archive.org/download/nohayburlasconel00cald/nohayburlasconel00cald.pdf
Vol v.3: Institutes of natural and revealed religion : containing the elements of natural religion : to which is prefixed An essay on the best method of communicating religious knowledge to the members of Christian societies , https://archive.org/download/institutesofnatu03prie/institutesofnatu03prie.pdf
Il fanatico per la musica : a comic opera in two acts : as represented at the King's Theatre Opera-house , https://archive.org/download/ilfanaticoperlam00mayr_0/ilfanaticoperlam00mayr_0.pdf
Choate & Flanders account book : manufacture of shoes] [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/choateflandersac00choa/choateflandersac00choa.pdf
Witch Winnie at Shinnecock, or, The King's daughters in a summer art school , https://archive.org/download/witchwinnieatshi00cham/witchwinnieatshi00cham.pdf
Pearls for young ladies : from the later works of John Ruskin, including letters and advice on education, dress, marriage, influence, work, rights & c , https://archive.org/download/pearlsforyoungla00rusk_0/pearlsforyoungla00rusk_0.pdf
The overture & most admired songs & duetts in the last new opera of the Circassian bride : as performed at the late Theatre Royal Drury Lane , https://archive.org/download/overturemostadmi00bish/overturemostadmi00bish.pdf
Etude de céramique Arveno-Romaine , https://archive.org/download/etudedeceramique00plic/etudedeceramique00plic.pdf
California : letters from Joseph F. Cronelly, to Henry Burbidge, Galway , https://archive.org/download/californialetter00cron/californialetter00cron.pdf
Articles of faith and covenant of the Park Street Church, Boston : With rules and regulations , https://archive.org/download/articlesoffaithc00park_1/articlesoffaithc00park_1.pdf
The place of dreams : four stories , https://archive.org/download/placeofdreamsfou00barr/placeofdreamsfou00barr.pdf
Unite de la voix. : Methode synthetique du chant et de la parole , https://archive.org/download/unitedelavoixmet00haba/unitedelavoixmet00haba.pdf
The outdoor girls of Deepdale : or, Camping and tramping for fun and health , https://archive.org/download/outdoorgirlsofde00hope/outdoorgirlsofde00hope.pdf
Vol 1895: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1895rama/reportofannualme1895rama.pdf
Concerto per cembalo o pianoforte con vvni., viole, oboe corni da caccia e basso ; [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/concertopercemba00pais/concertopercemba00pais.pdf
Wind and wave : selected tales , https://archive.org/download/windwaveselected00shar/windwaveselected00shar.pdf
Vol 2: Official history of New Zealand's effort in the great war , https://archive.org/download/officialhistoryo02unse_0/officialhistoryo02unse_0.pdf
Education of the young voice : a scientific and practical system of voice culture , https://archive.org/download/educationofyoung00bass/educationofyoung00bass.pdf
La clemenza di Tito ; or The clemency of Titus : a serious opera, in two acts , https://archive.org/download/laclemenzaditito00meta_0/laclemenzaditito00meta_0.pdf
Now is the time of Christymas (XVth century.) : Carol for men's voices, flute and piano , https://archive.org/download/nowistimeofchris00baxa/nowistimeofchris00baxa.pdf
The Overture, songs, two duetts, & glees, in Shakspeare's comedy of errors, performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden , https://archive.org/download/overturesongstwo00bish/overturesongstwo00bish.pdf
Il ritorno di Serse : a serious opera in two acts : as represented at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket , https://archive.org/download/ilritornodiserse00port/ilritornodiserse00port.pdf
[Smith family account book : agriculture and cottage industry] [manuscript], 1806-1831 , https://archive.org/download/smithfamilyaccou00smit/smithfamilyaccou00smit.pdf
The Indian club exercise. : With explanatory figures and positions. Photographed from life; also, general remarks on physical culture. Illustrated with portraitures of celebrated athletes ... , https://archive.org/download/indianclubexerci00keho_0/indianclubexerci00keho_0.pdf
A lady's voyage round the world , https://archive.org/download/ladysvoyageround00pfei/ladysvoyageround00pfei.pdf
Are we a nation? , https://archive.org/download/arewenation00jmbu/arewenation00jmbu.pdf
The Anti-slavery cause of today , https://archive.org/download/antislaverycause00stor/antislaverycause00stor.pdf
Jock of the bushveld , https://archive.org/download/jockofbushveld00fitz_0/jockofbushveld00fitz_0.pdf
Cossack tales , https://archive.org/download/cossacktales00gogo/cossacktales00gogo.pdf
Impressions of Sinn Fein in America : an account of eighteen months' Irish propaganda in the United States , https://archive.org/download/impressionsofsin00shee/impressionsofsin00shee.pdf
Vol v.4: Log books, 1895-1908, 1915-1927 , https://archive.org/download/logbooks04camp/logbooks04camp.pdf
The Instrumental director : containing rules for all musical instruments in common use, laid down in a plain and concise manner : to which is added a variety of instrumental music of the richest and most popular kind extant : a part of which was never before published in this country , https://archive.org/download/instrumentaldire00good/instrumentaldire00good.pdf
Vol 1892: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1892rama/reportofannualme1892rama.pdf
[Photographs of exhibits at Boston exposition.] , https://archive.org/download/photographsofexh00unse_0/photographsofexh00unse_0.pdf
Jsméne : pastorale heroique representée devant le Roy sur le Théatre des petits appartemens a Versailles en 1747 et 1748 et par l'Academie royale de musique le 18 aoust 1750. , https://archive.org/download/jsmenepastoraleh00rebe/jsmenepastoraleh00rebe.pdf
Register of the commissioned officers of the Eleventh regiment of Pennsylvania cavalry volunteers. : From the organization of the regiment ... 1861, to the time of its muster-out on the thirteenth day of August, 1865 ... Historical memoranda of the regiment .. , https://archive.org/download/registerofcommis00unse_0/registerofcommis00unse_0.pdf
Order of exercises at the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the dedication 1828. 1878. of the South Congregational Church, Boston, : on Sunday afternoon, February 3, 1878 , https://archive.org/download/orderofexercises00sout/orderofexercises00sout.pdf
Galop , https://archive.org/download/galop00nati/galop00nati.pdf
Positivspelarens son : svenskt original , https://archive.org/download/positivspelarens00schw/positivspelarens00schw.pdf
A prospectus of Walnut Grove School, Troy, N.Y. .. , https://archive.org/download/prospectusofwaln00waln/prospectusofwaln00waln.pdf
The last cruise of ''The Wanderer'' , https://archive.org/download/lastcruiseofthew00webs/lastcruiseofthew00webs.pdf
[Photographs of exhibits at Boston exposition.] , https://archive.org/download/photographsofexh00unse/photographsofexh00unse.pdf
The Harvard Musical Association, 1837-1912 , https://archive.org/download/harvardmusicalas00harv/harvardmusicalas00harv.pdf
Kolonialerziehung des deutschen Volkes : leitende Ideen und Material , https://archive.org/download/kolonialerziehun00preu/kolonialerziehun00preu.pdf
The decadent : being the gospel of inaction: wherein are set forth in romance form certain reflections touching the curious characteristics of these ultimate years, and the divers causes thereof , https://archive.org/download/decadentbeinggos00cram/decadentbeinggos00cram.pdf
Patriotism that registers : how to obtain and use it in motion pictures and slides , https://archive.org/download/patriotismthatre00bogg/patriotismthatre00bogg.pdf
Indian club-swinging : one, two, and three club juggling , https://archive.org/download/indianclubswingi00mill/indianclubswingi00mill.pdf
Catalogue of W. Brotherhead's collection of over seventeen hundred autographs , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofwbrot00leav/catalogueofwbrot00leav.pdf
[Phillips, Jacob, maritime account book] [manuscript], 1819-1839 , https://archive.org/download/phillipsjacobmar00phil/phillipsjacobmar00phil.pdf
Plant studies for artists, designers, and art students , https://archive.org/download/plantstudiesfora00hait/plantstudiesfora00hait.pdf
Vol t.3: Œuvres completes de S. Alphonse de Liguori , https://archive.org/download/uvrescompletesde03ligu/uvrescompletesde03ligu.pdf
Two missions of Jacques de La Brosse : an account of the affairs of Scotland in the year 1543 : and the Journal of the siege of Leith, 1560 , https://archive.org/download/twomissionsofjac00dick/twomissionsofjac00dick.pdf
Vol 1893: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1893rama/reportofannualme1893rama.pdf
Memorandum for the secretary of war on currency and exchange in the Philippines, prepared in the Division of customs and insular affairs , https://archive.org/download/memorandumforsec00unit/memorandumforsec00unit.pdf
Old houses of the antient town of Norwich, 1660-1800 , https://archive.org/download/oldhousesofantie00perk_1/oldhousesofantie00perk_1.pdf
Two discourses on the subject of the war between the U. States and Mexico : preached in the Second Presbyterian Church, in Springfield, on Sabbath, 11th July, 1847 , https://archive.org/download/twodiscoursesons00hale/twodiscoursesons00hale.pdf
Letters on the religious revivals which prevailed about the beginning of the present century. , https://archive.org/download/lettersonreligio00port/lettersonreligio00port.pdf
1538-1900 : the ancestry and the descendants of John Pratt of Hartford, Conn , https://archive.org/download/15381900ancestry00whit/15381900ancestry00whit.pdf
Appeal to the Christians of America by the Christians of Armenia , https://archive.org/download/appealtochristia00phil/appealtochristia00phil.pdf
The church in the Roman empire before A.D. 170 , https://archive.org/download/churchinromanemp00rams_0/churchinromanemp00rams_0.pdf
Marche des petits soldats de plomb : pour orchestre, op. 14, no. 6 , https://archive.org/download/marchedespetitss00pier/marchedespetitss00pier.pdf
The United-States Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. Inaugurated Dec. 17, 1870. Charles P. Herrick, founder , https://archive.org/download/unitedstatescons00bost/unitedstatescons00bost.pdf
The history of the eastern expeditions of 1689, 1690, 1692, 1696, and 1704 : against the Indians and French. ... With an introduction and notes by Henry Martyn Dexter , https://archive.org/download/historyofeastern00chur_0/historyofeastern00chur_0.pdf
Quantas veo, tantas quiero. , https://archive.org/download/quantasveotantas00vill/quantasveotantas00vill.pdf
Vol v.4: Historia de la revolucion de la Republica de Colombia en la America Meridional , https://archive.org/download/historiadelarevo04rest/historiadelarevo04rest.pdf
What to see and where to see it; or, the Operative's guide to the Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857.. , https://archive.org/download/whattoseewhereto00manc/whattoseewhereto00manc.pdf
Annotazioni pacifiche di un parroco cattolico a monsignor vescovo di Pistoja e Prato sopra la sua lettera pastorale de' 5 ottobre 1787 al clero e popolo della città e diocesi di Prato , https://archive.org/download/annotazionipacif00marc/annotazionipacif00marc.pdf
Indexes--A.S. Hudson's History of Sudbury, Massachusetts & the Annals of Sudbury, Wayland, & Maynard , https://archive.org/download/indexesashudsons00sudb/indexesashudsons00sudb.pdf
Lobo, Rag, and Vixen, and pictures , https://archive.org/download/loboragvixenpict00seto_0/loboragvixenpict00seto_0.pdf
Vol 1898: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1898rama/reportofannualme1898rama.pdf
Report of the Commissioners to manage the Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa big tree grove, for the years 1866-7 , https://archive.org/download/reportofcommissi00cali_0/reportofcommissi00cali_0.pdf
Vol vol.1: Troy and Rensselaer county, New York; a history , https://archive.org/download/troyrensselaerco01hayn/troyrensselaerco01hayn.pdf
Leon Battista Alberti und seine Bauten von Fritz Schumacher , https://archive.org/download/leonbattistaalbe00schu/leonbattistaalbe00schu.pdf
Bureau of information , https://archive.org/download/bureauofinformat00phil/bureauofinformat00phil.pdf
An address delivered at Concord, before the New-Hampshire historical society, at their annual meeting, June 8, 1831 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered1831athe/addressdelivered1831athe.pdf
Benicia (Calf.). : Synopsis of reasons why it should be made a port of entry , https://archive.org/download/beniciacalfsynop00unse/beniciacalfsynop00unse.pdf
Prométhée enchainé. : Scènes d'après Eschyle , https://archive.org/download/prometheeenchain00hale/prometheeenchain00hale.pdf
Montesquieu's Considerations on the cause of the grandeur and declension of the Roman Empire , https://archive.org/download/montesquieuscons00mont/montesquieuscons00mont.pdf
Canti scelti , https://archive.org/download/cantiscelti00whit/cantiscelti00whit.pdf
The next United States Senator from Pennsylvania , https://archive.org/download/nextunitedstates00phil/nextunitedstates00phil.pdf
Chants populaires des Franco-Americains , https://archive.org/download/chantspopulaires00viau/chantspopulaires00viau.pdf
Lisuart und Dariolette, oder Die Frage und die Antwort : eine romantisch-comische Oper , https://archive.org/download/lisuartunddariol00hill/lisuartunddariol00hill.pdf
Our relations with the insurgents prior to the fall of Manila : were promises made? , https://archive.org/download/ourrelationswith00phil/ourrelationswith00phil.pdf
Pastorale : Quintette pour instruments a vent, Op. 14, no. 1 , https://archive.org/download/pastoralequintet00pier/pastoralequintet00pier.pdf
Historic structures report: old north church, architectural data, Boston national historical park, Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/historicstructur00unit_0/historicstructur00unit_0.pdf
Blackmar's collection of southern melodies containing the rudiments of music, and plain instructions for the accordeon : together with a complete collection of the most admired southern airs, marches, quicksteps galops [etc.] .. , https://archive.org/download/blackmarscollect00blac/blackmarscollect00blac.pdf
The new court house : laying the corner stone last Thursday, a large crowd and imposing ceremonies, adress , https://archive.org/download/newcourthouselay00wall/newcourthouselay00wall.pdf
Literary recreations, or, Essays, criticisms and poems : chiefly written in India , https://archive.org/download/literaryrecreati00rich/literaryrecreati00rich.pdf
Las armas de la hermosura , https://archive.org/download/lasarmasdelaherm00cald/lasarmasdelaherm00cald.pdf
A discourse pronounced at the Capitol of the United States : in the Hall of Representatives, before the American Historical Society, January 30, 1836 , https://archive.org/download/discoursepronoun1836cass/discoursepronoun1836cass.pdf
The life and times of Alfred the Great : being the Ford lectures for 1901 , https://archive.org/download/lifetimesofalfre00plum/lifetimesofalfre00plum.pdf
Massachusetts Bay tercentenary : Guide to Salem, 1630, Forest River park, Salem, Massachusetts, June 12 to September 1, 1930; manual for participants and spectators at the Pageant of the arrival of Governor Winthrop in the ship Arbella, June 12, 1630 , https://archive.org/download/massachusettsbay00sale/massachusettsbay00sale.pdf
Ledger, 1852-1859 , https://archive.org/download/ledger1852185900prat/ledger1852185900prat.pdf
Life from a wheeled chair , https://archive.org/download/lifefromwheeledc00wate/lifefromwheeledc00wate.pdf
Manual of information and direction for the use of the Ref. Protestant Dutch Church of Schraalenbergh , https://archive.org/download/manualofinformat00gord/manualofinformat00gord.pdf
Vol 1992x: Aviation mechanic general written test book , https://archive.org/download/aviationmechani1992unit_1/aviationmechani1992unit_1.pdf
Elegie , https://archive.org/download/elegie00vill/elegie00vill.pdf
The under dogs , https://archive.org/download/underdogs00foot/underdogs00foot.pdf
The atonement : a discourse delivered at the ordination of Rev. Amos D. Wheeler, over the First Church and Parish at Standish, Maine, Jan. 14, 1835 , https://archive.org/download/atonementdiscour00peab/atonementdiscour00peab.pdf
Paris; during the interesting month of July, 1815. A series of letters, addressed to a friend in London , https://archive.org/download/parisduringinter00fell/parisduringinter00fell.pdf
Estimates of damages on Fort Hill , https://archive.org/download/estimatesofdamag00bost/estimatesofdamag00bost.pdf
Studi sui monumenti della Italia meridionale dal IVo al XIIIo secolo , https://archive.org/download/studisuimonument00sala/studisuimonument00sala.pdf
The Beethoven collection of sacred music : comprising themes now arranged from the instrumental compositions of Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, and other eminent composers; and original tunes, chants, and anthems: the whole harmonized in four parts, with an accompaniment for the organ. To which is prefixed a new method of instruction in the rudiments of music, and the art of reading with intonation , https://archive.org/download/beethovencollect00ives/beethovencollect00ives.pdf
Report upon the blasting operations at Lime Point, California, in 1868 and 1869 , https://archive.org/download/reportuponblasti00unit/reportuponblasti00unit.pdf
Vol 1989 Draft: The harborpark plan , https://archive.org/download/harborparkplan1989bost/harborparkplan1989bost.pdf
Memorial of the consecration of St. James' Church, Syracuse, N.Y. : being the rector's sixth New Year's offering to his parishioners , https://archive.org/download/memorialofconsec00unse/memorialofconsec00unse.pdf
Before the Hon. Philip F. Thomas, Commissioner of Patents : in the matter of the application of Elias Howe, Jr., for an extension of his patent for sewing machines : testimony taken on the part of the applicant, Elias Howe, Jr , https://archive.org/download/beforehonphilipf00howe/beforehonphilipf00howe.pdf
The Malay Archipelago : the land of the orang-utan, and the bird of paradise : a narrative of travel, with studies of man and nature , https://archive.org/download/malayarchipelago00wall_1/malayarchipelago00wall_1.pdf
Historical tales for young Protestants , https://archive.org/download/historicaltalesf00cros/historicaltalesf00cros.pdf
Letter on the subject of prejudice against colour amongst the Society of Friends in the United States , https://archive.org/download/letteronsubjecto00grim/letteronsubjecto00grim.pdf
Manual of the First Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis : together with a history of the same, from its organization in July, 1823, to November 12, 1876 , https://archive.org/download/manualoffirstpre00gree_0/manualoffirstpre00gree_0.pdf
Letters of John Quincy Adams to his son, on the Bible and its teachings , https://archive.org/download/lettersofjohnqui00adam/lettersofjohnqui00adam.pdf
Hastings's Church music, or, Musical compositions for devotional use : in choirs, congregations, families, and religious circles. Collected from various publications and carefully revised , https://archive.org/download/hastingsschurchm00hast/hastingsschurchm00hast.pdf
Por acrisolar su honor, competidor hijo, y padre : comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/poracrisolarsuho00cani/poracrisolarsuho00cani.pdf
The constitution of the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of the State of New York and Adjacent States and Countries : revised and adopted in the General Synod, Sept. 3, A.D. 1816 , https://archive.org/download/constitutionofe00evan/constitutionofe00evan.pdf
Vol 1897: Report of annual meeting of the Ramabai Association, held .. , https://archive.org/download/reportofannualme1897rama/reportofannualme1897rama.pdf
Vol v.4: Twenty-five duets for two B́Ư cornets, two trombones or baritones, B́Ư cornet and trombone or B́Ư cornet and baritone , https://archive.org/download/twentyfiveduetsf04pren/twentyfiveduetsf04pren.pdf
Zélindor roi des silphes : divertissement représenté a Versailles devant sa majest ́les mercredy 17 et 24 mars, et par l'Academie royal de musique, le mardy 10 aoust 1745, mis en musique , https://archive.org/download/zelindorroidessi00rebe/zelindorroidessi00rebe.pdf
Traité des différentes sortes de preuves qui servent à établir la vérité de l'histoire , https://archive.org/download/traitedesdiffere00grif/traitedesdiffere00grif.pdf
[Letters by Charles Folsom and others relating to the librarianship and administration of the Library] , https://archive.org/download/lettersbycharles00bost/lettersbycharles00bost.pdf
Plans of systematic beneficence : prepared for the use of the churches, by a Special Committee of the General Assembly of 1869 , https://archive.org/download/plansofsystemati00pres/plansofsystemati00pres.pdf
Norwich university. : Her history, her graduates, her roll of honor , https://archive.org/download/norwichuniversit00elli/norwichuniversit00elli.pdf
Vol vol.2: Troy and Rensselaer county, New York; a history , https://archive.org/download/troyrensselaerco02hayn/troyrensselaerco02hayn.pdf
[Ellis, Luther expense book : voyage to Europe from Boston] [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/ellislutherexpen00elli/ellislutherexpen00elli.pdf
The refugee problem and the absorptive capacity of Palestine : a memorandum submitted to the officers of the Intergovernmental Committee for Refugees on the occasion of its session in Washington, D.C. , https://archive.org/download/refugeeproblemab00amer/refugeeproblemab00amer.pdf
Home, sweet home , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_4/homesweethome00bish_4.pdf
Vol v.2: Der Sieg des Kreuzes , https://archive.org/download/dersiegdeskreuze02riot/dersiegdeskreuze02riot.pdf
Letters on demonology and witchcraft, addressed to J.G. Lockhart , https://archive.org/download/lettersondemonol00scot_1/lettersondemonol00scot_1.pdf
G. Francesco Malipiero , https://archive.org/download/gfrancescomalipi00mali/gfrancescomalipi00mali.pdf
American Art Association of Paris , https://archive.org/download/americanartassoc00wuer/americanartassoc00wuer.pdf
La Semiramide : a serious opera in two acts as represented at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket , https://archive.org/download/lasemiramideseri00port/lasemiramideseri00port.pdf
Selections from the writings of Jesse Harding Pomeroy : life prisoner since 1874 , https://archive.org/download/selectionsfromwr00pome/selectionsfromwr00pome.pdf
La dieta di Mantova e la politica de' veneziani , https://archive.org/download/ladietadimantova00pico/ladietadimantova00pico.pdf
A book of chants , https://archive.org/download/bookofchants00foot/bookofchants00foot.pdf
Anglo-Saxon bishops, kings and nobles : the succession of the bishops and the pedigrees of the kings and nobles. , https://archive.org/download/anglosaxonbishop00sear_0/anglosaxonbishop00sear_0.pdf
Report of the State Convention held at the Capitol in the City of Albany, : to select suitable candidates for president and vice-president of the United States of America , https://archive.org/download/reportofstatecon00newy/reportofstatecon00newy.pdf
Vol 1: Benefactores y hombres notables de Puerto Rico : bocetos biograficos-criticos, con un estudio sobre nuestros gobernadores generales , https://archive.org/download/benefactoresyhom01neum/benefactoresyhom01neum.pdf
La fertilizzazione del suolo e la questione sociale : Contributo di studi all'economia sociale , https://archive.org/download/lafertilizzazion00rezz/lafertilizzazion00rezz.pdf
Concerto (E moll) fu˜r Pianoforte mit Begleitung des Orchesters, Op. 11 , https://archive.org/download/concertoemollfur00chop/concertoemollfur00chop.pdf
Notes on a work entitled A narrative of facts, &c. : issued by New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (larger body), with observations on the separation in Swanzey Monthly Meeting : and on the census : also, remarks on a letter from J.J. Gurney , https://archive.org/download/notesonworkentit00manc/notesonworkentit00manc.pdf
3 melodies pour une voix avec accompagnement de piano , https://archive.org/download/3melodiespourune00indy/3melodiespourune00indy.pdf
Constitution and by-laws of Emmanuel Church, in the City of Boston, : adopted at a meeting held Easter Monday, April 9, 1860 , https://archive.org/download/constitutionbyla00emma/constitutionbyla00emma.pdf
Seeking an armistice : April and May, 1899 , https://archive.org/download/seekingarmistice00phil/seekingarmistice00phil.pdf
Letter of the state geologist relative to the progress of the State Geologist Survey, during the years 1866-1867 , https://archive.org/download/letterofstategeo00geol_0/letterofstategeo00geol_0.pdf
Agricultural engineering in India : irrigation , https://archive.org/download/agriculturalengi00nico/agriculturalengi00nico.pdf
Common sense applied to the immigrant question : showing why the California Immigrant Union was founded and what it expects to do , https://archive.org/download/commonsenseappli00hopk/commonsenseappli00hopk.pdf
Report of the Louisville Refugee , https://archive.org/download/reportoflouisvil00loui/reportoflouisvil00loui.pdf
Bacchus prens pitie des buveurs [manuscript] , https://archive.org/download/bacchusprenspiti00unse/bacchusprenspiti00unse.pdf
Suggestions as to the conduct of a mission , https://archive.org/download/suggestionsastoc00soci/suggestionsastoc00soci.pdf
Memoir of John Lang Bickersteth , https://archive.org/download/memoirofjohnlang00bick/memoirofjohnlang00bick.pdf
The house of Lisronan , https://archive.org/download/houseoflisronan00alex/houseoflisronan00alex.pdf
Roman aqueducts and fountains / by S. Russell Forbes. , https://archive.org/download/romanaqueductsfo00forb/romanaqueductsfo00forb.pdf
The green fairy book , https://archive.org/download/greenfairybook00lang_0/greenfairybook00lang_0.pdf
Grand sonata for organ. Op.25 , https://archive.org/download/grandsonataforor00whit/grandsonataforor00whit.pdf
Our dead : a sermon , https://archive.org/download/ourdeadsermon00seis/ourdeadsermon00seis.pdf
Il crociato in Egitto : heroic melodrama , https://archive.org/download/ilcrociatoinegit00ross/ilcrociatoinegit00ross.pdf
History of the Massachusetts Normal Art School, 1873-4 to 1923-4 , https://archive.org/download/historyofmassach00dean/historyofmassach00dean.pdf
Flood hazard evaluation, Moose River, Concord, Vermont , https://archive.org/download/floodhazardevalu00unit/floodhazardevalu00unit.pdf
Act of incorporation reports of the Rochester Water Works Company. : Financial Agents for the sale of the Bonds, Utley & Dougherty, Bankers & Brokers.. , https://archive.org/download/actofincorporati00roch/actofincorporati00roch.pdf
Camp-fires in the Canadian Rockies , https://archive.org/download/campfiresincanad00horn_0/campfiresincanad00horn_0.pdf
Letter of the state geologist relative to the progress of the State Geologist Survey, during the years 1864-1865 , https://archive.org/download/letterofstategeo00geol/letterofstategeo00geol.pdf
Three sketches : for the pianoforte , https://archive.org/download/threesketchesfor00brid/threesketchesfor00brid.pdf
Die Musik : Eine Cantate mit Solo-Stimmen und Chören und mit Begleitung des Piano Forte , https://archive.org/download/diemusikeinecant00nisl/diemusikeinecant00nisl.pdf
Beasts, men and gods , https://archive.org/download/beastsmengods00osse_1/beastsmengods00osse_1.pdf
Address of the superintendent of public instruction of the state of California : Hon. John Swett ; before the State Teachers' Institute, held in San Francisco, May 7th, 1867 , https://archive.org/download/addressofsuperin00swet/addressofsuperin00swet.pdf
Aristopia : a romance-history of the New World , https://archive.org/download/aristopiaromance00holf/aristopiaromance00holf.pdf
An account of the trial, on 14th June, 1703, before the court of Queen's Bench, Dublin, of the Reverend Thomas Emlyn, : for a publication against the doctrine of the trinity ... , https://archive.org/download/accountoftrialon00math/accountoftrialon00math.pdf
Tenure of church property , https://archive.org/download/tenureofchurchpr00chap/tenureofchurchpr00chap.pdf
A memoir on the life and character of the Rev. Prince Demetrius A. de Gallitzin : founder of Loretto and catholicity, in Cambria county, Pa., apostle of the Alleghanies , https://archive.org/download/memoironlifechar00heyd_0/memoironlifechar00heyd_0.pdf
La virtuosa in Mergellina : dramma giocoso in musica da rappresentarsi nel Regio Teatro dell'Accademia degli Avvalorati in Livorno il carnevale dell'anno 1793 , https://archive.org/download/lavirtuosainmerg00gugl/lavirtuosainmerg00gugl.pdf
Das erste Schuljahr bei fremdsprachigen Kindern , https://archive.org/download/dasersteschuljah00schw/dasersteschuljah00schw.pdf
Fernando Cortez, oder, Die Eroberung von Mexiko : grosse heroische Oper in drei Auszugen , https://archive.org/download/fernandocortezod00cast/fernandocortezod00cast.pdf
Vol v.2: Twenty-five duets for two B́Ư cornets, two trombones or baritones, B́Ư cornet and trombone or B́Ư cornet and baritone , https://archive.org/download/twentyfiveduetsf02pren/twentyfiveduetsf02pren.pdf
La métempsicose. : Comédie mise en musique , https://archive.org/download/lametempsicoseco00mour/lametempsicoseco00mour.pdf
Hark! the curfew; a glee , https://archive.org/download/harkcurfewglee00attw/harkcurfewglee00attw.pdf
A handbook on the steam engine with especial reference to small and medium-sized engines for the use of the engine makers, mechanical draughtsmen, engineering students, and users of steam power , https://archive.org/download/handbookonsteame00haed_0/handbookonsteame00haed_0.pdf
Where black rules white : a journey across and about Hayti , https://archive.org/download/whereblackrulesw00pric_0/whereblackrulesw00pric_0.pdf
Paris in 1815. : a poem , https://archive.org/download/parisin1815poem00crol/parisin1815poem00crol.pdf
The president of Quex : a woman's club story , https://archive.org/download/presidentofquexw00wins/presidentofquexw00wins.pdf
Official papers presented by His Majesty's command to both houses of Parliament, on Wednesday, the 18th of May, 1803 : relative to the negociation between Great Britain and the French government , https://archive.org/download/officialpaperspr00grea/officialpaperspr00grea.pdf
Vol v.1: Log books, 1895-1908, 1915-1927 , https://archive.org/download/logbooks01camp/logbooks01camp.pdf
At the closed door : being the true and faithful account of an experiment in propria persona of the treatment accorded of the pauper emigrants in New York Harbour by the officials of the American democracy , https://archive.org/download/atcloseddoorbein00sher/atcloseddoorbein00sher.pdf
The music in Cortez, or, The conquest of Mexico : historical drama in three acts, performed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden , https://archive.org/download/musicincortezorc00bish_0/musicincortezorc00bish_0.pdf
Lettera pastorale di monsignor vescovo di Pistoja e Prato al clero e popolo della città e diocesi di Prato , https://archive.org/download/letterapastorale00cath/letterapastorale00cath.pdf
Thomas Joy and his descendants : in the lines of his sons Samuel of Boston, Joseph of Hingham, Ephraim of Berwick; a portfolio of family papers , https://archive.org/download/thomasjoyhisdesc00joyj_0/thomasjoyhisdesc00joyj_0.pdf
Saffo : ossia i riti d'Apollo Leucadio , https://archive.org/download/saffoossiairitid00mayr/saffoossiairitid00mayr.pdf
Loan exhibition of one hundred masterpieces : Copley Hall, March fifth, to March twenty-eighty, MDCCCXCVII , https://archive.org/download/loanexhibitionof00bost/loanexhibitionof00bost.pdf
Reports on the Vienna universal exhibition , https://archive.org/download/reportsonviennau00blak_0/reportsonviennau00blak_0.pdf
La mas constante muger : comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/lamasconstantemu00pere/lamasconstantemu00pere.pdf
Vol 1: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou01mulf/yourforceshowtou01mulf.pdf
Les theatres de Paris : histoire des delassements-comiques, par deux habitues de l'endroit , https://archive.org/download/lestheatresdepar00prev/lestheatresdepar00prev.pdf
Home! sweet home, song , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomeson00bish/homesweethomeson00bish.pdf
Les arts meconnus. : Les Nouveaux Musees du Trocadero .. , https://archive.org/download/lesartsmeconnusl00sold_0/lesartsmeconnusl00sold_0.pdf
Why are the Hawaiians dying out? or, Elements of disability for survival among the Hawaiian people , https://archive.org/download/whyarehawaiiansd00bish_0/whyarehawaiiansd00bish_0.pdf
La vestale = The vestal : a serious opera in two acts : as represented at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket , https://archive.org/download/lavestalevestals00puci/lavestalevestals00puci.pdf
Historical sketch of the First Presbyterian Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana : with early reminiscences of the place : a lecture before the congregation, October 16, 1881, the semi-centennial of its organization , https://archive.org/download/historicalsketch00will_0/historicalsketch00will_0.pdf
The grouse. : Natural history, by H. A. Macpherson , https://archive.org/download/grousenaturalhis00macp/grousenaturalhis00macp.pdf
Beautifying country homes. : A handbook of landscape gardening. Illustrated by plans of places already improved , https://archive.org/download/beautifyingcount00weid/beautifyingcount00weid.pdf
Address delivered on the dedication of Magnolia Cemetery, on the 19th November, 1850 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered00fras/addressdelivered00fras.pdf
An appeal to the West Parish , https://archive.org/download/appealtowestpari00unse/appealtowestpari00unse.pdf
The Haverhill aqueduct : its history ... and relationship to the city , https://archive.org/download/haverhillaqueduc00have/haverhillaqueduc00have.pdf
Essays on physiognomy : designed to promote the knowledge and the love of mankind , https://archive.org/download/essaysonphysiogn00lava/essaysonphysiogn00lava.pdf
The Union as it was , https://archive.org/download/unionasitwas00unse/unionasitwas00unse.pdf
La Donna del lago. The lady of the lake : a melo-dramatic opera in two acts. First performed at the King's Theatre, February 18, 1823. , https://archive.org/download/ladonnadellagola00ross/ladonnadellagola00ross.pdf
Listen to my tale of woe, or, Johnny Jones and his sister Sue : sung with great success by Mr. Francis Wilson , https://archive.org/download/listentomytaleof00smit_0/listentomytaleof00smit_0.pdf
The pleasure garden : [fiction] , https://archive.org/download/pleasuregardenfi00sand/pleasuregardenfi00sand.pdf
Lord Berners , https://archive.org/download/lordberners00unse/lordberners00unse.pdf
Le trophée : divertissement à loccasion de la victoire de Fontenoi, mis en musique , https://archive.org/download/letropheediverti00rebe/letropheediverti00rebe.pdf
Vol v.2: Souvenirs, impressions, pensees et paysages, pendant un voyage en Orient (1832-1833), ou, Notes d'un voyageur , https://archive.org/download/souvenirsimpress02lama/souvenirsimpress02lama.pdf
Physic and delusion, or, Jezebel and the doctors : a farce in two acts , https://archive.org/download/physicdelusionor00pind/physicdelusionor00pind.pdf
Vol 1990x: Aviation mechanic powerplant question book , https://archive.org/download/aviationmechanic1990unit/aviationmechanic1990unit.pdf
Vol v.5: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes05hass/hassescomictunes05hass.pdf
Letters of a man of the times, to the citizens of Baltimore. : , https://archive.org/download/lettersofmanofti00kenn/lettersofmanofti00kenn.pdf
Mathilde von Guise : eine Oper in drey Aufzu˜gen : nach dem Franzo˜sischen fu˜r die k.k. Hoftheater bearbeitet , https://archive.org/download/mathildevonguise00humm/mathildevonguise00humm.pdf
Vol 1: Official history of New Zealand's effort in the great war , https://archive.org/download/officialhistoryo01unse_0/officialhistoryo01unse_0.pdf
Exposicion clara y berdadera que hace la viuda Dña. Angela Castro, : referente á la causa que al presente sigue contra el Español Don Juan Antonio Ochayta.. , https://archive.org/download/exposicionclaray00cast/exposicionclaray00cast.pdf
The relative value of round and sawn timber : shown by means of tables and diagrams with explanatory remarks , https://archive.org/download/relativevalueofr00rait/relativevalueofr00rait.pdf
An album of nine songs for soprano or tenor , https://archive.org/download/albumofninesongs00korn/albumofninesongs00korn.pdf
Joconde : ou, Les coureurs d'aventures : opera comique en trois actes , https://archive.org/download/jocondeoulescour00etie/jocondeoulescour00etie.pdf
Fingir y amar. , https://archive.org/download/fingiryamar00more_0/fingiryamar00more_0.pdf
God's work in the world the last fifty years. : A discourse preached at Franklin, Indiana, November 29, 1874. , https://archive.org/download/godsworkinworldl00tutt/godsworkinworldl00tutt.pdf
Farandole : pour petit orchestre, op. 14, no. 2 , https://archive.org/download/farandolepourpet00pier/farandolepourpet00pier.pdf
Camilla : a tragic-comic opera , https://archive.org/download/camillatragiccom00paer/camillatragiccom00paer.pdf
The heroine of Raab : a serious opera in two acts : as represented at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket on the 4th of April, 1815 , https://archive.org/download/heroineofraabser00ferr/heroineofraabser00ferr.pdf
La Vestale = The vestal : a serious opera in two acts : as represented at The King's Theatre in the Hay-Market for the benefit of Madame Catalani, May 3, 1810 : the music entirely new, and composed here , https://archive.org/download/lavestalevestals00puci_0/lavestalevestals00puci_0.pdf
Ekonomicheskoe polozhenie Persii. : Otchet chinovnika osobykh poruchenii Departamenta torgovli i manufaktur M. L. Tomara , https://archive.org/download/ekonomicheskoepo00toma/ekonomicheskoepo00toma.pdf
France, Mexico, and the Confederate States , https://archive.org/download/francemexico00mmch/francemexico00mmch.pdf
Records relating to American prisoners of war and missing-in-action personnel from the Korean Conflict and during the Cold War era , https://archive.org/download/recordsrelatingt00unit/recordsrelatingt00unit.pdf
La fe no ha menester armas, y venida del inglés a Cadiz : comedia famosa , https://archive.org/download/lafenohamenester00herr/lafenohamenester00herr.pdf
International information and cultural series , https://archive.org/download/internationalinf00unit/internationalinf00unit.pdf
Vol v.3: Twenty-five duets for two B́Ư cornets, two trombones or baritones, B́Ư cornet and trombone or B́Ư cornet and baritone , https://archive.org/download/twentyfiveduetsf03pren/twentyfiveduetsf03pren.pdf
the future of the country , https://archive.org/download/futureofcountry00aekr/futureofcountry00aekr.pdf
Vol 1994x: Aviation mechanic powerplant written test book , https://archive.org/download/aviationmechanic1994unit/aviationmechanic1994unit.pdf
Memoirs and memories , https://archive.org/download/memoirsmemories00earl/memoirsmemories00earl.pdf
La tenerezza = withhold thy tears, love , https://archive.org/download/latenerezzawithh00bram/latenerezzawithh00bram.pdf
Glimpses of the next state : (the education of an agnostic) , https://archive.org/download/glimpsesofnextst00moor/glimpsesofnextst00moor.pdf
Vol 1: The Scotch-Irish : or, The Scot in North Britain, north Ireland, and North America , https://archive.org/download/scotchirishorsco01hann_0/scotchirishorsco01hann_0.pdf
Il Cinese : mista d'incanto così mi piace, aria e duetto , https://archive.org/download/ilcinesemistadin00sell/ilcinesemistadin00sell.pdf
Temperance pictorial songster [microform] , https://archive.org/download/temperancepictor00fitz/temperancepictor00fitz.pdf
His evil eye : or, Sybil's trials , https://archive.org/download/hisevileyeorsybi00hanc/hisevileyeorsybi00hanc.pdf
Moore's common-place book and journal [manuscript], ca. 1803 , https://archive.org/download/moorescommonplac00moor/moorescommonplac00moor.pdf
Decade sermons : two historical discourses occasioned by the close of the first ten years' ministry in California, preached in the Howard Street Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, March, 1859 , https://archive.org/download/decadesermonstwo00will/decadesermonstwo00will.pdf
Vol v.1: The whole genuine works of Flavius Josephus, the learned and authentic Jewish historian, and celebrated warrior. : Translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition Containing: I. Twenty books of the Jewsih antiquites; with the life of Josephus, written by himself. II. Seven books of the Jewish war. III. Two books against Apion. IV. An extract out of Josephus' Exhortation to the Greeks, concerning Hades and the resurrection of the dead, Together with large notes, proper observations, and an index. To which are added, three dissertations, concerning, I. The testimonies of Josephus vindicated. II. God's command to Abraham to offer up Isaac, his son, for a sacrifice. III. Tacitus' accounts of the Jewish nation and of the particulars of the last Jewish war. With a complete table of the Jewish coins, weights, and measures , https://archive.org/download/wholegenuinework01jose/wholegenuinework01jose.pdf
Words and music of Klaw & Erlanger's production of Gen. Lew Wallace's Ben-Hur , https://archive.org/download/wordsmusicofklaw00kell/wordsmusicofklaw00kell.pdf
Sir Henry Bessemer, F.R.S. : An autobiography , https://archive.org/download/sirhenrybessemer00bess/sirhenrybessemer00bess.pdf
Official report of the proceedings , https://archive.org/download/officialreportof00repu_0/officialreportof00repu_0.pdf
Catalogue of the private library of the late Judge Davis ... : to be sold by auction, by Joseph Leonard, auctioneer ... July 20, 21, 22, & 23 .. , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofpriva00davi/catalogueofpriva00davi.pdf
The fall of Portugal, or, The royal exiles : a tragedy in five acts , https://archive.org/download/fallofportugalor00pind/fallofportugalor00pind.pdf
Emancipation oration , https://archive.org/download/emancipationorat00ezra/emancipationorat00ezra.pdf
Vol v.1: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes01hass/hassescomictunes01hass.pdf
Vol 1891 v.1 no.4 Apr: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthly1891unse/phonogrammonthly1891unse.pdf
Relacion del espantable terremoto que agora nueuamente ha acontescido en las Yndias en vna ciudad llamada Guatimala : es cosa de grade admiracion y de grande exemplo para que todos nos enmedemos de nuestros peccados y estemos aprescibidos para quando Dios fuerere seruido de nos llamar , https://archive.org/download/relaciondelespan00rodr/relaciondelespan00rodr.pdf
Spiritualists' iniquities unmasked, and the Hatch divorce case , https://archive.org/download/spiritualistsini00hatc/spiritualistsini00hatc.pdf
First steps to thorough base, : in twelve familiar lessons between a teacher and pupil. , https://archive.org/download/firststepstothor00teac/firststepstothor00teac.pdf
The Constitution of the United States of America. : With suggestions for those preparing for citizenship. [In Arabic, Syrian dialect] , https://archive.org/download/constitutionofun00mass/constitutionofun00mass.pdf
Statement of the Subway Commission , https://archive.org/download/statementofsubwa00bost/statementofsubwa00bost.pdf
The Life of Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres. [With plates, including portraits.] , https://archive.org/download/lifeofjosephfred00webs/lifeofjosephfred00webs.pdf
Finished : a pastoral letter of the benefit of the Presbyterian Church, Lebanon Indiana , https://archive.org/download/finishedpastoral00bish/finishedpastoral00bish.pdf
Fanchon das Leyerma˜dchen : Vaudeville in drey Acten , https://archive.org/download/fanchondasleyerm00kotz/fanchondasleyerm00kotz.pdf
Rob : a story for boys , https://archive.org/download/robstoryforboys00sidn/robstoryforboys00sidn.pdf
Vol v.1: Danses nationales pour orchestre , https://archive.org/download/dansesnationales01napr/dansesnationales01napr.pdf
Vol v.5: Twenty-five duets for two B́Ư cornets, two trombones or baritones, B́Ư cornet and trombone or B́Ư cornet and baritone , https://archive.org/download/twentyfiveduetsf05pren/twentyfiveduetsf05pren.pdf
The Revolutionary War sketches of William R. Davie , https://archive.org/download/revolutionarywar00davi/revolutionarywar00davi.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_9/collectiondesqui00bocc_9.pdf
Historia de la revolucion de la Republica de Colombia , https://archive.org/download/historiadelarevo00rest_9/historiadelarevo00rest_9.pdf
The history and genealogy of the Knowltons of England and America. , https://archive.org/download/historygenealogy00stoc/historygenealogy00stoc.pdf
Ordo divini officii a clero saeculari et regulari in civitate et dioccesi Pitoriensi recitandi anno 1789 , https://archive.org/download/ordodivinioffici00cath/ordodivinioffici00cath.pdf
Concert für die Violine mit Begleitung des Orchesters, op. 141 , https://archive.org/download/concertfurdievio00rein/concertfurdievio00rein.pdf
Aristodemo : a tragic drama, in two acts. Taken from the celebrated tragedy of the same name of Signor Monti , https://archive.org/download/aristodemotragic00buon/aristodemotragic00buon.pdf
Aci e Galatea : a pastoral opera. As represented at the King's Theatre in the Haymarket. The music entirely new , https://archive.org/download/aciegalateapasto00bian/aciegalateapasto00bian.pdf
Relacʹam das victorias, alcancʹadas na India contra o inimigo Marata, : sendo Vice-Rey daquelle Estado o Ilustrissimo, e Excelentissimo D. Luiz Carlos Ignacio Xavier de Menezes.. , https://archive.org/download/relacamdasvictor00unse/relacamdasvictor00unse.pdf
Das Waisenhauss : ein Singspiel in zwey Aufzu˜gen ; fu˜r die k.k. Hoftheater , https://archive.org/download/daswaisenhaussei00trei/daswaisenhaussei00trei.pdf
Petite Gavotte, pour petit orchestre, op. 14, no. 4 , https://archive.org/download/petitegavottepou00pier/petitegavottepou00pier.pdf
Vol 1992x: Aviation mechanic airframe written test book , https://archive.org/download/aviationmechani1992unit_0/aviationmechani1992unit_0.pdf
Returns of foreign shipping and of the import and export trade at the port of Shanghai, from 1st July to 31st December, 1855 , https://archive.org/download/returnsofforeign00shan/returnsofforeign00shan.pdf
Lettera di un archivescovo , https://archive.org/download/letteradiunarchi00bono/letteradiunarchi00bono.pdf
Annales celeste du dix-septieme siecle. , https://archive.org/download/annalescelestedu00ping/annalescelestedu00ping.pdf
Balladen und Impromptus = Ballads and impromptus = Ballades et impromptus : piano solo , https://archive.org/download/balladenundimpro00chop_0/balladenundimpro00chop_0.pdf
Histoire du siecle, 1789-1889 , https://archive.org/download/histoiredusiecle00stev_0/histoiredusiecle00stev_0.pdf
Classical vocal music for medium voice , https://archive.org/download/classicalvocalmu00mend/classicalvocalmu00mend.pdf
An address from the General Court, to the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/addressfromgener00mass_0/addressfromgener00mass_0.pdf
Proceedings and Speeches , https://archive.org/download/proceedingsspeec00frie_0/proceedingsspeec00frie_0.pdf
Francesco Guardi, 1712-1793 , https://archive.org/download/francescoguardi100simo/francescoguardi100simo.pdf
Sognai : Reverie , https://archive.org/download/sognaireverie00schi/sognaireverie00schi.pdf
Mit deinen blauen augen = When with thine eyes of azure : op. 56, no. 4 , https://archive.org/download/mitdeinenblauena00stra/mitdeinenblauena00stra.pdf
The adventures of Martin Cash : comprising a faithful account of his exploits, while a bushranger under arms in Tasmania, in company with Kavanagh and Jones, in the year 1843 , https://archive.org/download/adventuresofmart00cash/adventuresofmart00cash.pdf
Official souvenir. : 26th triennial conclave, grand encampment of Knights Templar, United States of America. Instituted 21st June,1816. Held in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, August 26-31, 1895 , https://archive.org/download/officialsouvenir00knig/officialsouvenir00knig.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc/collectiondesqui00bocc.pdf
Vol v.3: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes03hass/hassescomictunes03hass.pdf
The printing arts : an epitome of the theory, practice, processes, and mutual relations of engraving, lithography, & printing in black and in colours , https://archive.org/download/printingartsepit00harl/printingartsepit00harl.pdf
Vol cello part: Trio Nr. 2, F dur : fu˜r Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell, op. 62 , https://archive.org/download/trionr2fdurfurpischu_1/trionr2fdurfurpischu_1.pdf
Genealogy of the descendents of John Ferguson : a native of Scotland, who emigrated to America before the revolutionary war , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofdesce00ferg/genealogyofdesce00ferg.pdf
[al-muhalifat al-thlathiat fi al-mamlakat al-haiwaniat = A triple alliance in the animal kingdom] , https://archive.org/download/almuhalifatalthl00riha/almuhalifatalthl00riha.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_2/collectiondesqui00bocc_2.pdf
Sozialistische briefe aus Amerika , https://archive.org/download/sozialistischebr00unse/sozialistischebr00unse.pdf
Vol score: Trio Nr. 2, F dur : fu˜r Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell, op. 62 , https://archive.org/download/trionr2fdurfurpischu/trionr2fdurfurpischu.pdf
Castore e Polluce : melodramma serio in due atti , https://archive.org/download/castoreepollucem00fede_0/castoreepollucem00fede_0.pdf
Vol v.2: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes02hass/hassescomictunes02hass.pdf
Vol v.3: Procopius , https://archive.org/download/procopius03proc_0/procopius03proc_0.pdf
Symphony (in G-minor) for grand orchestra, Op. 101 , https://archive.org/download/symphonyingminor00bene/symphonyingminor00bene.pdf
San Antonio depot, Texas , https://archive.org/download/sanantoniodepott00unit/sanantoniodepott00unit.pdf
Home! sweet home! , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_5/homesweethome00bish_5.pdf
Two discourses preached in the Church of the Advent, Boston, on Sunday, October 19, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/twodiscoursespre00medl/twodiscoursespre00medl.pdf
The new instructive history of Miss Patty Proud, or, The downfall of vanity : with the reward of good nature , https://archive.org/download/newinstructivehi00unse/newinstructivehi00unse.pdf
El ingenuo continente americano , https://archive.org/download/elingenuocontine00maro/elingenuocontine00maro.pdf
Vol 1893 v.3 no.1 Jan: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthly1893unse/phonogrammonthly1893unse.pdf
My love is a muleteer = El arriero , https://archive.org/download/myloveismuleteer00noge/myloveismuleteer00noge.pdf
The defense of the Great Lakes , https://archive.org/download/defenseofgreatla00will/defenseofgreatla00will.pdf
Lettera consolatoria, e consultiva di Gelasio Irone [pseud.] al Vescovo di Pistoja ... Scipione Ricci alla quale siegue altra lettera di Calogero Eufemiano [pseud. di Muscari] diretta allo stesso scrivente per la salute spirituale di detto prelato , https://archive.org/download/letteraconsolato00musc/letteraconsolato00musc.pdf
Quartet in D major (no. 3) for stringed instruments , https://archive.org/download/quartetindmajorn00chad/quartetindmajorn00chad.pdf
The Boston collection of psalm and hymn tunes : with new and correct harmony : intended for the use of schools and church choirs , https://archive.org/download/bostoncollection00unse/bostoncollection00unse.pdf
Along Spain's river of romance, the Guadalquivir : the lure of the real Spain in Andalucia--its personality, its people and its associations , https://archive.org/download/alongspainsriver00slat_0/alongspainsriver00slat_0.pdf
Concert für Klavier und Orchester, Op. 1 , https://archive.org/download/concertfurklavie00raif/concertfurklavie00raif.pdf
Vol 2 in 1: Bibliograficheskie listy , https://archive.org/download/bibliografichesk21unse/bibliografichesk21unse.pdf
Zaira. A serious opera, in two acts [adapted from Voltaire's tragedy]; as represented at the King's Theatre, London, etc. Ital. & Eng. , https://archive.org/download/zairaseriousoper00volt/zairaseriousoper00volt.pdf
New scenes from Shakespeare for the schoolroom and the scholar : for reading, recitation, and as further studies in literature , https://archive.org/download/newscenesfromsha00shak/newscenesfromsha00shak.pdf
Celebrities and I , https://archive.org/download/celebritiesi00cork_0/celebritiesi00cork_0.pdf
For the gentlemen. : A favourite selection of instrumental music: calculated for the use of schools and musical societies. Consisting principally of marches, airs, minuets, & c. Written chiefly in four parts, viz. two clarionetts, flute and basson; or two violins, flute, and violoncello. Likewise, the musical characters, with the scales... , https://archive.org/download/forgentlemenfavo00shaw/forgentlemenfavo00shaw.pdf
Evenings in New England : intended for juvenile amusement and instruction , https://archive.org/download/eveningsinneweng00amer/eveningsinneweng00amer.pdf
Jenny Lind's Home sweet home , https://archive.org/download/jennylindshomesw00bish/jennylindshomesw00bish.pdf
The Harvey book : giving the genealogies of certain branches of the American families of Harvey, Nesbitt, Dixon and Jameson, and notes on many other families, together with numerous biographical sketches , https://archive.org/download/harveybookgiving00harv/harveybookgiving00harv.pdf
Home! sweet home! , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_0/homesweethome00bish_0.pdf
Vita di Nicola Vaccaj , https://archive.org/download/vitadinicolavacc00vacc/vitadinicolavacc00vacc.pdf
Japanese prints , https://archive.org/download/japaneseprints00pepp/japaneseprints00pepp.pdf
The Black Watch at Ticonderoga and Major Duncan Campbell of Inverawe , https://archive.org/download/blackwatchattico00rich_0/blackwatchattico00rich_0.pdf
Who shall rule us? money, or the people? , https://archive.org/download/whoshallruleusmo00phil/whoshallruleusmo00phil.pdf
Le chic a cheval : histoire pittoresque de l'equitation , https://archive.org/download/lechicchevalhist00vall/lechicchevalhist00vall.pdf
Gustavus Vasa : or, King and peasant , https://archive.org/download/gustavusvasaorki00nier/gustavusvasaorki00nier.pdf
Vol v.2: Danses nationales pour orchestre , https://archive.org/download/dansesnationales02napr/dansesnationales02napr.pdf
Vol v.4: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes04hass/hassescomictunes04hass.pdf
Report of commission on the treatment of the poor , https://archive.org/download/reportofcommissi00bost_0/reportofcommissi00bost_0.pdf
La veillee de l'ange gardien, op. 14, no. 3; pour instruments a cordes , https://archive.org/download/laveilleedelange00pier/laveilleedelange00pier.pdf
An address to the graduating class of the Medical school in the university of Cambridge , https://archive.org/download/addresstograduat00andr/addresstograduat00andr.pdf
Vol 2: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou02mulf/yourforceshowtou02mulf.pdf
Working plan for the foundation of a University , https://archive.org/download/workingplanforfo00peir/workingplanforfo00peir.pdf
The way that leads to God : practical counsels for those who aspire after true piety , https://archive.org/download/waythatleadstogo00saud/waythatleadstogo00saud.pdf
Bibliography on suicide and suicide prevention 1897-1957, 1958-1970 , https://archive.org/download/bibliographyonsu00farb/bibliographyonsu00farb.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_6/collectiondesqui00bocc_6.pdf
Miriam Coffin, or, The whale-fishermen : a tale , https://archive.org/download/miriamcoffinorwh00hart/miriamcoffinorwh00hart.pdf
Il trionfo di Rosselane, ossia, Le tre sultane = The triumph of Rosselane, or, The three sultanas : a semi-serious opera, in two acts : as represented at the King's Theatre, in the Hay-Market , https://archive.org/download/iltrionfodirosse00puci/iltrionfodirosse00puci.pdf
Sinfonie no. 8 fu˜r grosses orchester ... : Partitur. Op. 137 .. , https://archive.org/download/sinfonieno8furgr00spoh/sinfonieno8furgr00spoh.pdf
Das unterbrochene Opferfest : eine heroisch-komische Oper in zwey Aufzu˜gen , https://archive.org/download/dasunterbrochene00hube/dasunterbrochene00hube.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.6 Jun: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_2/phonogrammonthl1892unse_2.pdf
Vol v.3: Der Sieg des Kreuzes , https://archive.org/download/dersiegdeskreuze03riot/dersiegdeskreuze03riot.pdf
Insolvent, sick & burial clubs : the causes and the cure; or, how to choose or found a reliable friendly society. With a large illustrative diagram ... showing ... the average annual sickness, and the expectation of life at various ages , https://archive.org/download/insolventsickbur00hard/insolventsickbur00hard.pdf
Chanson d'autrefois, pour instruments a cordes, op. 14, no. 5 , https://archive.org/download/chansondautrefoi00pier/chansondautrefoi00pier.pdf
The sailor and the law. : why American boys do not become sailors. Speech in the House of representatives, March 30, 1898 , https://archive.org/download/sailorlawwhyamer00magu/sailorlawwhyamer00magu.pdf
Vol 3: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou03mulf/yourforceshowtou03mulf.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_3/collectiondesqui00bocc_3.pdf
With Frederick the Great : a story of the Seven Years' War , https://archive.org/download/withfrederickgre00hent/withfrederickgre00hent.pdf
The musical catechism : being a concise introduction to the principles of musick : with familiar illustrations and explanatory remarks , https://archive.org/download/musicalcatechism00moor/musicalcatechism00moor.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_10/collectiondesqui00bocc_10.pdf
Notizie sulle famiglie ebree esistite a Padova nel XVI secolo , https://archive.org/download/notiziesullefami00morp/notiziesullefami00morp.pdf
Remarks of Henry J. Raymond , https://archive.org/download/remarksofhenryjr00raym/remarksofhenryjr00raym.pdf
Zemire und Azor : romantische Oper in zwey Aufzu˜gen , https://archive.org/download/zemireundazorrom00spoh/zemireundazorrom00spoh.pdf
Vol v.6: Hasse's comic tunes to the opera and theatre dances. : [For the harpsichord] , https://archive.org/download/hassescomictunes06hass/hassescomictunes06hass.pdf
Address by the Hon. Samuel B. Ruggles , https://archive.org/download/addressbyhonsamu00rugg/addressbyhonsamu00rugg.pdf
Celtic religion in pre-Christian times , https://archive.org/download/celticreligionin00anwy_0/celticreligionin00anwy_0.pdf
American citizenship and the progress of American civilization: : an oration delivered before the Order of United Americans, at the Academy of Music, February 22d, 1858. , https://archive.org/download/americancitizens00broo/americancitizens00broo.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_5/collectiondesqui00bocc_5.pdf
Centennial souvenir of Marietta, Ohio : settled April seventh, 1788, celebration, April seventh, 1888 .. , https://archive.org/download/centennialsouven00alde/centennialsouven00alde.pdf
Caprice brillant : u˜ber das Thema der Jota Aragonesa fu˜r grosses Orchester , https://archive.org/download/capricebrillantu00glin/capricebrillantu00glin.pdf
Eastham and Orleans historical papers , https://archive.org/download/easthamorleanshi00pain_0/easthamorleanshi00pain_0.pdf
Ye gardeyne boke : a collection of quotations instructive and sentimental, gathered and arranged , https://archive.org/download/yegardeynebokeco00hain/yegardeynebokeco00hain.pdf
Souvenirs de captivite et d'evasions , https://archive.org/download/souvenirsdecapti00harc/souvenirsdecapti00harc.pdf
An address delivered by Gen'l William S. Hillyer , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered00hill_0/addressdelivered00hill_0.pdf
Jenny Lind at last, or, The Swedish nightingale : an apropos operatic bagatelle, in one act , https://archive.org/download/jennylindatlasto00reac/jennylindatlasto00reac.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_4/collectiondesqui00bocc_4.pdf
Our home and foreign policy , https://archive.org/download/ourhomeforeignpo00henr/ourhomeforeignpo00henr.pdf
Vol v.1: Der Sieg des Kreuzes , https://archive.org/download/dersiegdeskreuze01riot/dersiegdeskreuze01riot.pdf
Facts for the people , https://archive.org/download/factsforpeople00unse/factsforpeople00unse.pdf
The prodigal daughter : a comedy in one act , https://archive.org/download/prodigaldaughter00shee/prodigaldaughter00shee.pdf
Schoolroom decoration : a list of references , https://archive.org/download/schoolroomdecora00beal/schoolroomdecora00beal.pdf
Il crociato in Egitto : heroic melodrama , https://archive.org/download/ilcrociatoinegit00ross_0/ilcrociatoinegit00ross_0.pdf
The wonder-worker of Padua , https://archive.org/download/wonderworkerofpa00stod/wonderworkerofpa00stod.pdf
Histoires mysterieuses , https://archive.org/download/histoiresmysteri00poee/histoiresmysteri00poee.pdf
Learning to listen : by means of the gramophone : a course in the appreciation of music for use in schools , https://archive.org/download/learningtolisten00scho/learningtolisten00scho.pdf
Block Island, R.I. illustrated : with a descriptive sketch and outline of history , https://archive.org/download/blockislandriill00pett/blockislandriill00pett.pdf
Vol v.2: The whole genuine works of Flavius Josephus, the learned and authentic Jewish historian, and celebrated warrior. : Translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition Containing: I. Twenty books of the Jewsih antiquites; with the life of Josephus, written by himself. II. Seven books of the Jewish war. III. Two books against Apion. IV. An extract out of Josephus' Exhortation to the Greeks, concerning Hades and the resurrection of the dead, Together with large notes, proper observations, and an index. To which are added, three dissertations, concerning, I. The testimonies of Josephus vindicated. II. God's command to Abraham to offer up Isaac, his son, for a sacrifice. III. Tacitus' accounts of the Jewish nation and of the particulars of the last Jewish war. With a complete table of the Jewish coins, weights, and measures , https://archive.org/download/wholegenuinework02jose/wholegenuinework02jose.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.7 Jul: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_3/phonogrammonthl1892unse_3.pdf
Vol Second Reader: The new Winston readers , https://archive.org/download/newwinstonreader00firm/newwinstonreader00firm.pdf
Sixth Annual Circular of the School of Music, DePauw University for the year 1889-90, Greencastle, Ind , https://archive.org/download/sixthannualcircu00unse/sixthannualcircu00unse.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_1/collectiondesqui00bocc_1.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_0/collectiondesqui00bocc_0.pdf
The philosophy of history in Europe , https://archive.org/download/philosophyofhist00flin_0/philosophyofhist00flin_0.pdf
The musical reader, or, Practical lessons for the voice : consisting of phrases, sections, periods, and entire movements of melody in score : to which are prefixed the rudiments of music , https://archive.org/download/musicalreaderorp00hast/musicalreaderorp00hast.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.10 Oct: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_4/phonogrammonthl1892unse_4.pdf
Epitaphs from the cemetery on Worcester Common : with occasional notes, references, and an index , https://archive.org/download/epitaphsfromceme00bart_0/epitaphsfromceme00bart_0.pdf
A complete system of family registration , https://archive.org/download/completesystemof00shat/completesystemof00shat.pdf
The impending crisis. Number One , https://archive.org/download/impendingcrisisn00unse/impendingcrisisn00unse.pdf
Vol v.3: The whole genuine works of Flavius Josephus, the learned and authentic Jewish historian, and celebrated warrior. : Translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition Containing: I. Twenty books of the Jewsih antiquites; with the life of Josephus, written by himself. II. Seven books of the Jewish war. III. Two books against Apion. IV. An extract out of Josephus' Exhortation to the Greeks, concerning Hades and the resurrection of the dead, Together with large notes, proper observations, and an index. To which are added, three dissertations, concerning, I. The testimonies of Josephus vindicated. II. God's command to Abraham to offer up Isaac, his son, for a sacrifice. III. Tacitus' accounts of the Jewish nation and of the particulars of the last Jewish war. With a complete table of the Jewish coins, weights, and measures , https://archive.org/download/wholegenuinework03jose/wholegenuinework03jose.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_8/collectiondesqui00bocc_8.pdf
Trail construction on the national forests , https://archive.org/download/trailconstructio00unit_0/trailconstructio00unit_0.pdf
Fest Ouverture : op. 45 , https://archive.org/download/festouvertureop400schn/festouvertureop400schn.pdf
Home, sweet home : with additional verses , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomewit00bish/homesweethomewit00bish.pdf
Evenings at home in spiritual seance : welded together by a species of autobiography , https://archive.org/download/eveningsathomein00houg_0/eveningsathomein00houg_0.pdf
Two photographs of the silver punch-bowl made by Paul Revere, 1768, and inscribed To the Memory of the glorious Ninety-Two Members of the Honbl. House of Representatives of the Massachusetts-Bay, who ... on the 30th of June 1768, Voted Not To Rescind [picture] , https://archive.org/download/twophotographsof00schi/twophotographsof00schi.pdf
Credo de liberdade : a constituicao dos Estados Unidos e outros documentos historicos , https://archive.org/download/credodeliberdade00unit/credodeliberdade00unit.pdf
History of crises under the national banking system , https://archive.org/download/historyofcrisesu00spra_1/historyofcrisesu00spra_1.pdf
The chemistry of fire and fire prevention. : A handbook for insurance surveyors, works' managers, and all interested in fire risks and their diminution , https://archive.org/download/chemistryoffiref00ingl/chemistryoffiref00ingl.pdf
The vital majority : small business in the American economy : essays marking the twentieth anniversary of the U.S. Small Business Administration , https://archive.org/download/vitalmajoritysma00cars/vitalmajoritysma00cars.pdf
Report of the panel discussion sponsored by the Modern Artists Group of Boston, March 25, 1948 : the Old South Meeting House, Boston, Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/reportofpaneldis00bost/reportofpaneldis00bost.pdf
Fox hunting : a treatise by the Right Hon. the Earl of Kilreynard , https://archive.org/download/foxhuntingtreati00bell_0/foxhuntingtreati00bell_0.pdf
Jessonda : Oper in drey Aufzu˜gen , https://archive.org/download/jessondaoperindr00gehe/jessondaoperindr00gehe.pdf
Vol 1862, 1866: Catalogue of the Museum and Gallery of Art of the New-York Historical Society , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofmuseu1862newy/catalogueofmuseu1862newy.pdf
Entgegnung an Herrn Hans Delbru˜ck, Redacteur der Preussischen Jahrbu˜cher , https://archive.org/download/entgegnungherrnh00phil/entgegnungherrnh00phil.pdf
Vol 4: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou04mulf/yourforceshowtou04mulf.pdf
Royal relief atlas of all parts of the world [cartographic material] : consisting of 31 maps, with physical, political and statistical descriptions facing each map , https://archive.org/download/royalreliefatlas00beva/royalreliefatlas00beva.pdf
Four American inventors : Robert Fulton, Samuel F. B. Morse, Eli Whitney, Thomas A. Edison : a book for young Americans , https://archive.org/download/fouramericaninve00perr_0/fouramericaninve00perr_0.pdf
Vol v.2: Suffolk manorial families : being the county visitations and other pedigrees , https://archive.org/download/suffolkmanorialf02john/suffolkmanorialf02john.pdf
Vol 6: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou06mulf/yourforceshowtou06mulf.pdf
Vol v.3 pt.1: Suffolk manorial families : being the county visitations and other pedigrees , https://archive.org/download/suffolkmanorialf31john/suffolkmanorialf31john.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.4/5 Apr/May: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_1/phonogrammonthl1892unse_1.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.1 Jan: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthly1892unse/phonogrammonthly1892unse.pdf
The memory of the dead : a romantic drama of '98, in three acts , https://archive.org/download/memoryofdeadroma00mark/memoryofdeadroma00mark.pdf
[Letter] To my friends of the legal profession , https://archive.org/download/lettertomyfriend00john_0/lettertomyfriend00john_0.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.3 Mar: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_0/phonogrammonthl1892unse_0.pdf
The Governor's forest policy , https://archive.org/download/governorsforestp00raym/governorsforestp00raym.pdf
Antiche trine italiane : trine a fuselli , https://archive.org/download/antichetrineital00ricc_0/antichetrineital00ricc_0.pdf
Vol 5: Your forces, and how to use them , https://archive.org/download/yourforceshowtou05mulf/yourforceshowtou05mulf.pdf
Pictorial history of the State of New York : Being a general collection of the most interesting facts, biographical sketches, varied descriptions, etc. relating to the past and present; with geographical descriptions of the counties, cities, and principal villages, throughout the state. Illustrated by numerous engravings , https://archive.org/download/pictorialhistory00barb/pictorialhistory00barb.pdf
Vol 1892 v.2 no.12 Dec: The Phonogram : a monthly magazine devoted to the science of sound and recording of speech , https://archive.org/download/phonogrammonthl1892unse_5/phonogrammonthl1892unse_5.pdf
Sixth Annual Indiana May Music Festival , https://archive.org/download/sixthannualindia00indi/sixthannualindia00indi.pdf
The spaniel and its training , https://archive.org/download/spanielitstraini00merc_0/spanielitstraini00merc_0.pdf
The arrest of Arsene Lupin , https://archive.org/download/arrestofarsenelu00lebl/arrestofarsenelu00lebl.pdf
The index : a collection of sacred and secular choruses selected for the use of musical conventions and other singing societies, including several choruses from Gounod's Redemption , https://archive.org/download/indexcollectiono00zerr/indexcollectiono00zerr.pdf
[Atlas] : Introduction a letude du culte public et des mysteres de Mithra en Orien et en Occident , https://archive.org/download/atlasintroductio00laja/atlasintroductio00laja.pdf
Vol v.1 pt.1: Suffolk manorial families : being the county visitations and other pedigrees , https://archive.org/download/suffolkmanorialf11john/suffolkmanorialf11john.pdf
The private life of the renaissance Florentines , https://archive.org/download/privatelifeofren00biag/privatelifeofren00biag.pdf
New prospectus : with revised tables of fees , https://archive.org/download/newprospectuswit00hamp/newprospectuswit00hamp.pdf
California illustrated : including a trip through Yellowstone Park , https://archive.org/download/californiaillust00warr/californiaillust00warr.pdf
Proceedings of the convention , https://archive.org/download/proceedingsofcon00peop_0/proceedingsofcon00peop_0.pdf
Vol violin part: Trio Nr. 2, F dur : fu˜r Pianoforte, Violine und Violoncell, op. 62 , https://archive.org/download/trionr2fdurfurpischu_0/trionr2fdurfurpischu_0.pdf
Supplementary catalogue of the miscellaneous library, autographs, engravings, & c. of the late Edward D. Ingraham, Esq. : to be sold immediately after the termination of first catalogue, which commences on Tuesday morning, March 20, 1855, at ten o'clock, at the auction rooms ... M. Thomas & Sons, auct'rs , https://archive.org/download/supplementarycat00ingr/supplementarycat00ingr.pdf
Chowbokiana, or, Notes about the Antipodes and the Antipodeans , https://archive.org/download/chowbokianaornot00cock/chowbokianaornot00cock.pdf
Report of the Boston landmarks commission on the potential designation of the citgo sign as a landmark under chapter 772 of the acts of 1975 , https://archive.org/download/reportofbostonla00bost_0/reportofbostonla00bost_0.pdf
Description d'un atlas Sino-Coreen : manuscrit du British Museum , https://archive.org/download/descriptiondunat00cord/descriptiondunat00cord.pdf
Evelina, or, The history of a young lady's entrance into the world , https://archive.org/download/evelinaorhistory00burn_4/evelinaorhistory00burn_4.pdf
Distribution in the United States : trends in its organization and methods , https://archive.org/download/distributioninun00cham/distributioninun00cham.pdf
List of patents of lands, &c. to be sold in January, 1822. : For arrears of quit rent , https://archive.org/download/listofpatentsofl00newy/listofpatentsofl00newy.pdf
In memory of James Hattrick Lee : a sermon delivered in St. Michael's Church on Trinity Sunday , https://archive.org/download/inmemoryofjamesh00rees/inmemoryofjamesh00rees.pdf
Home! Sweet home! , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_2/homesweethome00bish_2.pdf
Foreign correspondence in relation , https://archive.org/download/foreigncorrespon00unse/foreigncorrespon00unse.pdf
Outside the garden , https://archive.org/download/outsidegarden00milm/outsidegarden00milm.pdf
Myrtle Reed as her friends know her , https://archive.org/download/myrtlereedasherf00cols/myrtlereedasherf00cols.pdf
Child of storm , https://archive.org/download/childofstorm00hagg_0/childofstorm00hagg_0.pdf
Proprietors of the cemetery of Mount Auburn : roll of distinction, list of noted persons interred in Mount Auburn Cemetery, 1831-1952 , https://archive.org/download/proprietorsofcem00moun/proprietorsofcem00moun.pdf
Spis powszechny z dnia 6 grudnia 1960 r. : wyniki ostateczne. Ludnosc, gospodarstwa domowe: Woj. opolskie , https://archive.org/download/spispowszechnyzd00pola/spispowszechnyzd00pola.pdf
Literatas espanolas del siglo XIX : apuntes bibliograficos , https://archive.org/download/literatasespanol00cria/literatasespanol00cria.pdf
Human personality and its survival of bodily death , https://archive.org/download/humanpersonality00myer_2/humanpersonality00myer_2.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts committee to prevent the admission of Texas as a slave state , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_3/reportofmassachu00mass_3.pdf
Studi sui monumenti della Italia meridionale dal IVo al XIIIo secolo , https://archive.org/download/studisuimonument00sala_1/studisuimonument00sala_1.pdf
Juvenile diversion , https://archive.org/download/juvenilediversio00ruth/juvenilediversio00ruth.pdf
Collection des quintetti de Boccherini pour deux violons, alto et deux violoncelles , https://archive.org/download/collectiondesqui00bocc_7/collectiondesqui00bocc_7.pdf
On the way there : a wonder tale for boys and girls both little and grown tall, , https://archive.org/download/onwaytherewonder00yate/onwaytherewonder00yate.pdf
Book of words : Caecilian Choir Easter Concert, April 1st, 1891 , https://archive.org/download/bookofwordscaeci00bowm/bookofwordscaeci00bowm.pdf
Our relations with America. : A reply to the arguments of Mr. Cobden, in the House of Commons, as to the supply of ammunition of war to the belligerents; and of Historicus in the Times, as to our interest in maintaining the Federal pretensions of international polity. , https://archive.org/download/ourrelationswith00blac/ourrelationswith00blac.pdf
Dexter , https://archive.org/download/dexter00newm_0/dexter00newm_0.pdf
William Randall, of Marshfield, Mass. and his descendants , https://archive.org/download/williamrandallof00rand/williamrandallof00rand.pdf
Vol 1992x: Aviation mechanic powerplant written test book , https://archive.org/download/aviationmechanic1992unit/aviationmechanic1992unit.pdf
Guide through Mount Auburn. : A Hand-book for passengers over the Cambridge railroad. Illustrated with engravings and a plan of the cemetery , https://archive.org/download/guidethroughmoun00moun/guidethroughmoun00moun.pdf
Modernism : its failure and its fruits , https://archive.org/download/modernismitsfail00petr/modernismitsfail00petr.pdf
Home! sweet home! , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_1/homesweethome00bish_1.pdf
Illustrations of astronomy , https://archive.org/download/illustrationsofa00hayd/illustrationsofa00hayd.pdf
St. Johnland : ideal and actual , https://archive.org/download/stjohnlandideala00muhl/stjohnlandideala00muhl.pdf
Exercises for training the female voice : original and selected by Emma Seiler , https://archive.org/download/exercisesfortrai00seil/exercisesfortrai00seil.pdf
Suggestions in regard to games , https://archive.org/download/suggestionsinreg00grea/suggestionsinreg00grea.pdf
Kankles : Treti - 1919 - Metai : Dvylika Leidiniu• , https://archive.org/download/kanklestreti191900petr/kanklestreti191900petr.pdf
Fifty years of unified transportation in metropolitan Boston , https://archive.org/download/fiftyyearsofunif00bost/fiftyyearsofunif00bost.pdf
Home sweet home : sung by Miss M. Tree in Clari, or The maid of Milan at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomesun00bish/homesweethomesun00bish.pdf
Letters from France. : WRUL. World Radio University , https://archive.org/download/lettersfromfranc00bost/lettersfromfranc00bost.pdf
I pose , https://archive.org/download/ipose00bens/ipose00bens.pdf
Vol v.1-2: A treatise on political economy, or, The production, distribution, and consumption of wealth , https://archive.org/download/treatiseonpoliti12sayj/treatiseonpoliti12sayj.pdf
Vol v.1: Souvenirs, impressions, pensees et paysages, pendant un voyage en Orient (1832-1833), ou, Notes d'un voyageur , https://archive.org/download/souvenirsimpress01lama/souvenirsimpress01lama.pdf
The outdoor girls around the campfire : or, The old maid of the mountains , https://archive.org/download/outdoorgirlsarou00hope/outdoorgirlsarou00hope.pdf
The music of the modern world : explained and illustrated for American readers , https://archive.org/download/musicofmodernwor00unse/musicofmodernwor00unse.pdf
Index to the history of Londonderry : comprising the towns of Derry and Londonderry, N.H. by Rev. Edward L. Parker , https://archive.org/download/historyoflondond00park_0/historyoflondond00park_0.pdf
Bewick's woodcuts : impressions of upwards of two thousand wood-blocks, engraved, for the most part, by Thomas & John Bewick ... including illustrations of various kinds for books, pamphlets, and broadsides ... with an introduction, a descriptive catalogue of the blocks, and a list of the books and pamphlets illustrated , https://archive.org/download/bewickswoodcutsi00hugo/bewickswoodcutsi00hugo.pdf
First Private Concert : second season , https://archive.org/download/firstprivateconc00metr/firstprivateconc00metr.pdf
Anglophobia : an analysis of anti-British prejudice in the United States , https://archive.org/download/anglophobiaanaly00cook_0/anglophobiaanaly00cook_0.pdf
Vol v.4: The whole genuine works of Flavius Josephus, the learned and authentic Jewish historian, and celebrated warrior. : Translated from the original Greek, according to Havercamp's accurate edition Containing: I. Twenty books of the Jewsih antiquites; with the life of Josephus, written by himself. II. Seven books of the Jewish war. III. Two books against Apion. IV. An extract out of Josephus' Exhortation to the Greeks, concerning Hades and the resurrection of the dead, Together with large notes, proper observations, and an index. To which are added, three dissertations, concerning, I. The testimonies of Josephus vindicated. II. God's command to Abraham to offer up Isaac, his son, for a sacrifice. III. Tacitus' accounts of the Jewish nation and of the particulars of the last Jewish war. With a complete table of the Jewish coins, weights, and measures , https://archive.org/download/wholegenuinework04jose/wholegenuinework04jose.pdf
Vingt ans de cyclisme pratique : etude complete du cyclisme de 1876 a ce jour .. , https://archive.org/download/vingtansdecyclis00dunc/vingtansdecyclis00dunc.pdf
Vol v.1819: Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung , https://archive.org/download/allgemeinemusika1819brei/allgemeinemusika1819brei.pdf
Daisy Miller , https://archive.org/download/daisymiller00jame_3/daisymiller00jame_3.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_23/reportofmassachu00mass_23.pdf
Ship's libraries, their need and usefulness , https://archive.org/download/shipslibrariesth00pier/shipslibrariesth00pier.pdf
Vol 2: Benefactores y hombres notables de Puerto Rico : bocetos biograficos-criticos, con un estudio sobre nuestros gobernadores generales , https://archive.org/download/benefactoresyhom02neum/benefactoresyhom02neum.pdf
Ancestors and descendants of Albert Coe and Deborah Prentice of Pavilion and LeRoy, Genesee County, New York , https://archive.org/download/ancestorsdescend00call/ancestorsdescend00call.pdf
Father Taylor, the sailor preacher : incidents and anecdotes of Rev. Edward T. Taylor, for over forty years pastor of the seaman's bethel, Boston , https://archive.org/download/fathertaylorsail00have/fathertaylorsail00have.pdf
Galop , https://archive.org/download/galop00unse/galop00unse.pdf
The description and use of Bartlett's celestial planisphere , https://archive.org/download/descriptionuseof00bart/descriptionuseof00bart.pdf
The Sicilian air on which is founded the popular ballad of Home! Sweet home! : arranged with variations for the piano forte and dedicated to Miss Ellis , https://archive.org/download/sicilianaironwhi00vale/sicilianaironwhi00vale.pdf
On the aurora borealis and the aurora australis , https://archive.org/download/onauroraborealis00love/onauroraborealis00love.pdf
The queen's panetelas , https://archive.org/download/queenspanetelas00geor/queenspanetelas00geor.pdf
Home sweet home , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish_3/homesweethome00bish_3.pdf
Home! sweet home! , https://archive.org/download/homesweethome00bish/homesweethome00bish.pdf
Marital power exemplified in Mrs. Packard's trial, and self-defence from the charge of insanity, or Three years' imprisonment for religious belief, by the arbitrary will of a husband, with an appeal to the government to so change the laws as to afford legal protection to married women , https://archive.org/download/maritalpowerexem00pack_0/maritalpowerexem00pack_0.pdf
My life and what shall I do with it? A question for young gentlewomen , https://archive.org/download/mylifewhatshalli00life/mylifewhatshalli00life.pdf
Atlas of climatic charts of the oceans. , https://archive.org/download/atlasofclimaticc00unit/atlasofclimaticc00unit.pdf
First annual musical festival of the Rhode Island Choral Association at Infantry Hall, Providence, R.I., 1889 , https://archive.org/download/firstannualmusic00zerr/firstannualmusic00zerr.pdf
Reports on corporal punishment : in Board of Education , https://archive.org/download/reportsoncorpora00newy/reportsoncorpora00newy.pdf
Hebel : o, La virgen de la isla. Costumbres, torneos y trajicos amores. Separacion de los senorios Kachiquel y Tzutujil del antiquo imperio de Utatlan. Epoca del reinado de Quicab 1 ano de 480. , https://archive.org/download/hebelolavirgende00silv/hebelolavirgende00silv.pdf
The boarding school of Nevers : a comic opera in two acts , https://archive.org/download/boardingschoolof00devi/boardingschoolof00devi.pdf
Pan's pipes , https://archive.org/download/panspipes00perr/panspipes00perr.pdf
The climax : for choirs, singing classes, musical institutes, conventions, &c. : Suitable for all occasions. : Contents.--A very elaborate, comprehensive, and practical elementary course, vocal exercises, glees, hymn tunes, chants, anthems, and concert choruses , https://archive.org/download/climaxforchoirss00perk/climaxforchoirss00perk.pdf
A description of the constellations , https://archive.org/download/descriptionofcon00unse/descriptionofcon00unse.pdf
L'universita degli ebrei in Padova nel XVI secolo , https://archive.org/download/luniversitadegli00morp/luniversitadegli00morp.pdf
Rocky Mountain life; or Startling scenes and perilous adventures in the far west, during an expidition of three years. , https://archive.org/download/rockymountainlif00sage_0/rockymountainlif00sage_0.pdf
The scholar's first lessons in music : designed for the use of schools , https://archive.org/download/scholarsfirstles00fitz/scholarsfirstles00fitz.pdf
Home, sweet home, for one or two voices , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomefor00bish/homesweethomefor00bish.pdf
Railways in Mexico : a brief review of the railway history of New Spain , https://archive.org/download/railwaysinmexico00unse/railwaysinmexico00unse.pdf
Index librorum prohibitorum , https://archive.org/download/indexlibrorumpro00greg/indexlibrorumpro00greg.pdf
Centennial book of the Parish of St. Matthew's in Boston : incorporated June 20, 1816 , https://archive.org/download/centennialbookof00stma/centennialbookof00stma.pdf
The Howe family gathering, at Harmony Grove, South Framingham, Thursday, August 31, 1871 , https://archive.org/download/howefamilygather00naso_0/howefamilygather00naso_0.pdf
Select harmony: the fourth part of Christian psalmody. Consisting of a variety of tunes of approved excellence, suited to the various subjects and metres of the psalms and hymns, contained in the first three parts , https://archive.org/download/selectharmonyfou00worc_0/selectharmonyfou00worc_0.pdf
California for health, pleasure and profit : why you should go there , https://archive.org/download/californiaforhea00sout/californiaforhea00sout.pdf
The musical cabinet : [a fragment of a collection of songs, with pianoforte accomp.] , https://archive.org/download/musicalcabinetaf00unse/musicalcabinetaf00unse.pdf
[Appeal for contributions] , https://archive.org/download/appealforcontrib00newe/appealforcontrib00newe.pdf
Genealogical resources of Southwestern Fairfield County, Connecticut in the towns and cities of Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford (and) Wilton , https://archive.org/download/genealogicalreso00stam/genealogicalreso00stam.pdf
The life of God in the soul of man, or, The nature and excellency of the Christian religion ... : also, An account of the beginnings and advances of a spiritual life , https://archive.org/download/lifeofgodinsoulo00scou_0/lifeofgodinsoulo00scou_0.pdf
Reminiscences and souvenirs of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln , https://archive.org/download/reminiscencessou00buck_0/reminiscencessou00buck_0.pdf
Spirit teachings, through the mediumship of William Stainton Moses .. , https://archive.org/download/spiritteachingst00mose_0/spiritteachingst00mose_0.pdf
Establishing and operating a trucking business ... , https://archive.org/download/establishingoper00nels/establishingoper00nels.pdf
Alfred de Vigny , https://archive.org/download/alfreddevigny00plan/alfreddevigny00plan.pdf
First annual report of the president of the Rhode Island Choral Association together with a list of officers, members of the association and of the chorus , https://archive.org/download/firstannualrepor00godd/firstannualrepor00godd.pdf
Free agency and moral inability reconciled : a sermon preached at the installation of Rev. Charles Lowe, as pastor of the North Church in Salem, Massachusetts, Sept. 27, 1855 , https://archive.org/download/freeagencymorali00peab_1/freeagencymorali00peab_1.pdf
The trail of the lonesome pine , https://archive.org/download/trailoflonesomep00foxj_1/trailoflonesomep00foxj_1.pdf
Juvenile psalmody : prepared for the use of Sunday schools, at the request of the directors of the Western Sunday School Union .. , https://archive.org/download/juvenilepsalmody00hast/juvenilepsalmody00hast.pdf
Vol 1 book, 31 plates: Der burgundische Paramentenschatz de Ordens vom goldenen Vliesse : im Auftrage des hohen Oberstka˜mmereramtes Sr. K. und K. Apost. Majesta˜t hrsg , https://archive.org/download/derburgundischep131schl/derburgundischep131schl.pdf
A map of Virginia. : VVith a description of the covntrey, the commodities, people, government and religion. , https://archive.org/download/mapofvirginiavvi00smit_0/mapofvirginiavvi00smit_0.pdf
The slo˜jd in the service of the school , https://archive.org/download/slojdinserviceof00salo/slojdinserviceof00salo.pdf
The peacock feather : a romance , https://archive.org/download/peacockfeatherro00moor/peacockfeatherro00moor.pdf
Recueil des chansons du Savoyard : réimpression textuelle faite sur l'édition de 1665 , https://archive.org/download/recueildeschanso00perc/recueildeschanso00perc.pdf
The battle of Hubbardton : the American Rebels stem the tide , https://archive.org/download/battleofhubbardt00will/battleofhubbardt00will.pdf
Gentlewoman's book of art needlework , https://archive.org/download/gentlewomansbook00mast/gentlewomansbook00mast.pdf
Anthropologischer Atlas ostasiatischer & melanesischer Vo˜lker. : Mit Unterstu˜tzung der Kgl. preuss. Akademie der Wissenschaften , https://archive.org/download/anthropologische00hage/anthropologische00hage.pdf
The British emigrants' hand book , and guide to the new states of America : particularly Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin : comprising a general description of the agricultural and commercial facilities, mineral productions, relative advantages that different portions present for settlement, sketches of towns, neighbourhoods, etc., with practical advice to the emigrant, concerning the different routes, time of sailing, &c. , https://archive.org/download/britishemigrants00newh/britishemigrants00newh.pdf
Psychic facts. : A selection from the writings of various authors on psychical phenomena , https://archive.org/download/psychicfactssele00harr/psychicfactssele00harr.pdf
Report on the best methods of dealing with tramps and wayfarers : read at meeting of November 14, 1900 .. , https://archive.org/download/reportonbestmeth00mass/reportonbestmeth00mass.pdf
Evelina, or, the history of a young lady's introduction to the world , https://archive.org/download/evelinaorhistory00burn_5/evelinaorhistory00burn_5.pdf
The human face divine : and other tales , https://archive.org/download/humanfacedivineo00gatt/humanfacedivineo00gatt.pdf
Fourth May Musical Festival to be given in the Congregational Church, Dubuque, Iowa, Thursday and Friday, May 23 and 24, 1889 , https://archive.org/download/fourthmaymusical00maym/fourthmaymusical00maym.pdf
Chastelard : a tragedy , https://archive.org/download/chastelardtraged00swin_0/chastelardtraged00swin_0.pdf
Rose Kennedy Greenway : creating long-term value , https://archive.org/download/rosekennedygreen00bost/rosekennedygreen00bost.pdf
Vol 46-51: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo4651chau/annualcatalogueo4651chau.pdf
Vol 2: La ceramique archai˜que de l'Islam et ses origines , https://archive.org/download/laceramiquearcha02peza/laceramiquearcha02peza.pdf
The controversy touching the old stone mill, in the town of Newport, Rhode Island , https://archive.org/download/controversytouch00broo_0/controversytouch00broo_0.pdf
Season of 1891-92. Preliminary announcement. American Lecture and Musical Agency, New York and Boston , https://archive.org/download/seasonof189192pr00pond/seasonof189192pr00pond.pdf
Let us have peace : music to be performed at the Grand National Peace Jubilee! : to be held in Boston, June, 1869 , https://archive.org/download/letushavepeacemu00nati/letushavepeacemu00nati.pdf
Thoughts on the law of divorce in England , https://archive.org/download/thoughtsonlawofd00phil/thoughtsonlawofd00phil.pdf
The sacred choir : a collection of church music, consisting of selections from the most distinguished authors, among whom are the names of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Cherubini, Pergolesi, and Weber; with several pieces of music by the editor; also, a progressive elementary system of instruction for pupils , https://archive.org/download/sacredchoircolle00king/sacredchoircolle00king.pdf
Mother and child , https://archive.org/download/motherchild00irel/motherchild00irel.pdf
Observations of the aurora borealis. : from Sept. 1834 to Sept. 1839 , https://archive.org/download/observationsofau00snow/observationsofau00snow.pdf
The early history of Tolland. : An address delivered before the Tolland county historical society, at Tolland Conn., on the 22d day of August and the 27th day of September, 1861 , https://archive.org/download/earlyhistoryofto00wald_3/earlyhistoryofto00wald_3.pdf
Die Initialen der Renaissance : nach den Constructionen von Albrecht Du˜rer , https://archive.org/download/dieinitialenderr00cami/dieinitialenderr00cami.pdf
Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608-1683) and some of his descendants , https://archive.org/download/genealogyofthoma00pope_0/genealogyofthoma00pope_0.pdf
A supplementary record connecting with the Hills family in America , https://archive.org/download/supplementaryrec00hill/supplementaryrec00hill.pdf
Fantaisie pour saxophone en Mi bemol avec accompagnement de piano, op. 32 , https://archive.org/download/fantaisiepoursax00deme/fantaisiepoursax00deme.pdf
Forgiveness : a sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. Horatio Stebbins, over the First Congregational Society, in Fitchburg, Mass., November 5, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/forgivenesssermo00peab_0/forgivenesssermo00peab_0.pdf
A few notes on the Shays rebellion. , https://archive.org/download/fewnotesonshaysr00nobl_0/fewnotesonshaysr00nobl_0.pdf
Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo00chau_0/annualcatalogueo00chau_0.pdf
Mural painting in the Boston Public Library , https://archive.org/download/muralpaintinginb00feno/muralpaintinginb00feno.pdf
Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo00chau/annualcatalogueo00chau.pdf
The musical reporter : , https://archive.org/download/musicalreporter00unse/musicalreporter00unse.pdf
The g'hals of Boston : or, pen and pencil sketches of celebrated courtezans by one of''em , https://archive.org/download/ghalsofbostonorp00thom/ghalsofbostonorp00thom.pdf
Report of the joint board consisting of the State Department of Public Health and the Metropolitan District Commission relative to water supply needs and resources of the Commonwealth , https://archive.org/download/reportofjointboa00mass/reportofjointboa00mass.pdf
Home sweet home; a favorite air in Clari; or, The maid of Milan , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomefav00bish/homesweethomefav00bish.pdf
Das trunkne Lied , https://archive.org/download/dastrunknelied00frie/dastrunknelied00frie.pdf
Homer's Ilias : Serio˜s und comisch, in 21 radirten Bla˜ttern , https://archive.org/download/homersiliasserio00ramb/homersiliasserio00ramb.pdf
Royal Copenhagen porcelain : 1779-1904. [Circular] , https://archive.org/download/royalcopenhagenp00kong/royalcopenhagenp00kong.pdf
Home! sweet home a favorite air , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomefav00vale/homesweethomefav00vale.pdf
La scrittura : sua storia dai geroglifici ai nostri di. , https://archive.org/download/lascritturasuast00andr/lascritturasuast00andr.pdf
Vol 65: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo65chau/annualcatalogueo65chau.pdf
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Eighth Annual Circular of the School of Music, DePauw University, 1891, '92, Greencastle, Ind , https://archive.org/download/eighthannualcirc00unse/eighthannualcirc00unse.pdf
La fin de l'Europe , https://archive.org/download/lafindeleurope00boch/lafindeleurope00boch.pdf
Six songs from the Jungle book by Rudyard Kipling , https://archive.org/download/sixsongsfromjung00brig/sixsongsfromjung00brig.pdf
Opuscoli letterari editi ed inediti , https://archive.org/download/opuscoliletterar00zamb/opuscoliletterar00zamb.pdf
The children's vaudeville : an entertainment in six scenes , https://archive.org/download/childrensvaudevi00bugb/childrensvaudevi00bugb.pdf
The king of the Golden River : or, The black brothers, a legend of Stiria , https://archive.org/download/kingofgoldenrive00rusk_3/kingofgoldenrive00rusk_3.pdf
Charges against the commissioners of the metropolitan police , https://archive.org/download/chargesagainstco00blau/chargesagainstco00blau.pdf
Kingdom of dust , https://archive.org/download/kingdomofdust00ogde/kingdomofdust00ogde.pdf
History of the Pennsylvania hospital unit (Base hospital no. 10, U. S. A.) in the great war , https://archive.org/download/historyofpennsyl00unit_1/historyofpennsyl00unit_1.pdf
An account of the observatory at Pulkowa, as written for the North American review, July, 1849 , https://archive.org/download/accountofobserva00goul/accountofobserva00goul.pdf
Grammar-land; or, Grammar in fun for the children of Schoolroomshire , https://archive.org/download/grammarlandorgra00nesb_0/grammarlandorgra00nesb_0.pdf
Chastelard : a tragedy. , https://archive.org/download/chastelardtraged00swin_1/chastelardtraged00swin_1.pdf
Establecimiento Balneario Termo Mineral de Rosario de la Frontera Provincia de Salta : Temporada de invierno, 1a de Mayo a 31 de Octubre , https://archive.org/download/establecimientob00soci/establecimientob00soci.pdf
Everybody's book of epitaphs , https://archive.org/download/everybodysbookof00howe/everybodysbookof00howe.pdf
Christian union : a sermon preached at the installation of Rev. Nathaniel S. Folsom, over the First Church and Parish in Haverhill, Ms., October 7, 1840 , https://archive.org/download/christianunionse00peab/christianunionse00peab.pdf
Cherubini's Messe No. 4 fu˜r das Pianoforte zu vier Ha˜nden , https://archive.org/download/cherubinismessen00cher/cherubinismessen00cher.pdf
The wanderer's night song. : Wanderers nachtlied .. , https://archive.org/download/wanderersnightso00rubi/wanderersnightso00rubi.pdf
Songs from Figure it out, a war bond musical show , https://archive.org/download/songsfromfigurei00hayn/songsfromfigurei00hayn.pdf
An address delivered at the thirty-third anniversary of the South Parish Sunday School, in Portsmouth, N.H. on Sunday, June 29, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/addressdelivered00peab_1/addressdelivered00peab_1.pdf
The Youth movement , https://archive.org/download/youthmovement00mass/youthmovement00mass.pdf
Views of astronomy : seven lectures delivered before the Mercantile Library Association of New York... , https://archive.org/download/viewsofastronomy00nich/viewsofastronomy00nich.pdf
Memoir of the Hon. William Phillips, lieutenant governor of Massachusetts , https://archive.org/download/memoirofhonwilli00phil/memoirofhonwilli00phil.pdf
Vol v.1: The history and antiquities of the castle and town of Arundel ; including the biography of its earls, from the conquest to the present time , https://archive.org/download/historyantiquiti01tier/historyantiquiti01tier.pdf
A treatise on the duties of the offices of crown solicitors, clerks of the crown and clerks of the peace in Ireland , https://archive.org/download/treatiseonduties00trac/treatiseonduties00trac.pdf
Vol 68: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo68chau/annualcatalogueo68chau.pdf
A general account of the first settlement and of the trade and constitution of the island of Barbados... , https://archive.org/download/generalaccountof00hall/generalaccountof00hall.pdf
The work of the ministry : a sermon preached before the graduating class of the Meadville Theological School at Meadville, Pa. June 26, 1850 , https://archive.org/download/workofministryse00peab/workofministryse00peab.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_12/reportofmassachu00mass_12.pdf
The eclipse of the sun of May 26, 1854 , https://archive.org/download/eclipseofsunofma00pain/eclipseofsunofma00pain.pdf
Mis' Bassett's matrimony bureau , https://archive.org/download/misbassettsmatri00arno/misbassettsmatri00arno.pdf
Solfege des solfeges , https://archive.org/download/solfegedessolfeg00lemo/solfegedessolfeg00lemo.pdf
Directory of officers, members and examining physicians of the Crispus Attucks Relief Association, and annual report of the Board of Directors , https://archive.org/download/directoryofoffic00cris/directoryofoffic00cris.pdf
School days at Rugby , https://archive.org/download/schooldaysatrugb00hugh_1/schooldaysatrugb00hugh_1.pdf
George Berry Washington, black plantation owner , https://archive.org/download/georgeberrywashi00iroq/georgeberrywashi00iroq.pdf
Three years hard labour : an address delivered to the Irish Society of Oxford University on the 31st October, 1924 , https://archive.org/download/threeyearshardla00ohig/threeyearshardla00ohig.pdf
Massachusetts homelessness report 1985 , https://archive.org/download/massachusettshom00mass/massachusettshom00mass.pdf
The word of God is not bound : a sermon preached on Sunday afternoon, June 4, 1854 , https://archive.org/download/wordofgodisnotbo00peab/wordofgodisnotbo00peab.pdf
Olney hymns , https://archive.org/download/olneyhymns00newt/olneyhymns00newt.pdf
The President's Environmental Youth Awards : 1992, national ceremony , https://archive.org/download/presidentsenviro00unit/presidentsenviro00unit.pdf
Constitution and by-laws of the Crispus Attucks Relief Association of Washington, D.C. Organized Sept. 22, 1903. : Incorporated Oct. 22, 1903 , https://archive.org/download/constitutionbyla00cris/constitutionbyla00cris.pdf
Vol 69: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo69chau/annualcatalogueo69chau.pdf
Vol 1: La ceramique archai˜que de l'Islam et ses origines , https://archive.org/download/laceramiquearcha01peza/laceramiquearcha01peza.pdf
Vol 57: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo57chau/annualcatalogueo57chau.pdf
The reconstruction of the American union, or, Confederation of North American republics , https://archive.org/download/reconstructionof00shar/reconstructionof00shar.pdf
Home! sweet home : a favorite air : arranged with variations for the piano forte , https://archive.org/download/homesweethomefav00vale_0/homesweethomefav00vale_0.pdf
The orbit of Neptune , https://archive.org/download/orbitofneptune00walk/orbitofneptune00walk.pdf
Paesaggi e figure musicali , https://archive.org/download/paesaggiefigurem00levi/paesaggiefigurem00levi.pdf
The triumphs of war : a sermon preached on the day of the annual fast, April 15, 1847 , https://archive.org/download/triumphsofwarser00peab/triumphsofwarser00peab.pdf
Dizionario d'igiene per le famiglie , https://archive.org/download/dizionariodigien00mant/dizionariodigien00mant.pdf
Song words of The merry monarch : comic opera in three acts , https://archive.org/download/songwordsofmerry00chab/songwordsofmerry00chab.pdf
Pictures from Paris in war and in siege , https://archive.org/download/picturesfrompari00amer/picturesfrompari00amer.pdf
The observatory , https://archive.org/download/observatory00sawy/observatory00sawy.pdf
The will and the affections : a sermon prepared for the ordination of Mr. Richard Pike, over the Third Religious Society in Dorchester, Mass., February 8, 1843 , https://archive.org/download/willaffectionsse00peab_0/willaffectionsse00peab_0.pdf
Nel centenario di Raffaello da urbino a' di XXVIII di marzo del MDCCCLXXXIII , https://archive.org/download/nelcentenariodir00raph/nelcentenariodir00raph.pdf
Vol v.3: Historical documents and reflections on the government of Holland. , https://archive.org/download/historicaldocume03loui/historicaldocume03loui.pdf
Il miserere : concertato a quattro voci , https://archive.org/download/ilmiserereconcer00bert/ilmiserereconcer00bert.pdf
Description of a machine for drawing the curves of Lissajous , https://archive.org/download/descriptionofmac00pick/descriptionofmac00pick.pdf
La marseillaise : Chant national : Chant [et] guitar , https://archive.org/download/lamarseillaisech00roug/lamarseillaisech00roug.pdf
Vol 1: King Olaf's kinsman : a story of the last Saxon struggle against the Danes in the days of Ironside and Cnut , https://archive.org/download/kingolafskinsman01whis/kingolafskinsman01whis.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_10/reportofmassachu00mass_10.pdf
Report of the Secretary of War [Jefferson Davis], relative to the experiments made to test the relative efficacy and usefulness of the Onondaga solar salt and the Turk's Island salt, in the cure of packing of provisions , https://archive.org/download/reportofsecretar00unit_18/reportofsecretar00unit_18.pdf
Newberry genealogy : the ancestors and descendants of Thomas Newberry, of Dorchester, Mass., 1634. 920-1914 , https://archive.org/download/newberrygenealog00bart/newberrygenealog00bart.pdf
Officers, members and constitution of the Nineteenth Century Club .. , https://archive.org/download/officersmembersc00nine/officersmembersc00nine.pdf
Sento nel core : aria, from the cantatas : M.S. or T. : [with accompaniment for pianoforte] , https://archive.org/download/sentonelcorearia00scar/sentonelcorearia00scar.pdf
Liberal education , https://archive.org/download/liberaleducation00goul/liberaleducation00goul.pdf
Gentle Hallie : song & chorus , https://archive.org/download/gentlehalliesong00stjo/gentlehalliesong00stjo.pdf
Story of the new planet, Neptune , https://archive.org/download/storyofnewplanet00unse/storyofnewplanet00unse.pdf
The unconscious : the fundamentals of human personality, normal and abnormal , https://archive.org/download/unconsciousfunda00prin_1/unconsciousfunda00prin_1.pdf
Lake Winnipesaukee in the foot hills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire , https://archive.org/download/lakewinnipesauke00bost_1/lakewinnipesauke00bost_1.pdf
Les caisses de secours et de prevoyance des ouvriers mineurs en Europe , https://archive.org/download/lescaissesdeseco00salo/lescaissesdeseco00salo.pdf
On the new form of the achromatic object-glass introduced by Steinheil , https://archive.org/download/onnewformofachro00bond_0/onnewformofachro00bond_0.pdf
The Capitol and Washington at the beginning of the present century : an address , https://archive.org/download/capitolwashingto00latr_0/capitolwashingto00latr_0.pdf
Boston by-ways to hell : a visit to the dens of North street , https://archive.org/download/bostonbywaystohe00unse/bostonbywaystohe00unse.pdf
What is confirmation or the laying on of hands? : the question answered to strangers in the Church, with an appendix, showing by testimony that a custom similar to confirmation anciently existed, and is still observed, among the Jews , https://archive.org/download/whatisconfirmati00hask/whatisconfirmati00hask.pdf
Vol v.1: Historical documents and reflections on the government of Holland. , https://archive.org/download/historicaldocume01loui/historicaldocume01loui.pdf
The Greek question and answer , https://archive.org/download/greekquestionans00dyer/greekquestionans00dyer.pdf
School readers , https://archive.org/download/schoolreaders00unse/schoolreaders00unse.pdf
A sketch of Central America. : Read before the ''Unity Club'', Washington, D.C. , https://archive.org/download/sketchofcentrala00fial_0/sketchofcentrala00fial_0.pdf
When we are old and grey : song [with accompaniment for piano-forte] : alto in D́Ư , https://archive.org/download/whenweareoldgrey00sain/whenweareoldgrey00sain.pdf
The spirit lovers and other stories , https://archive.org/download/spiritloversothe00hali/spiritloversothe00hali.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_17/reportofmassachu00mass_17.pdf
Suggestions to astronomers for the observation of the total eclipse of the sun on July 28, 1851 , https://archive.org/download/suggestionstoast00brit/suggestionstoast00brit.pdf
Vol 54: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo54chau/annualcatalogueo54chau.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_21/reportofmassachu00mass_21.pdf
The Greek question : remarks made at the dinner of the Harvard Club of Rhode Island, Newport, Aug. 25, 1883 , https://archive.org/download/greekquestionrem00cook/greekquestionrem00cook.pdf
Vol v.2: Historical documents and reflections on the government of Holland. , https://archive.org/download/historicaldocume02loui/historicaldocume02loui.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_15/reportofmassachu00mass_15.pdf
Easter hymn = Cantique de Paques , https://archive.org/download/easterhymncantiq00unse/easterhymncantiq00unse.pdf
Vol 67: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo67chau/annualcatalogueo67chau.pdf
Vol 62: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo62chau/annualcatalogueo62chau.pdf
Vol 63: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo63chau/annualcatalogueo63chau.pdf
Love smiles no more : Fjerran i skog : Swedish melodies no. 2 , https://archive.org/download/lovesmilesnomore00berg/lovesmilesnomore00berg.pdf
I am content. , https://archive.org/download/iamcontent00sain/iamcontent00sain.pdf
Tales from Shakespeare , https://archive.org/download/talesfromshakesp00lamb_5/talesfromshakesp00lamb_5.pdf
Pointers for the veteran homeowner : a guide for veterans whose home mortgage is guaranteed or insured under the GI Bill , https://archive.org/download/pointersforveter00vete/pointersforveter00vete.pdf
Boston's new exposition center and stadium, interim report , https://archive.org/download/bostonsnewexposi00bost/bostonsnewexposi00bost.pdf
It's we two , https://archive.org/download/itswetwo00scho/itswetwo00scho.pdf
O'Connell, Archbishop Murray and the Board of charitable bequests , https://archive.org/download/oconnellarchbish00wals/oconnellarchbish00wals.pdf
The stone-mason of Saint Point : a village tale , https://archive.org/download/stonemasonofsain00lama/stonemasonofsain00lama.pdf
The angel's home : duettino for soprano and contralto ... , https://archive.org/download/angelshomeduetti00sain/angelshomeduetti00sain.pdf
Act of incorporation, constitution, and by-laws of the Northern Baptist Education Society , https://archive.org/download/actofincorporati00nort/actofincorporati00nort.pdf
Review of Herschel's Outlines of astronomy , https://archive.org/download/reviewofherschel00goul/reviewofherschel00goul.pdf
The harbor bar : song [with accompaniment for pianoforte] , https://archive.org/download/theharborbarsong00sain/theharborbarsong00sain.pdf
Reply to various objections which have been brought against his theory of the secular acceleration of the moon's mean motion , https://archive.org/download/replytovariousob00adam/replytovariousob00adam.pdf
Winter flowers : song [with accompaniment for pianoforte] , https://archive.org/download/winterflowersson00saro/winterflowersson00saro.pdf
Historical notes of the island of Nantucket, and tourist's guide , https://archive.org/download/historicalnoteso00cook/historicalnoteso00cook.pdf
Vol 55: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo55chau/annualcatalogueo55chau.pdf
Round the world in a motor-car , https://archive.org/download/roundworldinmoto00scar/roundworldinmoto00scar.pdf
The Sphinx riddles of education , https://archive.org/download/sphinxriddlesofe00harr/sphinxriddlesofe00harr.pdf
Vol 1: By the king and queen : a story of the dawn of religion in Britain , https://archive.org/download/bykingqueenstory01merc/bykingqueenstory01merc.pdf
Vol 66: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo66chau/annualcatalogueo66chau.pdf
The forest, the jungle, and the prairie : or, tales of adventure and enterprise in pursuit of wild animals , https://archive.org/download/forestjungleprai00adam/forestjungleprai00adam.pdf
Modern side-saddle riding : a practical handbook for horsewomen , https://archive.org/download/modernsidesaddle00chri/modernsidesaddle00chri.pdf
On the proper motion of Sirius in declination , https://archive.org/download/onpropermotionof00saff/onpropermotionof00saff.pdf
Vol 8,9,10,12,13,14: Annual report , https://archive.org/download/annualreport8910bost/annualreport8910bost.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_20/reportofmassachu00mass_20.pdf
Cheer, boys, cheer! : from the new and popular entertainment The emigrant's progress, or, Life in the far west , https://archive.org/download/cheerboyscheerfr00russ/cheerboyscheerfr00russ.pdf
Vol 64: ... Annual catalogue of Chauncy-Hall School , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo64chau/annualcatalogueo64chau.pdf
Guido Papini's scales & arpeggi for the violin : op. 163 , https://archive.org/download/guidopapinisscal00papi/guidopapinisscal00papi.pdf
On the telescopic appearances of Saturn with a 7 1/2 inch telescope , https://archive.org/download/ontelescopicappe00dawe/ontelescopicappe00dawe.pdf
When through life : Valse de concerto for soprano and contralto or as soprano solo , https://archive.org/download/whenthroughlifev00scho/whenthroughlifev00scho.pdf
Bonnie Prince Charlie : a tale of Fontenoy and Culloden , https://archive.org/download/bonnieprincechar00hent_0/bonnieprincechar00hent_0.pdf
Vol 59: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo59chau/annualcatalogueo59chau.pdf
Vol 56: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo56chau/annualcatalogueo56chau.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_16/reportofmassachu00mass_16.pdf
A sermon delivered on occasion of constituting a church at Ware Factory Village, April 12, 1826. , https://archive.org/download/sermondeliveredo00elya/sermondeliveredo00elya.pdf
The claims of classical learning examined and refuted by argument, and by the confessions of scholars. , https://archive.org/download/claimsofclassica00rumf/claimsofclassica00rumf.pdf
Catalogue of the Public Library of Nahant. 1872 , https://archive.org/download/catalogueofpubli00publ/catalogueofpubli00publ.pdf
Winchester Cathedral embroideries , https://archive.org/download/winchestercathed00carb/winchestercathed00carb.pdf
Plan and graded programme of instruction in drawing for the public schools of Massachusetts of the primary, grammar, and high school grades. 1880 , https://archive.org/download/plangradedprogra00smit/plangradedprogra00smit.pdf
A descriptive list of the articles and materials made by the labor of prisoners for use in the public institutions , https://archive.org/download/descriptivelisto00mass/descriptivelisto00mass.pdf
Letter of Professor A.D. Bache to the editor , https://archive.org/download/letterofprofesso00bach/letterofprofesso00bach.pdf
The quiet sea = Die stille See : for contralto or baritone , https://archive.org/download/quietseadiestill00schm/quietseadiestill00schm.pdf
The Smithsonian Institution. : Its origin, growth, and activities. , https://archive.org/download/smithsonianinsti00bolt/smithsonianinsti00bolt.pdf
A lullaby : [with pianoforte accompaniment] , https://archive.org/download/lullabywithpiano00rous/lullabywithpiano00rous.pdf
Medical social service in relation to the care of the chronic sick , https://archive.org/download/medicalsocialser00jarr/medicalsocialser00jarr.pdf
Discourse at the consecration : of the Synagogue B'nai Jeshurun, West thirty fourth Street, New York, on Thursday, 23d Ellul, 5625, and corresponding to 14th September, 1865 , https://archive.org/download/discourseatconse00raph/discourseatconse00raph.pdf
Traditional songs of the Zunis , https://archive.org/download/traditionalsongs00troy/traditionalsongs00troy.pdf
Final reports of the superintendent and treasurer of the New England Soldiers' Relief Association, February 1866 , https://archive.org/download/finalreportsofsu00newe/finalreportsofsu00newe.pdf
An impartial history of proceedings of the church and people of Goshen, (Mass.) in the dismission of their minister, and in the settling of another ; containing facts and documents from some time in the year 1816, till towards the close of the year 1821; with an appendix; being a brief illustration of certain sentiments exhibited in the preceding history. ... , https://archive.org/download/impartialhistory00whit/impartialhistory00whit.pdf
Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_8/reportofmassachu00mass_8.pdf
Report of the superintendent of the New England Soldiers' relief association, November 1863 , https://archive.org/download/reportofsuperint00newe_1/reportofsuperint00newe_1.pdf
Thoughts on the discovery of Le Verrier's planet , https://archive.org/download/thoughtsondiscov00olms/thoughtsondiscov00olms.pdf
Thou'rt like unto a flower. Lied , https://archive.org/download/thourtlikeuntofl00rubi/thourtlikeuntofl00rubi.pdf
An historical discourse, delivered at Ware, 1851 : being commemorative of the formation of the First Church in Ware, May 9th, 1751 , https://archive.org/download/historicaldiscou00cobu/historicaldiscou00cobu.pdf
Sehta, Daba, Pasaule. Septita burtniza , https://archive.org/download/sehtadabapasaule00unse/sehtadabapasaule00unse.pdf
On the French metric system of weights and measures : with objections to its adoption among English speaking nations, and on the duodenal arithmetics and metrology , https://archive.org/download/onfrenchmetricsy00nyst/onfrenchmetricsy00nyst.pdf
Recent researches relating to nebulae , https://archive.org/download/recentresearches00gaut/recentresearches00gaut.pdf
Domestic stories , https://archive.org/download/domesticstories00crai/domesticstories00crai.pdf
Vol 61: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo61chau/annualcatalogueo61chau.pdf
Only to love : [song with accompaniment for pianoforte] , https://archive.org/download/onlytolovesongwi00sant/onlytolovesongwi00sant.pdf
Vol 60: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo60chau/annualcatalogueo60chau.pdf
A centennial address, delivered at Pelham, Mass., January 16, 1843 , https://archive.org/download/centennialaddres00conk/centennialaddres00conk.pdf
My love he stands upon the quay ... : [song with accompaniment for pianoforte] : alto B́Ư , https://archive.org/download/mylovehestandsup00sain/mylovehestandsup00sain.pdf
Sculpture : Arcangelo Cascieri and Adio di Biccari Studio , https://archive.org/download/sculpturearcange00na/sculpturearcange00na.pdf
Boston's new exposition center and stadium, interim report , https://archive.org/download/bostonsnewexposi00bost_0/bostonsnewexposi00bost_0.pdf
Many a time and oft : [song] , https://archive.org/download/manytimeoftsong00ryan/manytimeoftsong00ryan.pdf
The National Observatory , https://archive.org/download/nationalobservat00unse/nationalobservat00unse.pdf
Description of a new cataloguing and charting machine , https://archive.org/download/descriptionofnew00houg/descriptionofnew00houg.pdf
He thinks I do not love him , https://archive.org/download/hethinksidonotlo00sain/hethinksidonotlo00sain.pdf
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Report on a developing school, and schoolshops , https://archive.org/download/reportondevelopi00amer_1/reportondevelopi00amer_1.pdf
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The Rockwell family in one line of descent , https://archive.org/download/rockwellfamilyin00rock_0/rockwellfamilyin00rock_0.pdf
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Suggestions for the prevention of juvenile depravity , https://archive.org/download/suggestionsforpr00rotc/suggestionsforpr00rotc.pdf
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Address to the inhabitants of Nantucket on education and free schools , https://archive.org/download/addresstoinhabit00peir/addresstoinhabit00peir.pdf
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Survey of Nantucket Harbor bar , https://archive.org/download/surveyofnantucke00vani/surveyofnantucke00vani.pdf
Reuben Green's adventures at Yale , https://archive.org/download/reubengreensadve00otis/reubengreensadve00otis.pdf
Coleccion de articulos, tipos y costumbres de la isla de Cuba : por los mejores autores de este genero. , https://archive.org/download/colecciondeartic00bach/colecciondeartic00bach.pdf
Hints on reading , https://archive.org/download/hintsonreading00unse/hintsonreading00unse.pdf
The merchant's wife, or, He blundered : a political romance of our own day, and other miscellanies , https://archive.org/download/merchantswifeorh00ande/merchantswifeorh00ande.pdf
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Sunday-school and village libraries. : With a list of suitable books and hints on management , https://archive.org/download/sundayschoolvill00gree/sundayschoolvill00gree.pdf
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Military drill in schools , https://archive.org/download/militarydrillins00unse/militarydrillins00unse.pdf
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The ideal of a true prison system for a state : a paper read before the national congress on penitentiary and reformatory discipline at Cincinnati, on October 12, 1870 , https://archive.org/download/idealoftruepriso00broc/idealoftruepriso00broc.pdf
Vol v.1: Rapport sur la situation de la Syrie et du Liban .. , https://archive.org/download/rapportsurlasitu01fran/rapportsurlasitu01fran.pdf
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Vol v.1: Charlestown survey project completion report , https://archive.org/download/charlestownsurve01gord/charlestownsurve01gord.pdf
Resume sur le systeme penitentiaire , https://archive.org/download/resumesurlesyste00deme_0/resumesurlesyste00deme_0.pdf
Perspicuous demonstration of the practical utility of adequate knowledge of syllogism and enthymeme , https://archive.org/download/perspicuousdemon00frec_0/perspicuousdemon00frec_0.pdf
Uber die eigenthumlichkeiten der reizbarkeit, welche die muskelfasern des herzens zeigen , https://archive.org/download/uberdieeigenthum00bowd/uberdieeigenthum00bowd.pdf
Celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of the settlement of Hadley, Massachusetts, at Hadley, June 8, 1859 : including the address by Rev. Prof. F.D. Huntington ..., poem by Edward C. Porter ..., and the other exercises of the occasion , https://archive.org/download/celebrationoftwo00hunt/celebrationoftwo00hunt.pdf
Reply to a remonstrance and answer of the Bethel Free School, &c. : together with Chancellor Kent's opinion upon the subject of vested rights, to the common school fund, claimed by the Bethel Baptist church , https://archive.org/download/replytoremonstra00ketc/replytoremonstra00ketc.pdf
Machining titanium : a report prepared for the United States Air Force... , https://archive.org/download/machiningtitaniu00mass/machiningtitaniu00mass.pdf
Report to the Franklin Institute, of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the mechanic arts, relative to the metric system of weights and measures , https://archive.org/download/reporttofranklin00sell/reporttofranklin00sell.pdf
Vol v.2: Charlestown survey project completion report , https://archive.org/download/charlestownsurve02gord/charlestownsurve02gord.pdf
Boardman geneology, 1525-1895 : The English home and ancestry of Samuel Boremaan, Wethersfield, Conn, Thomas Boreman, Ipswich, Mass. With some account of their descendants [now called Boardman] in America... , https://archive.org/download/boardmangeneolog00gold_0/boardmangeneolog00gold_0.pdf
A catechism of British biography : containing the lives of some of the most celebrated characters, who have flourished in this country : for the use of schools , https://archive.org/download/catechismofbriti00pinn/catechismofbriti00pinn.pdf
Vol 58: Annual catalogue of the teachers and pupils of Chauncy-Hall School ... : containing the annual report for .. , https://archive.org/download/annualcatalogueo58chau/annualcatalogueo58chau.pdf
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Report of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs , https://archive.org/download/reportofmassachu00mass_14/reportofmassachu00mass_14.pdf
Unfair competition by nonprofit organizations with small business : an issue for the 1980s , https://archive.org/download/unfaircompetitio00na/unfaircompetitio00na.pdf
Vol v.3: Charlestown survey project completion report , https://archive.org/download/charlestownsurve03gord/charlestownsurve03gord.pdf